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Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in UK

London Sri MahalakshmiTemple

Lakshmi Narayana Trust was registered with Charity Commission (Charity Number 292677) in September 1985. Sri Mahalakshmi Temple was built in 1989 and was consecrated on 2nd February 1990. Sri Mahalakshmi Temple is located at 272 High street North (Corner of Kensington Avenue), Manor Park, London E12 6SA.

Direction Underground: Take East bound District / Hammersmith & City Line towards Barking Or Upminster and get down at EASTHAM Underground tube Station. Once you come out of the station, turn right at High Street North and walk towards Manor Park. Temple is located at High Street North, (4th Street) at the cornor of Kensington Avenue.

Direction Overground: Take East bound British rail from Stratford or Liverpool Street towards Romford Or Shenfield and get down at Manor Park station. Once you come out of the station, turn left and walk towards East Ham. Temple is located at High Street North at the cornor of Kensington Avenue. It will take 15 minutes to walk to the temple. Buses 474 or 101 (towards EastHam) are also frequent.

Direction Car: High Street north connects both Barking Road in EastHam and Romford Road in Manor Park.
If you are coming from outer London, easy route is via M25/M11/A13/A406. Romford Road (A118) is an exit at north circular road near Ilford. Barking Road is an exit at North Circular Road near Barking. If you are coming from inner London, easy route is either via A13 or A118 (Romford Road) or Barking Road.

Temple opening times is provided in the table below. If you want to perform archana, please come at least 15 minutes before the closing time. Annadhanam will be provided midday (around 12.30 PM) and evening around 08.00 PM every day. Annadhanam is sponsored by devotees.
Temple opening hours
8AM to 1PM
5PM to 9PM
8AM to 1.30PM
5PM to 9.30PM
8AM to 2PM
5PM to 9.30PM
8AM to 2PM
5PM to 9PM
Pooja Times
9.30AM, 12.00PM and 7.00PM
Abisegam Times
8.30AM, 10.30AM and 5.30PM


Sri Sahasralingeswarar

Our tradition is to pray Lord Rudhra (Siva) using Linga deities. Pruthvilingam, appulingam, thejolingam, vaayulingam, aahasalingam are important forms of linga worship. In our temple we are praying 1000 linga "sahasra lingeshwarar". By praying shri sahasralingeswarar in our temple we get the blessings of all 1000 lingas. We also get the blessings by praying pruthvi and pancha lingam. Special abisegham, special theepaaraathanai, and procession are performed at 5.00 PM during every pradosam day. We also perform shri rudhram, veda manthram japam to Shri lingeshwarar at 6 PM every Monday. Devotees who participate in the rudhrabishegam will be receiving special sangalpam. Please contact temple office if you want to participate. Pradosa days and Mondays are special days to pray Shri Lingeswarar.

Sri Shaneeswarar

Sri Shaneeswarar is on his own in our temple and is blessing the devotees. Devotees pray Sri shaneeswarar on Saturdays by performing abishegam and lighting seasame lamps and get blessings.

Sri Hanuman
Sri Hanuman is a personification of all that is divine. Sri Hanuman is an exception. His strength is incomparable. He is said to be the storehouse of immeasurable strength, shinny like a mountain of gold (ATULITA BALA DAMAM SWARNA SAILABHA DHEHAM). He has been the idol of strong people. He eliminated many demons. Jambumali, Aksha, Kalanemi, Mainavana etc., were the demons slain by him. Since his strength cannot be measured, he was described as the one with immeasurable strength (ATULITA BALA DAMAM).

