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Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA  

Hridaya Hermitage, Maine  

Hridaya Hermitage
243 Greenwood Brook Rd
Industry, Maine 04938
(207) 542-6606
(207) 265-6441
email : info@hridayahermitage.com or hridaya_ashram@yahoo.com
Our Mission

The mission of Hridaya Hermitage is to practice, emanate and disseminate the reality of the Divya Deha, the Divine Immortal body, gained through the pure authentic practices of Vashi Yoga in the VaShi lineage, with the ultimate goal and expression, being the alleviation of all suffering in the world through humanity reaching their ultimate potential.

Hridaya Hermitage is a traditional Yogic ashram of motivated Yogic practitioners who seek to alleviate the devastating suffering felt by all beings. We believe the root cause of all-suffering is the innate, yet unfulfilled desire of true and lasting happiness which comes from fully embodying and experiencing the divine miracle of Life they possess. The fulfilled desire of ultimate happiness, would reveal to humanity their true purpose and end all suffering and the problems of this world. People would no longer make self-serving decisions that cause life threatening harm to themselves, enumerable others, and the planet. Acknowledging humanities responsibility for the care and stewardship of our world, through the perpetual human desire to proliferate and enhance the quality of life for all beings on this planet.

The Premise

It has been proven throughout time and history that a small cohesive group of people with a collective attention has the ability to impact and influence a global population. Some great teachers and there followers, such as Jesus and Buddha, are our most well known examples. So great was their influence that they affected society and introduced radical views that greatly opposed those of the times.

We see smaller more localized examples of these influential social phenomena through global peace movements in our modern day. For example, groups of TM meditators, consisting of 1% of any population (i.e town, city, country) meditating together for peace, consistently charted reduced incidents of crime and accidents, as well as, an increase in health and well-being indicators. Scientifically proving that a focused group consciousness could invoke noticeable and significant change. This further indicates the exponential power of influence a small contingent of individuals with an identical, collective intention has over the vacillating, individual intentions of the masses. However, like all revolutionary movements peoples commitments wane and attentions waver, slowly giving way to a resurgence of the view they sought to change.

Our world is comprised of over 7 billion people, individually on the same wavering trajectory, of fervently and selfishly seeking their own personal benefit and improvement. In order to achieve any altruistic, global transformation there would have to be a gathering of unwavering individuals with a unique collective intention to commit their entire life and focus to emanating the meaning of Life to humanity. Many religions and organizations were conceived to address global suffering, yet never has one cause purported a practical, rational, and reachable answer to alleviating all suffering no matter what the cause. Only through offering humanity and opportunity to experience and awaken to the true meaning of Life can all the problems of our world be solved.

The Vashi Mandala

Under the compassionate guidance of Sat Guru Bhagavan Vashi Baba and Sri Mirabai Ishwari, the disciples of Hridaya have spent the last twenty-three years preparing to be the group of people able to achieve altruistic, global transformation, through a continuous meditation Mandala. A Mandala is traditionally depicted as a cycle of contained energy that increases in power and emanation from the collective effort of individuals constant Samyama, a rare and exponential power of human attention. It is our intention to emanate and uphold an unbroken chain of meditational energy, we call the Vashi Mandala, through the Yogic practice of Samyama on the essential elements of Life: Consciousness (Chit), Energy (Prana), and Matter(Tattva).

The unique difference between the Vashi Mandala Mission and the attempts of global transformation of past and present is the highly attuned practice of Samyama, the combined phenomena of utilizing a 100% of the mind with 100% attention. If practiced proficiently, collectively, and consistently by a group of people directed upon the innate human potential of Consciousness, Energy, Matter, and the Divine Body the degenerative trajectory of our world could be reversed. Our mission is to project a clear and distinguishable vibration of energy that people can experience in there mind and heart that awakens them to the pinnacle human potential of Life, the Divine Body, and the inherent wisdom and practice of Vashi Yoga.

