Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA -9

Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA

Parashakthi (Eternal Mother) Temple
551 W. Kennett, Pontiac, Michigan 48340
Phone: 248-322-4731 e-mail: om@parashakthitemple.org

Sri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple Minnesota,USA

Sri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple Minnesota is one of its kind temple which has "Ashtalakshmi sameta Sri Venkateswara Swamy". The principal deity worshipped is Lord Venkateswara along with Ashtalakshmi, a group of eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi who preside over eight sources of wealth. Lakshmi in Sanskrit language means wealth which will come in the form of prosperity, good health, good farming, success, knowledge, strength, progeny, and power.
The temple also has Maha Ganapati, Sri Satyanarayana Swamy, Sri Rama parivaram deities.
SV Temple is a unique Hindu religious organization of Twin Cities that focus on promoting and imparting religious, cultural and educational knowledge to children. Every weekend Indian language, classical music and dance classes are conducted for children. SV Temple volunteers serve at local homeless shelters regularly and conduct fundraising drive during holiday season.

Hindu Temple Society of North America, Flushing, Queens, New York

Šri Mahã Vallabha Ganapati Devasthãnam

Success in all religious acts and mundane affairs being the goal of human beings, Hindus seek Lord Ganeša's blessings by first worshipping Him before every religious function / ceremony. Thus everything begins with worship of Lord Ganeša, the first son of Lord Šiva (Matter) and Universal Mother Goddess Pãrvati - Shakti (energy)

Hindu Temple Society of North America (Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapati Devasthanam Sanskrit: श्री महावल्लभ गणपति देवस्थानम्) at 45-57 Bowne Street, Flushing, Queens, New York, was the very first of the traditional Hindu temples in the USA.  The designation North America in the name was chosen because there were no other Hindu temples in North America from which it needed to distinguish itself.
It is popularly referred to as the Ganesh Temple, Flushing since the main deity is Lord Ganesh. While there are now several Hindu temples in New York City area, this is still the most prominent one. The temple architecture and the rituals follow the South Indian tradition.
The temple is visited not only by the Hindus but also those who wish to explore religious diversity in Queens.  The very first Jain Temple in USA Jain Center of America is also located in Queens.
The temple has a vegetarian restaurant termed the Temple Canteen in the basement  which is popular for its simple South Indian cuisine and for the temple experience.


The Hindu Temple Society of North America was incorporated on January 26, 1970. It acquired from the Russian Orthodox Church a site on which the present Temple is situated. The present structure, designed in accordance with the Agama Sastras (scriptures relating to temple building), was completed in 1977, and the Temple was consecrated on July 4 of the same year. Sri La Sri Padrimalai Swamigal, from Madras, had prepared twenty-six yantras for the temple and done pujas for them for five years before installing them. It was reconsecrated in 2009.
New York city's Indian population grew from about 6,000 in 1970 to more than 94,000 in 1990. Many of those came as part of the professionals who began arriving from India after American immigration rules were liberalized in 1965.  The Ganesh Temple was followed by the Hindu Temple and Cultural Society in Bridgewater, N.J. and Staten Island Hindu Temple.[7]
The temple pincludes a Pathsala (school) where children learn languages such as Hindi, Tamil, English and Sanskrit as well as Math, Science and Religion. Yoga and Meditation classes also offered. Construction of the Vedanta Library, Senior Citizen Center, and Staff Quarters has also been undertaken.


The temple is constructed using granite. It is entered through a gopuram gateway. The main shrine is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, while other shrines house idols of Lord Balaji, Goddess Mahalakshmi, Lord Hanuman and Sri Nagendra Swamy. Temple includes a dhvajastambha (column) and a rajagopuram (lofty tower). Sthapathi (temple architect) Muthiah had supervised the reconstruction.


