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Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA  

Vraj, Schuylkill Haven, PA

15 Manor Road
Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972

Vraj at Glance
Founded in 1988 on the doctrine of Love, Dedication, Devotion and Servitude, VRAJ is a place of pilgrimage for an average of 100,000 Hindus a year.
Nootan Nandalaya (Temple), an abode for God ShriNathji (a manifestation of God Krishna), is built on a 300 acres of bountiful land of VRAJ surrounded by the grandeur of the hills and the accentuated with the tranquility of the wooded valleys and the serenity of the lush green meadows. This spellbinding natural ambience augments the spellbinding beauty of the Haveli (Temple) that is situated on the bank of Chandra Sarovar (lake), in the rich tradition of the royal Rajasthani architectural mystique. Haveli is 60 feet tall, three stories high and has over 50,000 sq. feet of built-up area.
VRAJ, an Institute of Indian Heritage, is a prominent Religious-Spiritual-Social-Cultural center for all Hindus in addition to being the foremost bastion of PushtiBhaktiMarg (Hinduism’s Path of ‘Bliss through Love-Devotion’) in the Western World. Hindus of all faiths come to experience not only the spiritual
serenity uniquely bestowed over VRAJ, but also to celebrate their cultural and social events.
Founding Members of VRAJ earnestly believed that in today’s world it has become imperative for any temple to transform itself into an establishment that facilitates an integration of society’s Religious, Spiritual, Social and Cultural needs of the time. Keeping up with the changing world, VRAJ has evolved into an institution bridging the gap between the diverse needs of the Hindu community settled in North America.
To bring together the Hindu Youth, to educate them about the Indian heritage and to pass on to them the traditional value system of India, VRAJ organizes summer Youth Camps (www.vrajyouth.org) year after year in addition to sustaining several youth oriented activities round the year.
VRAJ’s willingness to actively support humanitarian causes such as the Rescue-Rebuild-Rehabilitate efforts in the event of natural disasters has benefited many communities. VRAJ provided timely financial assistance to the earthquake victims of Latur (Maharastra, India) in 1996 and of Kutch (Gujarat, India) in 2001, to the Tsunami victims of Tamilnadu, India and to the victims of hurricane Katrina (New Orleans, USA) in 2005.
Well maintained lodging, boarding, cafeteria facilities in VRAJ Campus can accommodate over 200 devotees who may stay at VRAJ for a day, a week or a month.
Several picnic areas on the grounds of VRAJ Campus offer excellent opportunities to Hindu social groups for organizing their gatherings in the natural environment away from the hustle-bustle of the cities.
Not withstanding the popular belief by many Hindus and almost all non-Hindus that Hinduism has many Gods and Goddesses, “The Vedas” (the most ancient scriptures of the entire mankind) declare that
‘There is only ONE GOD (The ParBrahm) who is perceived and worshipped in many forms by various sages and seers.’
“The Vedas” further declare that
Bhagvan ShriKrishna is The ParBrahm (Parmatma) Himself.
Bhagvan ShriKrishna, known to all Hindus as “Loving God” manifested, in His full form, as ShriGovardhanNathji (ShriNathji) over 500 years ago.
Hinduism scriptures declare that ParBrahm also manifested as
JaganNath, RangNath, DwarkaNath and BadriNath.
In the holy land of India, these four Gods dwell in four directions and the Gods’ God Shri GovardhanNathji dwells in the center at NathDwara (Rajasthan, India).
Bhagvan ShriKrishna in the form of ShriNathji dwells in the Pennsylvania state of United State of America for the benefit of His devotees of North America.

The sanctum is thrown open Six times a day for DARSHAN enabling devotees to have HIS JANKHI, an unparallel spiritual experience herein devotees experience deep joy and love. These brief glimpses may serve as momentary restorations of the sight of the lord. For devotees Shrinathjee is not a mere image but a living deity. Each Darshan has a special mood, a particular emotion, appropriate apparel, musical melodies tuned to the time of the day and the season.
All Darshan times are subject to change on Utsav/Festival and Manorath/Occasion.
If you are coming on Festival and Occasion, Please call at Vraj for Darshan time.