Our Hermitage
The Sacred Environment

In 1989, Bhagavan Vashi Baba established Hridaya Hermitage with the intention to create a traditional Yogic hermitage dedicated to the authentic teachings and lineage of Yoga. As a disciplined Yogic practitioner, he acknowledged the ancient precepts of Yoga that instructed aspiring practitioners to manifest an external environment that meets specific prerequisites to cultivate an internal spiritual transformation. Hridaya Hermitage was inspired by this traditional concept and through Bhagavan’s compassion and devotion to the path of Yoga he has offered this sanctuary to serious aspirants of Yoga. Through the years, people came and went, and then in early 2000 an influx of people moved to the Hermitage to be under the guidance of Bhagavan.

For the past 12 years the Yogis of Hridaya have focused their attention on expanding the original intention of our founder to create the most conducive environment for the practice of Yoga. Situated on 60 acres of pristine hardwood forests in the Hermitage offers a unique experience reminiscent of the spiritual purity and beauty of ancient India. Surrounded by the majestic New Vineyard mountains and bordered by rushing mountain streams, our secluded foot paths wind through the Hermitage's many temples and shrines.

The Hermitage is adorned with three Shaivite Temples designed after the Indian tradition for the daily practice of meditation and worship, our Prasad Shala or eating hall that surrounds our Devi Mata Temple, a Straw Bale Yoga hall or Shala, a Kaya Kalpa Treatment Kutir (hut), two guest houses for overnight visitors, two log Saunas several ecological homes for the residing practitioners and the home of our Gurus. All of these buildings were constructed by the residents of the community through their practice of Karma Yoga.
The Hermitage Community

The members of Hridaya Hermitage are comprised of dedicated individuals who have independently chosen to devote their lives and all of their attention to embodying the Guru’s teachings and producing an environment conducive for the highest attainment of Yoga (the Divya Deha or Divine Body). Currently, those who reside at the Hermitage on a full time basis form the foundation of the spiritual community recognized as a 501(d), Apostolic Community. Over the past 2 decades Bhagavan Vashi Baba has offered the teaching of Vashi Yoga openly with the public and has shared this wisdom with hundreds of seekers. Recognized as a 501(c)(3), Hridaya Hermitage offers a variety of membership levels to encourage greater opportunity for participation.
* For more detail see Membership

Gurukul: Traditional Yogic Studies

A Gurukul (Sanskrit guru "teacher" or "master"; kul domain, from kula, "extended family") is a type of school in India, residential in nature, with students (shishyas) living in proximity to the guru. In a Gurukul, shishyas reside together , irrespective of their social standing, learn from the vast knowledge of guru and are guided through various spiritual curriculums of knowledge. Including vedic mathematics, astrology, Yogic practices, natural Yogic healing, scriptures, and help the guru in their day-to-day life, including the carrying out of chores and projects that benefit the sacred grounds they all share.

Hridaya Hermitage Gurukul is fashioned after this ancient modality of transferring knowledge from guru to disciple. As a non-accredited private school the Hermitage Gurukul program develops and implements primary and secondary education to the residential disciple members children. Currently, our gurukul program has 11 students ranging from pre-school to secondary school curriculum.

Hridaya Ashram / Kaya Kalpa

For those of you interested in Kaya Kalpa Healing and VaShi Yoga Retreats we now have a more updated website called Hridaya Ashram please visit at www.hridayaashram.com

Hridaya Hermitage's website is here for your interest in specifically our Gurus, our Mission and Public offerings such as our festivals and Guru Upadeshs. Please also see our facebook Hridaya Hermitage for daily postings.

The Teachings
The Origins

Once long ago when human civilizations were young, before people became estranged and misguided from the origin of their creation, it occurred to the wise Rishis and Yogis of ancient India to unveil the shrouds of mystery that obscured the purpose and potential of life. These veils seemed to blind and separate the life of man from the divine. In contrast, masters of Yoga understood that Life itself was a divine miracle and truly experiencing this miracle was the purpose of living and the source of everlasting happiness. Furthermore, they believed that Divinity, the omnipotent power of creation, could not only be experienced, but embodied. This profound insight motivated Yogis to unlock their latent potential and set their gaze inward towards the inner universe to embody their divine potential. It was in pursuit of this pinnacle human experience and the desire to transform humanities purpose on this planet that traditional Yoga was inspired.