In India, practically all temples are administered by trusts, which are set in place by the original builder or the original group, whereas in USA many of the churches are congregational.
At Hindu Temple Society of North America, a dispute arose in 2003 regarding the leadership of the temple.[8] The six plaintiffs acknowledged that they have no interest in changing the roles or rituals performed by the temple's 10 priests, (who have not taken sides). But they wanted the leadership to be elected. Dr. Uma Mysorekar, the temple's president, said the We want a system that prevails based on dedication and commitment, not based on popularity,She felt that the current system, in which the temple's unpaid 11-member board manages the temple's affairs and votes on its own members when their terms come up, is democratic enough.
Dr Mysroekar has been awarded the Kannada Rajyotsava Award from Karnataka, Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and the Governor's Award of Excellence.  As a representative of Hindus, she had been invited by three Presidents of the United States of America—Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama as well as Pope Benedict.


In September 1995, the Hindu milk miracle was observed at the temple. It was reported that "People held the spoon filled with milk under the trunk, by the mouth, and the milk would be taken up"

Nearby Temples in Flushing

  • Asamai Hindu Temple, 45-32 Bowne Street: Representing the ancient Afghan Hindu community, honoring Asamai, the city goddess of Kabul
  • BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, 44-38 Bowne Street: The first Swaminarayan sect temple in North America (inaugurated in 1974).
  • Shri Shridi Sai Baba Temple, 46-16 Robinson Street: dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba, inaugurated April 2010[12]
  • Jain Center of America 4311 Ithaca Street: Shri Mahavir Swami in the Shwetambar tradition, Upashrayain the Sthanakvasi tradition, Sri Adinath in the Digambar tradition and Shrimad Rajchandra Meditation Hall.
  • John Bowne House, 37-01 Bowne Street, house of the Brown family which contributed to religious freedom in USA in the 17th century.

Venkatešwara Suprabhãtam - 08:15am to 08:30am
Mahã Ganapati Homam - 08:15am to 09:15am
Šiva Abhishekam - 08:15am to 09:15am
Mahã Ganapati Abhishekam - 09:00am to 10:00am
Rãghavendra Swãmy Abhishekam - 09:00am to 10:00am
Dakshinãmoorthy Abhishekam - 09:00am to 10:00am
Veda Pãrãyanam - 09:00am to 10:00am
Veda Pãrãyanam - 05:00pm to 06:00pm
Sarva Devata Hãrati - 07:00pm to 07:15pm
Gãyatri Japam - 07:15pm to 07:45pm
Ardha Yãma Pooja - 08:50pm to 09:00pm

Vraj Hindu Temple, Scheylkill Haven,  PA

The Vraj Hindu Temple is located in Schuylkill County, in Eastern Pennsylvania, USA. It is a multi-million dollar temple or haveli covering 300 acres (1.2 km2) of the land. The purpose of this temple is to spread Hindu religion in USA and allow younger generations to carry love, dedication, devotion and servitude towards their culture. Vraj is also known as Noontan Nadalaya, and abode for God ShriNathji (a manifestation of Krishna). Vraj has an average of 100,000 Hindu pilgrims per year. Vraj offers daily prayers (Darshans), annual events and volunteer opportunities for youth to serve their community.


Vraj Hindu Temple was found in 1988 by the religious group from Harvard University who were practicing Hinduism. Basically, Vraj, known previously as Institute of Indian Heritage, was found to fulfill the religious, spiritual, social, and cultural needs of the Hindu Community of North America.


The purpose of this temple is basically to transform or pass on the Hinduism’s religious and cultural value to younger generation who are living in USA and are very less exposed to it. Founders of Vraj earnestly believed that in today’s world it has become essential for any temple to transform itself into an establishment of facilities that encourages society’s religious, spiritual, social and cultural needs. Over the years, Vraj has provided significant fill up in the gap between generations and two different worlds (India–America).

Darshans (Prayer Events)

DARSHAN is a sanctum that is organized six times a day (everyday) as different prayers for the people who strongly religious to experience deep joy and love. Each Darshan has a special mood, emotion, apparel, music melodies and food. Magala, Shringar, Rajbhog, Utthapan, Sandhya Arati and Shayan are types of different Darshans organized each day. Each darshan is part of God Shirnathji’s typical day spiritual activity and it is celebrated by humans like us.
Mangala–The mangala underline the auspiciousness of the beginning the day with a glimpse of the Lord.
Shirngar–God Shirnathji is dressed carefully from head to foot and a flower garland is placed around his neck.
Raajbhoog–The main meal of the day is offered to God with hundreds types of sweet.
Utthapan–God Shrinathji is waking up from afternoon siesta.
Sandhya Arati–It is an evening prayer (Sandhay Arati) with light garland.
Shayan–It is a celebration with god including music melodies and drumming heralds for the final prayer of the day as God is about to retire for the night.

