Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA -46

Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA

Portland Balaji Temple, Hillsboro, Oregon

 (Hindu Educational & Cultural Society Of America 
Portland Balaji Temple)

A Non Profit Tax Exempt Org.Tax ID #27-1098567

2092 Nw Aloclek Dr,Suite 522,Hillsboro,OR-97124
Tel:(503) 621 – 7716

The Hindu Educational and cultural society of America(HECSA) , is a non-profit association that caters to the religious, cultural and educational needs of a  growing population of Indian families in the portland area. The goals of Portland Balaji temple Hillsboro, OR (as part of HECSA) are:
  • To promote and practice the ideals of Hinduism and the Hindu religion through worship, education, social service and teaching.
  •  To strive for spiritual richness and human excellence through assimilation of values of Hindu scriptures into daily life.
  • To maintain a community center for the purpose of conducting Hindu Religious, social, educational, cultural, literary, and performing arts activities consistent with the primary objective as stated above
  • The HECSA Balaji temple aims to teach all youngsters the basics of Hinduism through scriptures and stories that highlight the important values of the religion.
The Temple also promotes cultural awareness by organizing cultural programs and shows on a regular basis to give our children and adults many opportunities to have a glimpse of the great culture, and a first-hand experience of how festivals are celebrated across diverse India.


Everyday Vishnu Sahasranamam Parayanam AT 6:30 PM.
Every Friday Lalitha Sahasranama Parayanam 6:30 PM.
Regular Monthly Events

Every Saturday 9:30 AM – Sri Venkateshwara Suprapatham

Every 1ST Saturday 10:30 AM - Sri Venkateshwara Abishekam  

Every Month Last Saturday 6:00 PM - Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam

Every Sankata Hara Chaturthi 9:30 AM – Maha Ganapathi Homam

Every Sankata hara Chathurthi 7:00 PM – Valampuri Sampath Maha Ganapathi Abishekam

Every Pradosham 7:00 PM - Shiva Abishekam

Every Last Friday 7:00 PM – Maha Lakshmi Abishekam

Every Sukla Shashti 7:00 PM – Valli Subramanya Devasena Abishekam

Every Month 2nd Saturday 7:00 PM – Pancha Muka Hannuman Abishekam

Every Month 3rd Sunday 6:00 PM – Swami Ayyappa Abishekam & Bhajans

Every Poornima 7:00 PM – Sri Sathyanarayana vratha Katha

Note:Timings are subject to change without prior notice

Upcoming Events

Mahalakshmi Abishekam
[May 31, 2013]
[May 27, 2013]
[May 24, 2013]
[May 22, 2013]
[May 21, 2013]
Ayyappa Abishekam
[May 19, 2013]
[May 15, 2013]
Akshay Tritiya
[May 12, 2013]
[May 09, 2013]
[May 06, 2013]
[May 05, 2013]

Temple Sponsored Puja Rates
  • Abishekam for all dieties(Temple Scheduled) - $25.00 
  • Ashtottara Archana (with fruit)  -   $10.00 
  • Car (Vahana) Puja  -   $51.00
  • Homam(Temple Scheduled) - $25.00
  • Sahasranama Archana - $25.00
  • Satyanarayana Puja(only Poornima Day)- $32.00
  • Srinivasa kalyana Utsavam(Only Temple scheduled)- $116.00
  • One Day Temple Kainkaryam(except Festivals Day) - $108.00
Sponsorship for Special Services (By Prior Appointment in side the temple only) 
      Special Services At inside the Temple Rates only
  • Srinivasa Abishekam - $150.00
  • Srinivsa Kalyanam - $250.00
  • Homam - $101.00
  • Satyanarayana Puja - $101.00
  • Upnayanam -  $250.00
  • Wedding -  $501.00
  • 60th/80th Birthdays  - $351.00
  • Hair Offering - $25.00
  • Hiranya Sraddham  - $51.00
  • Anna Prasana - $51.00
  • Aksharabhyasam - $51.00
  • Namakaranam - $75.00
  • Seemantham - $201.00
  • Punyahavachanam - $51.00
  • Nichitartham  - $101.00
  • Sudarsana Homam -$201.00
Sambhavana (Dakshina) to Priest is not included in the rates.
For all religious services, please contact the temple. If the temple is closed 503-621-7716 or leave a message.
List of Items for Pooja

Bhoomi Pooja
Sathyanarayana Vratha Pooja
Ganapathi Homam
Navagraha Shanthi homam
Hair offering / Mundan
Ayush Homam
Sudarsana Homam
60rth 0r 80rth Birth Day
Hiranya shradham