Maha Prssad is prvoided Daily after RejBhog Darshan

15 Manor Road
Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972
  • Sending Bhet(donations), mailing or directions.

PH: (570) 754-7067
Fax (570) 754-3161
  • Rajbhog, Palana or special event inquiry
  • General Inquiry
  • Visiting information
  • Booking a facility
  • Overnight stay information

  • Most of the general inquiries be sent to email provided for better assistance.
Alternate VRAJ Numbers are 570-754-9962 and 570-754-3510

Vraj Facilities              
Darshanarthis are always welcome. However, as we provide Mahaprashad (Samooh Priti Bhojan) after Rajbhog Darshan (around 1:00 p.m.), it would be appreciated if the number of devotees is communicated by calling (570) 754-7067 atleast a day prior to arrival.
Overnight Stay
There are a limited number of Overnight accommodations for members of VRAJ. Others are also extended this privilege on an availability basis. In order to accommodate maximum number of devotees, our current facilities are retreat style. PLEASE BOOK IN ADVANCE. Visitors are requested to report before 9:30PM.
Shipskin Shop Motel
Exit # 19 off I-78
Comfort Inn
Exit # 16 off I-78
Days Inn
Rte 61 Near Mall
Colony Lodge Motel
Exit # 31 off I-81
Fort Motel
Rt 61N
Econo Lodge
Exit # 31 off I-81
Ramada Inn
Rte 61 N. - Pottsville
Scottish Inn
Exit # 19 off I-78
Pottsville Motor Inn
Rte 61 N. after Pottsville
Holiday Inn Express
Rt. 61N @Schuylkill Mall
Rte 61 N. @exit 29 rt 78

Directions to Vraj
Vraj is located 25 miles north of Reading, PA on Route 183 N. It is halfway between Harrisburg & Allentown on Interstate I-78

From NY & NJ:
  • I-78 West to PA exit #19 'Straustown',
  • Rt. on 183N,
  • Lt. on 895W @ Blinking light.
From DC & Baltimore:
  • I-95N to 695 to I-83N to I-81N to I-78E to Exit #17 'Rherersburg',
  • left on 419N,
  • left on to 183N,
  • left on to 895W @ Blinking light
From N. VA/NW DC:
  • I-270N to US 15N to Pa 581W to I-81N to I-78E to Exit #17 'Rherersburg',
  • left on 419N,
  • left on to 183N,
  • left on to 895W @ Blinking light
From West: I-70/I-76E:
  • Pa Tpk to Carlysle Exit#226 for I-81N, to I-78E to Exit #17 'Rherersburg',
  • left on 419N,
  • left on to 183N,
  • left on to 895W @ Blinking light
From South : I-81N:
  • I-78E. 'Allentown to Exit #17 'Rherersburg',
  • left on 419N,
  • left on to 183N,
  • left on to 895W @ Blinking light
From S Jersey/Philadelphia:
  • I-476N to 'Lehigh Valley' Exit #56 to I78W. to Exit #19 'Straustown',
  • Rt. on 183N,
  • Lt. on 895W @ Blinking light.
From West: I-80E:
  • To Exit for I-81S 'Hazelton'
From North: I-81S:
  • To Exit #124. 'St. Claire' on 61S. to Cressona Mall,
  • Right on to 183S,
  • Right on 895W @ Blinking light
COMMON FOR ALL From Blinking Light to 895W. to the STOP sign. Straight in to VRAJ. Airports
  • Allentown - http://www.lvia.org
  • Harrisburg - http://www.flyhia.com
  • Taxi from Harrisburg Airport http://www.flyhia.com/home/parking/limos
  • Amtrak has a stop in Harrisburg
  • For accessibility information call 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245).

15 Manor Road
Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972

Om Tat Sat

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