Sri Hanuman is also bestowed with matching intelligence. He is described as the best among intelligent people and the first among the spiritual evolvers. (BUDHI matam varishtA, gynanena agraganyA)

Sri Hanuman is a devoted Vaishnava. He is recognized as the one born with the aspects of Siva. Sri Hanuman is the greatest devotee of Sri Rama (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu). Every hair follicle on Sri Hanuman’s body is said to chant Sri Rama’s name. Vaishnavism recognized the importance of service devotion (DASA BHAKTI). Sri Hanuman is great example of Dasa Bhakti. We find his idol installed in temples dedicated not only to Sri Rama but also to other incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Sri Hanuman is worshipped with many names. One of them is “OM RUDRA VEERYA SAMUDBHAVAAYA NAMAHA” (The one who is born with the aspect of Rudra). Sri Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Siva (or Rudra). Panchamukha Anjaneya (Sri Hanuman or Anjaneya with five faces) is recognized as the complete incarnation of Sri Siva. Like Siva, Sri Panchamukha (Five faced) Hanuman has three eyes on each of his faces. Some Saivites temples also have the idols of Sri Hanuman.

Sri Sudarsanar ஸ்ரீ சுதர்சனர்


Shri Sudarsana Moorthy is the full divine structure of the chakra that is in the right hand of Sri MahaVishnu. In our temple, Shri Sudarsana Moorthy exists with 16 ayudas in 16 hands. He is present with Yoha Narasimha at the back. In order to protect ourselves from enemies and other bad omens we pray Shri Sudarsana by offering abisegham and sudarsana homam. The above also protects us from "saivinai" and thoshas. Devotees perform shri sudarsana homam and abishegam and get various benefits. Wednesdays and Saturdays are best days for praying Shri Sudarsanar.

Sri Vinayakar ஸ்ரீ விநாயகர்


The first God Sri Vinayaka is present in our temple with a name of Sri RajaMahaGanapathi. Sri Vinayakar has "pasam" "angusam" in his hands, has "mothaka" in his left hand, has "mahabaratha written in Thantha" in his right hand. We get prosperity in business, good job prospects by praying shri Vinayaka offering abisegham and aaraathana. Shri Vinayaka also eliminates problems in our path and also helps with marriages.
During Sankata hara sathurthi and shukla sathurthi we offer special poojas and abisegams in our temple. Uthsava vinayaka in our temple is Sri Vallaba Ganapathi.

Sri Gayathri

Sri Murugan

Sri Laskhmi Narayanar

Sri ManNarayanar is blessing us all in our temple under the name of Sri Lakshmi Naryanar with Sanku, chakra and katha. Sri Lakshmi Narayanar in the inner sanctum is a special grace and is unique. Special abishegam to Sri Lakshmi Naryanar Moolavar is performed every Friday at 5.30 P.M. Special pooja, deeparathana and procession occurs after the above special abishegam.
Devotees book abishegams for health, wealth and prosperity and their prayers are answered in our temple. Special days to pray Sri Lakshmi Narayanar are Friday, Saturday and Wednesday.

Temple Telephone number: 0208 552 5082. Mobile Number: 07827279573 email:info@srimahalakshmitemple.net

Nathaswaram and Thavil are available in our Temple. You can book Nathaswaram by telephoning the temple office. Charge excluding transport is £250 for occasions like wedding.
Nathaswaram & Thavil for private functions is another unique service we offer to devotees at London Sri Mahalakshmi Temple

Shree Sanatan Dharm Mandal, Ilford

Shree Sanatan Dharm Mandal is an initiative of a group of devotees, from various spiritual and cultural backgrounds who love God in various forms and especially in the form of Durga.

At Sanatan Dharm Mandal, we worship Durga by singing bhajans and spend a significant time by associating with other devotees. Sanatan Dharm Mandal is a place of worship for the seeker of God in the form of Maataji.

Formed in London in mid sixties, Shree Sanatan Dharm Mandal is registered as a charitable trust 1978. The present set up of Shree Sanatan Dharm Mandal came into existence in 1995 along with the mandirs for Durga Maa, Shree Ganeshji, Shree Hanumanji, Shree Ram Darbar, Shree Radha Krishna, Shree Shiv Parivaar, Shree Baba Balak Nathji and Jalaram Baba.

Today, having our Mandal spread across many of the country, we envisage this website as a place where devotees from all over the world can get.