Vraj Youth

Vraj is small organization coordinated by young volunteers and students from all over the USA. Their purpose is to engage the young Hindu community with religious and cultural values. Vraj youth committee was designed to k enthusiastic, idea-brimming and organized self-starters. It was created to encourage service to our community and broadening knowledge of the Indian Heritage.[1] Most of the Vraj youth are students from High School and Colleges from age of 16 to 28. The first Vraj Youth Executive Board was introduced in 2005, and from there, the stage has been set for the future of the Vraj Youth Committee. The Board has proven itself as a permanent and vital part of the Vraj family. You can see around Vraj Mandir and other parts of the country, playing an active role in the future progression and development of Vraj. The Board is dedicated to preserving and nurturing the intellectual, spiritual and cultural development of Hindu youth by encouraging service to our community and broadening knowledge of our Indian heritage.
Vraj youth are involved in all occasions offered from the temple such as prayers, food, festive celebrations or any other community services.
Vraj youth also organizes the biggest event of the year called Vraj Youth Camp which last for a week. In this camp, young students and volunteer would live in Camp and get involved in all religious and cultural activities. Guru is invited to give religious tips and lessons to the young community. Other fun activities are also organized to help young generation with their communication skill and to improve their religious practice.


The sanctum is thrown open Six times a day for DARSHAN enabling devotees to have HIS JANKHI, an unparallel spiritual experience herein devotees experience deep joy and love. These brief glimpses may serve as momentary restorations of the sight of the lord. For devotees Shrinathjee is not a mere image but a living deity. Each Darshan has a special mood, a particular emotion, appropriate apparel, musical melodies tuned to the time of the day and the season

All Darshan times are subject to change on Utsav/Festival and Manorath/Occasion.
If you are coming on Festival and Occasion, Please call at Vraj for Darshan time.
Maha Prssad is prvoided Daily after RejBhog Darshan

Directions to Vraj

Vraj is located 25 miles north of Reading, PA on Route 183 N. It is halfway between Harrisburg & Allentown on Interstate I-78.

om NY & NJ:
  • I-78 West to PA exit #19 'Straustown',
  • Rt. on 183N,
  • Lt. on 895W @ Blinking light.
From DC & Baltimore:
  • I-95N to 695 to I-83N to I-81N to I-78E to Exit #17 'Rherersburg',
  • left on 419N,
  • left on to 183N,
  • left on to 895W @ Blinking light
From N. VA/NW DC:
  • I-270N to US 15N to Pa 581W to I-81N to I-78E to Exit #17 'Rherersburg',
  • left on 419N,
  • left on to 183N,
  • left on to 895W @ Blinking light
From West: I-70/I-76E:
  • Pa Tpk to Carlysle Exit#226 for I-81N, to I-78E to Exit #17 'Rherersburg',
  • left on 419N,
  • left on to 183N,
  • left on to 895W @ Blinking light
From South : I-81N:
  • I-78E. 'Allentown to Exit #17 'Rherersburg',
  • left on 419N,
  • left on to 183N,
  • left on to 895W @ Blinking light
From S Jersey/Philadelphia:
  • I-476N to 'Lehigh Valley' Exit #56 to I78W. to Exit #19 'Straustown',
  • Rt. on 183N,
  • Lt. on 895W @ Blinking light.
From West: I-80E:
  • To Exit for I-81S 'Hazelton'
From North: I-81S:
  • To Exit #124. 'St. Claire' on 61S. to Cressona Mall,
  • Right on to 183S,
  • Right on 895W @ Blinking light
From Blinking Light to 895W. to the STOP sign. Straight in to VRAJ