Life: Consciousness, Energy, & Matter

Life is defined by Yoga as requiring three fundamental and foundational components. The first quality of life is the innate awareness of Consciousness (Chit). Within each of us is an all- pervading sense that we are present, that we are conscious of our own existence, and attribute that consciousness to a singular presence of self. Never at any time forgetting that have you existed, always remaining conscious of your being.

The second component of life is the animating principle of energy or life force (Prana) that bestows action and movement to life. This energy governs the dynamic nature of living that begins, is sustained, and ends with the movement of life force (Prana). It is unanimously taught and experienced by all spiritual traditions that the most prevalent presence and concentration of this life force (Prana) rides on the breath and is revered as the “breath of life”.

The final element of life is the irrefutable quality of matter (Tattva) that defines the embodiment of life. All living beings and inanimate objects are comprised of 5 essential elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Space) that are manifested by the most subtle forms of matter, Light and Sound. Our embodiment of matter in this life is the defining experience of self and other and the distinction between experience and experiencer. Simply stated, Life is composed of three essential building blocks: Consciousness (Chit), Energy (Prana), and Matter (Tattva).
The Power of Attention

The wise yogis recognized the inseparable, interdependent, and essential elements of life and were raptured by the divine experience of Consciousness (Chit), Energy (Prana), and Matter (Tattva). Endowed with extreme reverence for the divine they sought the ultimate knowledge and embodiment of this miracle of creation. Renowned for their wisdom and logical rationality the Yogis identified the essential power of a human being necessary to achieve any experience: Attention.

The power of attention is the catalyst behind all action and experience. Even more amazing was the discovery that whatever one put there attention on grew and became greater. With heroic fervor the Yogis placed their attention within upon Consciousness (Chit), Energy(Prana), and Matter (Tattva). The experience of life began to grow in them; they realized that life was not limited to the physical plane, but something larger that connected them to a divine intelligence. This process of opening up to the indwelling energy was observed and perceived through attention coupled with yogic processes that created an expansion of Consciousness (Chit), Energy (Prana), and Matter (Tattva) that ascended the practitioner to the highest levels of bliss and fulfillment.

Once fully experienced this cultivated energy would purify and transmute everything that once was in the human existence into a pure transubstantiated body of light endowed with supernormal capacities otherwise known as the Divine Body (Divya Deha). In this body the yogi or yogini could carry out all benevolent and altruistic acts for the betterment of all life forms and fully embody all the divine qualities that a human being possesses.
Vashi Yoga: The Pinnacle Human Experience

VaShi literally translates as “the controller”referring to the indwelling, divine intelligence that governs all things. Unique and rare in its teachings, VaShi Yoga recognizes the ultimate potential of humanity goes far beyond physical health, mental peace, and spiritual enlightenment. As in classical yoga, Vashi Yoga starts with the preliminary purification methods that ready and develop the aspirant for higher levels of practice. Through the use of Kriyas, Asana, Pranayama, and Concentration, these methods work to remove physical obstructions, focus mental awareness, purifying the body and mind, and establishing a strong foundation to approach and achieve more advanced teachings. Once the body and mind have undergone these initial phases, the practice of Vashi Yoga reveals a systematic approach to enhancing a humans power of attention (Avadhana) and direct that attention towards an advanced practice of absorption called Samyama.