3-9 Norman Road Ilford Essex IG1 2NH United Kingdom.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad, UK

Definition of Hindutva

The meaning of the term `Hindutva’ is often misconstrued by politicians. It is a way of life and is synonymous with Bharatiyata (Indianness) and the concept encompasses all sections of the Indian society. The Supreme Court of India, in its judgement dated 11 Dec 1995, defined Hindutva as follows:-
“The development of Hindu religion and philosophy shows that from time to time saints and religious reformers attempted to remove from the Hindu thought and practices element of corruption and superstition and that led to the formation of different sects. Buddha started Buddhism; Mahavir founded Jainism; Basava became the founder of Lingayat religion; Dhyaneshwar and Tukaram initiated the Varakari cult; Guru Nanak inspired Sikhism; Dayananda founded Arya Samaj, and Chaitanya began Bhakti cult; and as a result of the teachings of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda, Hindu religion flowered into its most attractive, progressive and dynamic form. If we study the teachings of these saints and religious reformers, we would notice an amount of divergence, there is a kind of subtle indescribable unity which keeps them within the sweep of the broad and progressive Hindu religion.”

Hindus regard life as sacred. Life commences from the time of conception.
Termination of pregnancy is not permitted unless it can be demonstrated that the pregnancy is incompatible with the life or health of the mother and/or baby.
The foetus is unable to sustain its life independent of the mother until almost the end of natural pregnancy. In case of the delivery that is premature by up to a few weeks and no more, the foetus can be helped to grow in medically supported environment. Hindus are happy to concur with medical opinion and action that helps the delivered baby grow in an incubated setting until it is able to live independently. Products of a pregnancy, that has terminated so prematurely that medical opinion considers the embryo/foetus to be non-viable, would not be regarded as living once expelled from the mother’s womb.


In accordance with the aims and objectives stated in the constitution, VHP (UK) undertakes various activities:
1.   Supports, and helps maintain and protect, various activities for teaching the principles and practice of Hindu Dharma and culture.
2.   Ensures that Religious Education in British schools and other educational institutions includes education about Hindu dharma that is adequate and accurate – further information is given under “Religious Education”.
3.   In pursuit of the above, encourages participation of Hindus in Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education (SACREs).
4.   Supports and promotes various charitable activities. [Details given later under: "VHP _ Charity Serving Mankind"]
5.   Supports activities that promote unity among Hindus.
6.   Seeks correct portrayal of Hindus by the media, in particular to the contribution made by Hindus in economic and other spheres. It is due to the eternal values taught by sanaatan dharma that law and order problems are virtually absent within the Hindu society in Britain.
7.   Seeks to resist injustice and discrimination on religious and racial grounds.
8.   Supports legally permissible protests against events, writings or statements that attempt to malign, misportray or defame Hindu dharma.
9.   Seeks equal opportunities for Hindus in the UK _ in appointments, Government funding, etc. Seeks consulta tion with Government Agencies and Authorities on policy matters.
10.                     Promotes various activities in the field of health and welfare, especially relating to children, the elderly and the disabled. This includes providing cultural and religious support to those in need of the same, especially in hospitals, prisons and Homes for the elderly and infirm
11.                     Encourages participation in activities that promote racial harmony, and supports inter-faith dialogue. VHP (UK) is a member of the Interfaith Network for the U.K.
12.                     Organises the celebration of various Hindu festivals like Janma-ashtami, Raama-navami, Navaraatri, and Diwali. At these functions, emphasis is more on participa tion by families rather than by individuals.

Remembering VHP

The income from Legacies is important to the future of VHP(UK) and its work. Your special gift will help us to serve our community and Dharma better.
1.   What can I leave to VHP(UK) in my Will?
o        You can bequeath to VHP(UK) whatever you want, and there are a number of ways you can leave a gift to VHP(UK).
o        A residuary bequest is a most valuable kind of gift which VHP(UK) would be very grateful for. Once you have provided for family or friends with specific gifts of money or property, VHP(UK) receives all or part of the residue of your estate – that is, the amount left once specific legacies and other liabilities have been paid.
o        A pecuniary bequest is a gift of a specific sum of money.
o        A specific bequest is a gift of a specific valuable object, that you wish VHP(UK) to have after your lifetime. Gifts of property are also welcome.
2.   How easy is it to pledge a legacy to VHP(UK) and can I change my existing Will?
o        It is quite simple. If you are writing a Will, we would advise that you consult with a qualified solicitor.
o        If you have an existing Will, you may add to it by means of a codicil. This is an additional instruction and is simple and inexpensive to draw up.
3.   What do I do now?
o        if you haven’t yet made a Will or want to add a codicil, you should see a qualified solicitor.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board
Dr Nawal K Prinja
Mr Dharam Vir Dhanda
Mr M C Satyanarayana
Dr Shankar Rao Tatwawadi