Vraj Facilities

Darshanarthis are always welcome. However, as we provide Mahaprashad (Samooh Priti Bhojan) after Rajbhog Darshan (around 1:00 p.m.), it would be appreciated if the number of devotees is communicated by calling (570) 754-7067 atleast a day prior to arrival.
Overnight Stay
There are a limited number of Overnight accommodations for members of VRAJ. Others are also extended this privilege on an availability basis. In order to accommodate maximum number of devotees, our current facilities are retreat style. PLEASE BOOK IN ADVANCE. Visitors are requested to report before 9:30PM.
Shipskin Shop Motel
Exit # 19 off I-78
Comfort Inn
Exit # 16 off I-78
Days Inn
Rte 61 Near Mall
Colony Lodge Motel
Exit # 31 off I-81
Fort Motel
Rt 61N
Econo Lodge
Exit # 31 off I-81
Ramada Inn
Rte 61 N. - Pottsville
Scottish Inn
Exit # 19 off I-78
Pottsville Motor Inn
Rte 61 N. after Pottsville
Holiday Inn Express
Rt. 61N @Schuylkill Mall
Rte 61 N. @exit 29 rt 78

Shree Shakti Mandir , Lake City, Georgia
Ambaji USA
Ambaji USA is a Hindu religious organization whose goal is to actively fulfill the spiritual, cultural, and social needs of the Hindu community. The mission of Ambaji USA is to provide a place of worship, perform religious rites, and hold religious and cultural festivals throughout the year.
Since its Murti Pratistha on June 6, 1993, Ambaji USA has worked to fulfill the spiritual, cultural, and social needs of the community. It is our duty to continue meeting the needs of the Hindu community, which is a challenging and expensive process. This lofty goal is only possible with the help of devotees and donors like you.
Ambaji (USA) Shree Shakti Mandir, Atlanta, Georgia, remains open from 8 AM to 8 PM. People take benefit of ‘Shrungar Aarti’ at 9 AM, ‘Rajbhog Aarti’ at 12 noon and ‘Shayan Aarti’ at 7 pm.

  • Each individual upon leaving the temple , must leave at the higher level of God Consciousness then the level he/she arrived with.
  • He/she must realize, that all the ritual ceremonies were done according to the method given in the Vedas.
  • Temple will do its best to help those who request its help in all their religious and humanitarian needs and to achieve mental peace.
  • To celebrate all the hindu festivals on the correct days according to the panchangs ( Indian astrological and religious calendar describing all lunar activates and mahurats )
  • Will hold at least 4-5 day religious events or discourses, this discourses will be delivered to the members by the most recognize authorities on the subjects.
  • Educate the youth in sanatan dharma way of living their life, this will be achieved with weekly classes in the language , religious values , god and goddesses.

  • We will organize two cultural shows , one will be consisting of children ages 4-10 and the second will be for 11-15 and third for 16 and up , this show will be to let children show their relatives what they have learned relative to our culture values and religious ways. The second show will be held mostly by adults were participants will depict old Indian ways of living cultural values , songs , poems and upbringing.
  • To organize and deliver to all the participants the best possible navaratri festival so that as time goes by , it will be recognize as the best navaratri festival in northern America now and years to come.
  • Will organize at least two events per year where temple members will cook delicious vegetarian meals and feed the hungry and homeless of the city of Atlanta.
  • Will hold free medical camp twice a year whereby people will be given advice and health matters by the area doctors free of charge.
  • Will hold one week long youth camp with all children activities at least once a year.
  • Every Sunday balvihar teaches children about social and religious values.
  • Will organize Sunday prayer and geeta discourses
  • Will have an annual picnic where children and elders will participate and prizes will be given out.

  Daily Darshan Times
1.   8:00am TO 12:30pm
2.   1:20pm To 3:30pm
3.   4:00pm To 8:00pm
  Arti Times
1.   Morning Arti 9:00am
2.   Noon Arti 12:00noon
3.   Evening Arti 7:00pm
  Mandir Closed Times
1.   12:30pm To 1:30pm
2.   3:30pm To 4:00pm
3.   8:00pm

AmbajiUSA, Shree Shakti Mandir, 1450 Huie Rd., Lake City, GA-30260
( 770 ) 968 – 3490, Cell : 404 771 2120


Om Tat Sat

(My humble  salutations to the great devotees ,  wikisources  and Pilgrimage tourist guide for the collection )


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