The experience of VaShi Yoga unleashes the latent potentials of the mind, increasing the expansion capabilities inherent within through the practice of Samyama. Samyama is an advanced Yogic practice of mastering and merging Dharana (one pointedness), Dhyana (Meditation), and Samadhi (Absorption) into a superior, transmutational state of awareness and focus capeable exponentially enhancing whatever object or phenomena it is directed towards. By channeling Samyama on the pure, essential qualities of Consciousness, Energy, and Matter, these qualities begin to grow and expand, becoming more visible and tangible to our perception. The culmination of Vashi Yoga exponentially increases the capacity of the mind that awakens a miraculous shift in our experience of life and ushers a physiological, cognitive, and energetic transmutation to begin. Transforming our current limited potential into the complete, pinnacle expression of life. Unlocking the dormant regenerative abilities of our bodies, by releasing and harnessing the full power of the life force, and by expanding the phenomenal capacity and wisdom of the mind. It is through the practice of Samyama focused on the essential components of Life: Consciousness, Energy, and Matter that the pinnacle expression of human life, the Divya Deha, is achieved through Vashi Yoga.
The Vision
Your World

We find ourselves living in an age hailed as the era of enlightenment and spiritual awakening. An age when man claims to be achieving his highest potential and living in the golden age of civilization. However, an illusory appearance is at play, a delusion causing vast confusion of humanities relationship and duties in this world. We are currently witnessing the most accelerated degeneration of our world and our human nature. Never before in the history of known human existence has our foot print become so destructive and debilitating to the physical and social integrity or our world.

Your Life

As a rational individual looking out into this world it is plain to see that our lives are in peril, but the question of how did we end up here and what we are going to do about it lies shrouded in ignorance, blame, and denial of our individual participation and responsibility. It is our belief that if people acknowledged the undeniable and inevitable trajectory of our world coupled with the regretful, acceptance of personal responsibility, a sincere emotional reaction should occur. One of great inspiration and compassion that shapes an intuitive and practical knowing that this view of life is wrong and the pain and suffering of others becomes your own. This sense of compassion awakens an innate need for change , yearning to alleviate the needless suffering and pain that is swirling out of control all around you. A profound feeling that there is something greater to be experienced in this life, a greater possibility for humanity and all creation.

Your Opportunity

This desire, unlike any experienced before, motivates you to search for an answer that can produce the greatest change for this world. One that fulfills your expectations of seeing a world that is dominated by goodness, joyousness, and sacredness. A world in which people embrace their stewardship of this world, uplifting and striving to bring creation to its ultimate potential. Recognizing the great divide between our current selfish nature and the absolute power of selflessness.

This realization lays the foundation and aspirations for an individual to inquire into the very nature of a human being. Understanding that the solution to this dilemma lies within truly experiencing the fundamental essence of life. Believing that if you could pierce the delusion of selfishness and self destructive tendencies the reality orchestrated by the perfection of the natural laws would be understood and revealed. In which all of humanity was altruistically in harmony with the divine and perfected movement of creation that governs life. Creating a reality of perpetual life enhancing emanations and knowledge to all beings.
Hridaya Hermitage offers a unique experience reminiscent of the spiritual purity and beauty of ancient India. Nestled in the foothills of the New Vineyard Mountains and bordered by rushing mountain streams, our secluded foot paths wind through the Hermitage's many temples, shrines and accommodations.
Yogic practice produces a body more open and aware of our environment, thus creating a higher sensitivity to chemical and toxic building materials; therefore we use environmentally friendly and natural materials in nearly all aspects of building, cleaning and maintenance. Our buildings are comfortable and natural; the essentials to finding the ultimate meditational experience.
Because of our attention on each individual who comes on retreat with us we have three rooms, unlike other retreat centers which have a very high staff to guest ratio.
These are the accommodations for our Kaya Kalpa and Yoga retreats, the cost of which is included in your stay.

Located at the center of our retreat complex, the treatment hut and Sauna, is our guest house, Shodhana, complete with two bedrooms, each with a private half bath, and a shared common room. All of the buildings in the retreat complex are heated by wood with no electricity; water is gathered from the Sauna from an artesian well with the purest and best tasting water. The Sauna, which is the bath house for all our guests, is equipped with a hand pumped shower and changing room. The Guest Cabin is a double or single occupancy cabin close to the main temple where the daily chanting can easily be heard. Complete with a living room, bedroom and half bath. This building also has solar lighting. A Mongolian Ger is also available for those interested in a more authentic yogic hermitage experience. Depending on the ashrams activities, it is a single to dorm style occupancy sleeping up to 5. We also have two private stream-side tenting sites which have outhouse and sauna/shower use.