List of Contributing Authors
Dr Bal Mukund B. Bhala (Hindu International Medical Mission)
Dr Girdhari Lal Bhan (Kashmiri Pundit Assoc.)
Prof Surendra Nath Bhardwaj (Arya Samaj London)
Mr Amritlal Chandler (Shree Ram Mandir, Birmingham)
Dr Raman Gokal (Gayatri Parivar)
Swami Dayatmananda (Ramakrishna Mission)
Mr Dharam Vir Dhanda (SCAA Working Group, Nottingham SACRE)
Dr Vinod Kapashi (Institute of Jainology)
Mr Lakshmidas Kotecha (President, VHP UK)
Mr Joniah Parathasarathi (Hindu Education Council, Yorkshire)
Dr Nawal K Prinja (SCAA working Group, Trafford and Manchester SACRE)
Dr H V S Sastry (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London)
Mr M C Satyanarayana ( President, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh UK)
Pundit Ramsarran Sankar (Greenwich University)
Mr Suresh Singhal (Brahamkumaris of UK)
Dr Shiva Subramanya (VHP USA)
Prof S Tatwawadi (Banaras Hindu University (Retd), HSS UK)

Book Contents

  • Glossary
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Hindu Dharma
  • The word Hindu
  • RE and Hinduism
  • One God
  • Hindu Values
  • Forms of God
  • Concept of Avatar
  • Religious symbols
  • Gurus and Disciples
  • Brahma
  • Atma and Law of Karma
  • Maya
  • Sansara
  • Three Gunas
  • The nature of Time

Contact Address:

In this section you can find details of how to get in contact with Ilford branch of VHP(UK).

Postal Address



020 8553 5471 or 020 8478 6049

Sri Selva Vinayagar Temple, London

Opning Time
8.00 AM to 2.00 PM 5.00 PM to 9.30 PM

Pooja Time
Morning Pooja
9.00 AM
Mid Day Pooja
12.00 PM
Evening Pooja
8.00 PM


299-303 LEY STREET
0208 911 8934

Sree Ganapathy Temple, Wimbledon

Shree Ganapathy Temple, Wimbledon, is a Hindu temple in south-west London, England, that was established in the 1980s. The main deity in the temple is of Lord Ganesha. There are also deities of Goddess Durga (Parvati), Lord Hanuman, Krishna etc. The Sai Mandir was opened in 1981 and is a prayer hall dedicated to Sathyanarayana Raju.
During the temple's early years, the realisation came that there was an urgent need to educate the younger generation about Hinduism. Furthermore, the temple wanted the children to fully understand the faith at a deeper level than previously. Therefore the Sai Mandir has been running classes for many years, teaching the children spiritual education, Sanskrit prayers, how to sing Bhajans (devotional hymns) in addition to learning about other religions too. Voluntary activities take place in affiliation with local authorities and Age Link groups.
The temple provides classes dwelling on teachings of Hinduism, music and dance classes, and yoga to name a few.


List of Temples in England

North East

  • Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple, Bradford
  • Hindu Temple & Community Centre, Bradford
  • Hindu Temple, Leeds
  • Hindu Temple, Newcastle
  • ISKCON Newcastle, Newcastle
  • Jalarama Shakti Mandal, Bradford
  • Leuva Patidar Samaj, Bradford
  • Radha Krishna Temple, Middlesbrough
  • Sita Rama Temple, Huddersfield

