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Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA

Sree Sree Gita Sangha INC, Atlantic City, NJ
 ( A Community of Spirit)

Sree Sree Gita Sangha INC. 109 North Florida Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ – 08401, U.S.A
Daily Puja & Prayer at 9:30 AM and 7:30 PM
The  Sree Sree Gita Sangha is a nonprofit Hindu religious organization. It was established in
         September,2000 to spread out the principles of Bhagavad Gita as well as to fulfill the spritual, 
         cultural and social needs of the Hindu community of Atlantic City and its neighboring areas.The
         Sree Sree Gita Sangha organizes various pujas and Hindu religious festivals with the assistances
         of its devotees.Our organization also arranges Gita School in every summer time and weekly
         Cultural School for the young generation.

History of Sree Sree Gita Sangha INC.
        A group of Bangladeshi Hindu immigrants came to Atlantic City, New Jersey with hope for a better
        future.In order to give their children the essence of native roots,religion and culture,they established
        a non-profit organization named Sree Sree Gita Sangha INC. It was started under the inspiration and
        guidance of Swami Jyotishwarananda Giri Maharaj in 2000. At that time, 25 S. Bellevue Ave, Atlantic
        City, NJ-08401 was used as temporary office. 
        The Sree Sree Gita Sangha had initiated with celebrating Saraswati Puja and monthly prayer. As the
        members of this organization increased, they also started celebrating other Hindu Pujas and religious
        festivals including Sri Krishna Janmashtami,Durga Puja,Kali Puja,Maha Shiva Ratri and etc.The entire
        communtiy stands together to celebrate each of these religious festivals.
        It was the most satisfying moment when the Sree Sree Gita Sangha got its prayer room and office in
        2010.It is open to the public to offer Puja and Arati since June,2011.The Sree Sree Gita Sangha is an
        integral part of the Atlantic City Hindu Community. It gives them the taste of their native roots in this
        faraway land.This non-profit religious organization only wants to grow every year with the assistances 
        of devotees from all over the world. 
       Our Mission:
»  To cater the spiritual needs of all devotees in the community and the surrounded area.
»  To embolden youngsters in the participation and activities of the organization.
»  To deliver the ideals and essences of Srimad Bhagavad Gita and Hinduism. 
»  To engage in charitable, educational, cultural and spiritual activities.
»  To spread out the idealness of humanity to the world with the knowledge of Gita. 
       »  To have a fully funtional Temple.

Sree Sree Gita Sangha Prayer Hall
n December 2010, the Sree Sree Gita Sangha got its prayer hall and office with the supports of its
members and devoteess.This prayer hall was formally inaugurated on June 6, 2011 in the presence
of Mahant Sri Pavitrananda Brahmachari and Chairman of Shree Gangnath Sansthan Ashram Trust,
Gujarat, India. All the devotees of Sree Sree Gita Sangha were present to celebrate this joyous
occasion.On that day,the installation of Radha Krishna deities was completed ritually.Since then
the prayer hall has been utilizing for daily spritual activities (Pujas, Meditation,etc).We also planned
to have a completly efficent space for our future temple. Our true ambition is to establish a fully
functional Mandir (Temple). For that, the  Sree Sree Gita Sangha needs all your supports in any
way possible to complete  its all projects.

Management Commitee 2013-2014
  Uttam Das
Vice President 
  Badal Mohajan 
General Secretary 
  Biplob Dev
Assistant General Secretary 
  Dhiman Chakraborty 
  Bidyuth Das Gupta
Assistant Treasurer 
  Santosh Chowdhury
Cultural Secretary
  Niladri Chowdhury  
Assistant Cultural Secretary  
  Niharika Dey 
Publication Secretary 
  Swarup Das
Publicity Secretary
  Rajesh Das 
Secretary of Public Affairs  
  Babul Dev

Advising Members 
 Priyaranjan Chakarbarty 
 Santi Pada Das
 Monotosh Datta

 Gita School
The Gita School session begins from July and ends in August every year.This class is generally for the kids six years more ages to acquaint the path of truths and spirits.We have quite a numbers of learned members who easily help the growing generations to assume the nectar of Gita.
Devotess who prefer to attend in this course please Please print this Application form, fill it out and send to us to our address at the top of the application page.

E-mail enquiries to info@acgschool.org OR Call : 609-441-2088

Atlantic City Gita School

Sree Sree Gita Sangha Prayer Hall

109 North Florida Ave, Atlantic City

New Jersey - 08401, U.S.A

Email Us-info@acgschool.org

Web Address -www.acgs.gitasangha.org

Cultural School

Sree Sree Gita Sangha Cultural School was started in May, 2012 in order to develop the enthuasism
 about the Indian Classical Music and Bengali Folk to the young group of our community. This music class
 runs every week under the guidance of elite teachers. Courses included - Hindustani Classical Vocal,
 Rabindra Sangeet , Nazrul Geeti and Bengali Folk . 
 Students who would like to be the part of Sree Sree Gita Sangha Cultural School can contact us through
 the email or by phone for the admission process. This program is open to all children and young groups.
 Download the Admission Form & mail it to this following address below.
Mail Us - 
Cultural School                                Email - mail@gitasangha.org
Sree Sree Gita Sangha INC.            Telephone - (609)-441-2088
109 North Florida Ave , 
Atlantic City, New Jersey -08401

January 2013
New Year’s Day Special Puja – Tuesday, January 1
Monthly Gita Sangha – Tuesday, January  29

February 2013
Vasant Panchami / Saraswati Puja – Friday, February 15
Monthly Gita Sangha – Tuesday, February 26

March 2013
Maha Shiva Ratri – Sunday, March 10
Monthly Gita Sangha – Tuesday, March 26

April 2013
Bengali New Year Special Puja & Prayer – Monday, April 15
 Monthly Gita Sangha – Tuesday, April 30

 May 2013
Monthly Gita Sangha – Tuesday, May  28

June 2013
Gita School Begins – Saturday, June 23
Monthly Gita Sangha – Tuesday, June 25

July 2013
Monthly Gita Sangha – Tuesday, July 30

August 2013
Monthly Gita Sangha – Tuesday, August 27
Sri Krishna Jayanti / Janmashtami – Wednesday, August 28
Monthly Gita Sangha – Saturday, August 31

September 2013
Gita School Graduation Ceremony – Sunday, September 1
Monthly Gita Sangha – September, September 24

October 2013
Durga Puja Begins “Maha Sasthi” – Wednesday, October 9
Maha Saptami – Thursday, October 10
Durga Ashtami – Friday, October 11
Maha Navami – Saturday, October 12
Vijaya Dashami – Sunday, October 13
Monthly Gita Sangha – Tuesday, October 29

November 2013
Shyama / Kali Puja – Sunday, November 3
Annakut Utsav – Monday, November 4
Monthly Gita Sangha – Tuesday, November 26

Decmber 2013
Monthly Gita Sangha – Tuesday, December 31
The dates of the 2013 events are scheduled, but might change under any emergency or depends on the Hindu calendar which will be notified. If any devotee would like to offer Puja on any special day including birthday, marriage anniversary or other special occasion, they can contact the Temple at 609-441-2088  mail@gitasangha.org in advance. Daily Puja service at 9:30 AM & 7:30 PM. Thanks in advance for joinning us and supporting us.

Contact Us
Sree Sree Gita Sangha INC.         Email : mail@gitasangha.org
 109 North Florida Ave,                  Website: www.gitasangha.org
 Atlantic City,                                  Phone: (609)-441-2088
 NJ - 08401 , U.S.A  

Om Tat Sat

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