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Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA  

Saraswati Mandiram, North Dartmouth, MA

(Institute of Holistic, Health, Music, Yoga, Science & Philosophy)

174 Old Westport Road,
North Dartmouth, MA 02747
603-682-0211, 774-202-3246


About Us
Saraswati Mandiram, founded in 1990 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, by Pandit Ramadheen Ramsamooj, is the mother "temple" of the Institute for Holistic Health, Music, Yoga, Science, and Philosophy, set up as an institution to provide opportunities to learn about Hindu heritage primarily among the Hindus who have settled in America. This Mandir has developed a national network across the United States of America. Saraswati Mandiram programs have attracted hundreds of students and parents.
Saraswati Mandiram derives its inspiration from Shudha (Pure) Sanatana (Eternal) Vaidic Hindu Dharma. Its foundation is in the Vedas. It focuses on the Goddess of Learning, Saraswati Maata, and the seed of that learning process the Gayatri Mantra. Its vision emerges from great realizations like "Ekam Satya Viprah Bahuda Vadanti (Truth is one Sages expresses it in various ways) and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The entire creation is one big family.)"
Saraswati Mandiram, teaches both secular and holistic curricula in an integrated and scientific manner. Founder & Director, Pandit Ramadheen Ramsamooj, was an educator before completing a specialist degree in Robotics Engineering at the University of Wisconsin (Stout); and he has rounded his philosophy of education by exposure to living in the Caribbean and in the United States, and through the completion of a graduate Degree in Education from Cambridge College, Cambridge. The idea of establishing and Institute with a universal approach and appeal was born among these influences.
Saraswati Manidram’s mission is to develop a bond of extended Hindu family relationship and awareness about the universal ideals of Hindu Dharma. Saraswati Mandiram aims to achieve this through education and through the promotion of various projects and activities. Saraswati Mandiram also strives to raise awareness about social, political and religious issues affecting Hindus. Furthermore, it provides moral support and guidance to all Hindus.

AIMS and Objectives
  • Setup places of worship (Mandirs/Temples) and setup the infrastructure for a sound spiritual life of our people
  • Organize cultural programs
  • Conduct classes, seminars, symposia and lecture tours
  • Publication of literature  on different aspects of Hindu life
  • Celebration of festivals
  • Serve as a bridge between the Hindus living in America from India and the Hindus of the Caribbean

Aradhana – Sunday Service Every Sunday at 10:00am Location: 174 Old Westport Road North Dartmouth, MA 02747 For more information or interesting in sponsoring a service please contact Saraswati Mandiram at 774-202-3246 or 603-682-0210

Yoga Classes To sign up, please contact Saraswati Mandiram at 774-202-3246 or 603-682-0210
 Holistic Health:
The Institute of Holistic Health at Green Pastures Estate in the town of Epping (located within the State of New Hampshire) is a Health and Educational Complex consisting of over 20 buildings dispersed on 100+ acres of beautiful real estate on the Lamprey river. This campus is ideal for serving the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of the community both of the USA and of countries abroad.


Ayurvedic Medicine is becoming an integral part of Health Care Systems in the USA. The Institute of Holistic Health is one of its leading proponents. Alternative Therapy and Medicine is already a billion dollar business in the US and health experts estimate that it will increase ten fold in the next five years.


More and more people are turning to natural foods that are organically grown. Green Pastures Estate has been organically fanned for the past 30 years. We are continuing this practice now for five years already and there is a growing market place for wholesome Ayurvedic foods. Our expansion, anticipated with successful funding, will allow us to have a sizeable market share.

The Institute of Holistic Health has writers and students who have demonstrated a flair for writing and publishing. Apart from our interest in producing monthly magazines, or advertisements, newsletters and pamphlets on Ayurveda, we also intend to publish occasional papers on the cultural and religious aspects of Indian Life and Philosophy. An in-house printing shop will allow us to do so inexpensively as we could use the voluntary hours contributed by visitors, members and students who could include a technical aspect and practical side to their studies (and get course or project credit towards graduation requirements.)


The United States is foremost among places and permissive environments for the pursuit of active, vibrant lives for professional and entrepreneurs. However, there is a need, when such persons retire, for a place of a cultural nature where they could teach the younger generation by example, through lectures and by participation in religious and cultural events. Even now, the parents and relatives of young enterprising residents in the US have been known to say that they live within four walls especialy during winter. Our activities, including the organic farming (where small individual plots will be made available to residents) allow a more active life for those in reitrement. Our Institute will allow a semblance of the lifestyle available to the mature generation familiar in the countries of their ancestry.
Our facility has the added opportunities for holistic medical and nursing care around the clock, and various activities for volunteer work for those who are both able and willing to participate. The costs of residing in this kind of assisted living environment is covered by many Health Insurance Companies. This Assisted Living concept is rapidly growing in the USA for the elderly and we have an opportunity to capture a majority of the market share in the New England Area.

Vivekananda Academy

This private school began in Boston, Massachusetts as the direct inspiration from the Centenary observance of Sri Swami Vivekananda's arrival in the USA in 1893. Upon acquiring the larger facility at Green Pastures Estate (initially as tenants in 1997), we moved our Private.
School / Vivekananda Academy to Epping, New Hampshire. This meant that only a few students could accompany us in our move from Boston. Fortunately, many children in the earlier grade levels and their parents were impressed with our model of accelerated learning and American children soon became a majority on our roll.
The Vivekananda Academy is a non-public school approved (2000) and accredited by the State of New Hampshire in four levels of competencies.

Level I - Primary School,
Level II - Middle School,
Level III - Junior High School and
Level IV - High School.

Each level takes two years for graduation. We are the only school in the USA that can graduate students from High School at age 13. This year we are giving 150 scholarships to students in all levels for the 2004/2005 academic year. This year we are also working on a EXTRAMURAL PROGRAM for students who cannot attend the school during the day. This program will allow students from different towns and States to complete our curriculum outside of the school time.Once they have successfully completed our theoretical syllabus during the summer they will be resident at Green Pastures Estate, where they can complete their labs and assignments and then will be allowed to graduate with their diploma. A successful loan application will expedite this and also allow us to build a first-rate laboratory to enhance our strengths in the Sciences with all safety regulations in the State being met in new laboratories.

Religious ActivitiesL Events in India
Saraswati Mandir in Jaipur is under construction.

Religious ActivitiesL Events in Trinidad
 Classes in Sanskrit & Ayurveda are starting in Trinidad from Dec 14th
Saraswati Mandiram campus spreads across 100 Acres of idyllic & gorgeous landscape. The clean environment has been maintained for providing healthy and spiritual upbeing.
Saraswati Mandiram is located on the banks of Lamprey River in Southern New Hampshire in 100+ acres of land that is beautifully located 15 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It is strategically located 15 miles North of Boston, which is the Brahmin city of USA, 20 miles from Manchester Airport, and 15 minutes away from the world renowned resorts of Hampton beach.
This property was acquired in Dec 1997 from Christian Retreat Center with over 15 buildings on site. The facility consists of a state of art auditorium, that has 238 theater like seats, Dining hall that holds 200 people, a commercial kitchen, wood working shop, auto mechanic shop and a barn where our "Goshala" is currently located.
There are 39 rooms and accommodation for about 125 people in residence. There is a small recreational center, and organic farm in the luscious Green Pastures.

Seva Volunteering:

We are looking for volunteers to be responsible for -



Organizing classes (Saraswati Vidyalaya)

Kitchen management


Building management

Mandir Office Management

174 Old Westport Road,
North Dartmouth, MA 02747
603-682-0211, 774-202-3246

Om Tat Sat

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