North West

  • Gita Bhavan Mandir, Manchester
  • Gujarat Hindu Society, Preston
  • Hare Krishna Centre (ISKCON), Manchester
  • Hindu Samaj, Sheffield
  • Krishna Mandir, Bolton
  • Kutch Satsang Swaminarayana Temple, Bolton
  • Liverpool Ganesh Temple, Delfby Crescent,Kirkby, Liverpool, L32 8TN.  
  • Radha Krishna Mandir, Manchester
  • Shree Radha Krishna Hindu Temple, 253 Edge Lane, Liverpool, L7 2PH.
  • Sri Muthumariamman Temple, Tamil Community Centre, 17 Fielding Street, Kensington, Liverpool, L6 9AP.
  • Indian Association Oldham
  • Radha Krishna Temple, Oldham
  • Rama Krishna Temple, Warrington
  • Rama Temple, Ashton-under-Lyne
  • Shree Bharatiya Mandal Indian Association (Tameside), Shree Ambaji Mandir, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 8JN. http://www.sbm.org.uk
  • Swaminarayana Hindu Mission, Preston
  • Swaminarayana Hindu Mission, Ashton-Under-Lyne
  • Swaminarayana Sidhant Sajivan Mandal, Bolton
  • Swaminarayana Temple, Oldham
  • Veda Mandir, Bolton

West Midlands

  • Eellakkanthan Thirukkovil, coventry  
  • Baba Balak Nathji Mandir, Coventry
  • Maha Shiv Shakti Mandir, Willenhall  
  • Durga Bhawan, Bilston
  • Durga Bhawan, Smethwick
  • Hindu Gujarati Samaj, Nuneaton
  • Hindu Samaj Mandal, Darlaston
  • Hindu Temple Society, Coventry
  • ISKCON, Birmingham  
  • Kalyan Mandal, Rugby
  • [Krishna Mandir, Coventry]
  • Krishna Mandir, Dudley
  • Krishna Mandir, Leamington Spa
  • Krishna Mandir, Wolverhampton
  • Krishna Temple, Birmingham
  • Laxmi Narayana Mandir, Birmingham
  • Mandir Baba Balak Nath, Walsall
  • Murugan Temple Coventry
  • Mata Da Mandir, Dudley
  • Omkarananda Mission
  • Radha Krishna Cultural Centre, Coventry
  • Rama Krishna Temple, Wolverhampton
  • Rama Mandir, Birmingham
  • Rama Mandir, Walsall
  • Sanatan Dharm Hindu Temple, Coventry
  • Shiva Trust Rossendale
  • Shree Geeta Bhawan, Birmingham  
  • Shri Radha Krishna Temple (HCRC), Telford
  • Shree Krishna Mandir, West Bromwich  
  • Shree Mahanand Dham, Coventry.  
  • Shri Sidhi Vinayagar devasthanam, Coventry  
  • Universal Divine Temple Ek Nivas, Wolverhampton
  • Venkateshwara (Balaji) Temple, Oldbury  

East Midlands

  • Shree radha krishna temple. LE2 0FW. Leicester.
  • BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. 102-103, Palm Street, Basford, Nottingham, NG7 7HS
  • Bhagwati Shakti Peeth, 43-47 Eland Street, Basford, Nottingham, NG7 7DY
  • Geeta Bhavan, Leicester
  • Geeta Bhawan, Loughborough
  • Hare Krishna Centre, Leicester   
  • Hare Krishna Mandir (ISKCON), Leicester  
  • Haveli Shriji Dwar, Leicester
  • Hindu Temple & Community Centre, Leicester
  • Hindu Temple Geeta Bhawan, 96 - 102 Pear Tree Road, Derby, Derbyshire DE23 6QA Derby - Derby Hindu Temple Website
  • Hindu Temple, 215 Carlton Road, Carlton, Nottingham, NG3 2FX
  • ISKCON, Queens Walk Community Centre, Queen's Walk, Meadows, Nottingham, NG2 2DF (Namahatta Friday Evenings)
  • Jalarama Pratharna Mandal, Leicester  
  • Leicester Sri Murugan Temple, Leicester
  • Leicestershire Brahma Sama, Leicester
  • Rama Krishna Temple, Loughborough
  • Ram Mandir, Leicester  
  • Rama Mandir, Peterborough
  • Sai Dham, 75-79 Egypt Road, Basford, Nottingham, NG7 7GN
  • Sanatan Mandir, Leicester  
  • Shakti Mandir, Leicester
  • Sri Thurkkai Amman Temple, 10a West Crescent, Beeston Rylands, Nottingham, NG9 1QE
  • Swaminarayana Hindu Mission, Wellingborough
  • Swaminarayana Hindu Mission, Leicester
  • Swaminarayana Temple (ISSO), Leicester
  • Wanza Community Centre, Leicester
 Shri Shirdi Sai Temple,Leicester.Colton Street behind Charles Steet.Leicester.