Thank you for your interest in Hridaya Hermitage. For more information please call, e-mail and 'friend' us on Face Book. We use our Face Book page to keep in touch with you and to confirm your attendance to our festivals. So please feel free to contact us in this way! We look forward to speaking with you about your stay here with us at the Hermitage.

Also please note when coming to visit, remember to bring appropriate clothing for hiking through the forest, rain, and cool weather. We are in the mountains of Maine where the weather can change quickly.
Om Nama Shivaya

Hridaya Hermitage
243 Greenwood Brook Rd
Industry, Maine 04938
(207) 542-6606
(207) 265-6441
email : info@hridayahermitage.com or hridaya_ashram@yahoo.com

Directions to Hridaya Hermitage

From Portland North on I-95 thru Augusta

1. Take I-295 North 45.8 miles
2. I-295 N merges into I-95 N 9.3 miles
3.Take exit 112B (Augustan/Belgrade) ME-27
4. Continue ME-27 22.4 miles
5. Turn Left on US-2/ME-27 0.8 miles
6. Turn Right on Starks Rd/ ME-134 0.1 mile
7. Turn Left onto Industry Rd 4.4 miles
8. Industry Rd becomes New Sharon Rd 1.0 miles
9. Turn Left at Stop sign / Jct ME-43 1.6 miles
10.Turn Right onto ME-148/W.Mills Rd 5.1miles
11. Turn Left onto Rand Rd 1.2 miles
12. Stay Left as Rand Rd forks 1.2 miles
13. Stay Left again onto Greenwood Brook Rd. 1.2 miles
Dirt road.
14. Cross over steel bridge and turn left into parking lot. You will see a red sign reading Hridaya Hermitage when you have arrived

From Bangor South on I-95 thru Skowhegan

1.Take I-95 South 26.5 miles
2. Take Exit 157 toward US-2 Newport/Skowhegan 0.3 miles
3. Turn slight Right onto ME-100/ME-11 0.2 miles
4. Turn sharp Left ont Main St / US-2 South 24.1 miles
5. Turn right onto US-201 follow towards Madison 4.2 miles
6. Turn left onto ME-148 follow into Madison 6.4 miles
7. Turn left onto ME-148/ME-43 1.4 miles
8. Turn right onto ME-148/W.Mills Rd 5 miles
9. Turn right onto Rand Rd 1.2 miles
10. Stay left as Rand Rd forks1.2 miles
11. Stay Left again onto Greenwood Brook Rd. 1.2 miles
Dirt road.
12. Cross over steel bridge and turn left into parking lot. You will see a red sign reading Hridaya Hermitage when you have arrived

From Waterville thru Madison

1. Take ME-104 from Waterville6.2 miles
2. ME-104 becomes ME-1397.8 miles
3. ME-139 becomes US-2/US-201A0.4 miles
4. Turn right onto US-201A. Continue on US-201A7.7 miles
5. Turn left onto ME-148/ME-430.5 miles
6. Turn left onto ME-148/ME-431.4 miles
7. Turn right onto ME-148/W.Mills Rd5 miles
8. Turn right onto Rand Rd1.2 miles
9. Stay Left as Rand Rd forks 1.2 miles
10. Stay Left again onto Greenwood Brook Rd.1.2 miles
Dirt road.
11. Cross over steel bridge and turn left into parking lot. You will see a red sign reading Hridaya Hermitage when you have arrived

From Farmington

1. In downtown Farmington take ME-43/Perham St6.3 miles
2. Left onto ME-148/W. Mills Rd (after Clear Water Lake)5.1 miles
3. Turn left onto Rand Rd 1.2 miles
4. Stay Left as Rand Rd forks 1.2 miles
5. Stay Left again onto Greenwood Brook Rd. 1.2 miles
Dirt road.
6. Cross over steel bridge and turn left into parking lot. You will see a red sign reading Hridaya Hermitage when you have arrived

Om Tat Sat

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