Balaji Vidyalaya

This is to inform you that Balaji Vidyalaya will be posting all the audio files and class related materials in the following location, Please feel free to bookmark this link, which is as follows
Balaji Vijdyalaya Documents
Thank you for all your support to Balaji Vidyalaya and encauraging the students.
Any donation or contributions are welcome to the continuous improvement and betterment of the temple and the Vidyalaya, Multiple Payment options are avaliable, Online and when paying in check please pay to the order ot HECSA and in the memo feel free to mention the students name.
Thank You,
HECSA Portland Balaji Temple,
May Lord Venkateshwara Swamy Bless you all. 

Balaji Vidyalaya Timings
Sanskrit / Sloka Class 
4-5 pm, Sundays (Adults And Kids For All Age)

Yoga Class
For Adults Sundays 10:00 AM
For Kids Sundays     11:00 AM
Wednesday Only For Adults 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Fridays Adults 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Carnatic Vocal Class
Sundays 5:15 PM to 6:00 PM

Telughu Class
Sundays 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM 

Kannada CLassSunday 3:00 PM

Hindi Class
Sunday 10:00 AM
For more details, pls. contact: Sri. Rajagopal:503 621 7716 Temple:503 430 7270
Our Teachers:

Sanskrit/Slokha Teacher:Chitra kumar
Sanskrit Teacher:Nanditha Kumar
Sanskrit/Story/Information Teacher:Kumar - hk.chitra@gmail.com 
Slokha Teacher:Sudha Radhakrishnan
Sanskrit Teacher:Shantha Vedantham

Kids Story Teacher:Kapil Sood
Carnatic Music Teacher:
madhurasmitha Chakravarthy
503-590-6965 Or Email smitha111@gmail.com
Vani Yadalam
If anybody is interested in adding additional students to the list please send an email to Email Co-Ordinator
For questions about the curriculum, suggestions/comments and volunteering, please contact hecsapdx@gmail.com.

As many of you are already aware, a Library is available at the Temple now. A collection of books that provide education on Hindu culture & Indian History are available through the Library. Devotees can borrow books for a period of 1 week. The procedure to check out books from the Library is outlined below. Devotees are welcome to donate any collections that one might have to enhance the collection of books available in the Library. If not, you can also help enhance the experience by volunteering to help with the Library activities or donate to improve the Library.

Sanskrit / Sloka Class

This is to inform you that Balaji Vidyalaya will be posting all the audio files and class related materials 

About Cultural

Welcome to the Cultural page of HECSA-Balaji Temple. The Temple has organized several cultural events since 2010 for the benefit of the community in the Greater Portland region to meet the Organization's objective of promoting Indian cultural heritage for both Adults & Youngsters alike. Some of the major cultural events that the Temple has organized are:
  • Sri Thyagaraja Utsavam: A gathering of musicians from Portland and sorrounding areas singing the Pancharatna Kritis on Bahugula Panchami with several accompanying musical instruments such as Mridangam/Gatam/Veena and more...
  • Concerts by renowned Carnatic musicians such as Malladi Brothers, Shantala, Dr. Nityashree Mahadevan, Sowmya Srinivasan.
  • The Temple has also offered performances/concerts in association with other local non-profits.
  • Several performances featuring local Dance & Music schools/Organizations such as Kalabharati School of Dance, Portland Aradhana, Shankar Drumming Group and several more.
  • Annual Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations: Several competitions for kids ranging from coloring, fancy dress based on Indian epics such as Ramayana/Mahabharata, Sloka recitation.
Continuing our rich tradition of promoting Indian cutlutre, we have the following events coming up in 2013:
Sunday, April 7: Priya Sisters accompanied by MA Krishnaswamy on Violin &
                           Neyveli Skanda Subramanian on Mridangam
Saturday, April 27: Sankara Drumming Group performance.
Saturday, June 1: Sikkil Gurucharan accompanied by V Sanjeev on violin &
                               Patri Satishkumar on Mridangam.
Any devotees or local musicians/Schools of Music/Dance who are interested in showcasing their Talents, are welcome to use the Cultural hall and other facilities free of cost. Kindly seek approval with the Temple Management.

2092 Nw Aloclek Dr,Suite 522,Hillsboro,OR-97124
Tel:(503) 621 – 7716

Om Tat Sat

(My humble  salutations to the great devotees ,  wikisources  and Pilgrimage tourist guide for the collection )


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