Temples which are purpose built to traditional methods are demarcated in bold.
  • Adhya shakti mataji temple ,Cowley,Uxbridge,Middlesex  
  • Ayyappan Temple UK
  • Caribbean Hindu Society, Lambeth
  • Dharma Bhakti Manor, Stanmore  
  • Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam, Edgware
  • Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam, Wembley
  • Eeswaran Temple, Wembley
  • Gayatri Math Thirussthatham Temple, Edgware
  • Ganapathy Temple, Wimbledon
  • Gayatri Temple, West Hendon
  • Greenwich Hindu Mandir, Plumstead
  • Highgate Hill Murugan Temple, Highgate Hill  
  • Hindu Centre, Belsize Park
  • Hindu Cultural Society, North Finchley
  • Hindu Mandir, Plumstead
  • Hindu Society, Tooting
  • Hindu Temple, Finchley
  • Sindhi Community House, Cricklewood  
  • Int. Swaminarayan Satsang Organisation, Streatham
  • Int. Swaminarayan Satsang Organisation, Willesden
  • Kali Mata Mandir, Hayes  
  • Kanaga Thurkkai Amman Temple, West Ealing
  • Krishna Yoga Mandir, Edmonton
  • Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple, Forest Gate
  • Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple, Plumstead
  • Kutch Satsang Swaminarayana Temple, Harrow
  • London Ganapathy Temple, Wembley
  • London Sevashrama Sangh, Shepherds Bush
  • London Sivan Kovil, Lewisham
  • Maha Lakshmi Temple, Manor Park
  • Maha Lakshmi Vidya Temple, Forrest Hill
  • Murugan Temple, Manor Park  
  • Muththumari Amman Temple, Tooting
  • Nath ji Sanatan Hindu Mandir, Leytonstone
  • Radha Krishna Cultural Centre, South Norwood
  • Radha Krishna Temple, Balham
  • Radha Krishna Temple, Soho
  • Radha Krishna Temple, Stratford
  • Radha Krishna Temple, Redbridge
  • Shakti Mandir, Wembley
  • Shree Ram Mandir, Southall
  • Shri Sanatan Hindu Mandir, Wembley  
  • South East Hindu Association, Woolwich
  • Swaminarayan Hindu Mission, Neasden
  • Swaminarayan Hindu Mission, Upton
  • Swaminarayan Mandir, Golders Green
  • Swaminarayan Temple, Willesden
  • Swaminarayan Hindu Mission, Leicester
  • Sri Raja Rajaeswari Amman Temple,Stoneleigh  
  • Vishwa Hindu Mandir, Southall

East of England

  • Durga Mandir, Ilford
  • Vishnu Hindu Parishad, Ilford
  • Sri Amman Arul Temple, Ilford

South East

  • Sri Swarna Kamadchy Amman Temple, Crawley [
  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna (ISKCON) Temple, Watford  
  • Hindu Society of Bedford, Bedford
  • Hindu Temple, Slough
  • Vedic Society Hindu Temple, Southampton
  • Raja Rajeswary Amman Temple, Stoneleigh
  • Reading Hindu Temple, Reading
  • Sanatan Mandir, Crawley  
  • Sanatan Seva Samaj, Luton
  • Swaminarayana Temple, Brighton
  • New Malden Murugan Temple, New Malden  

South West

  • Gloucester Hindu Temple, Gloucester
  • Hindu Temple, Bristol
  • Krishna Mandir, Cheltenham

Om Tat Sat

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