Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in Australia-6

Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in Australia

Sri Venkateswara Temple, Helensburgh,Sydney, Australia

Sri Venkateswara Temple
Temple Road, Helensburgh
NSW-2508 Australia

Phone : (02)-4294-3224 or Email:

Sri Venkateswara Temple - History
HELENSBURGH is one of the famous abodes of Lord Venkateswara in the southern hemisphere and is held in veneration by all his devotees.
Temple History
By the prophecy that the numbers of the Hindus believers will swell in Australia...the idea of SVT arose and this temple was constructed in the traditional Indian architecture based on Agama Sastras so that it would be a light house for spiritual guidance and solace.

The Sri Venkateswara Temple Association was formed on 17th November 1978 in Sydney

The Mahakumbhabhishekam (consecration of the temple by sacred waters) of the Lord Ganapathi ( Sri Varasiddhi Vinayagar) and the Main temple of Sri Venkateswara, Sri Maha Lakshmi and Sri Andal took place on 30th June, 1985 with ample good will and support from a very wide circle of devotees both in Australia and abroad. The Tirupathi Tirumala Devasthanam was helpful by giving us both encouragement and financial help.

The Temple

The temple is built on top of a hilly area 400 feet above sea level. The temple has four 'praharam' (encircling corridors). There is also a road for motor vehicles to reach the temple.


Helensburgh is a place of natural beauty with hills and groves surrounding it where Lord Balaji (Sri Venkateswara) with Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Shiva (Shri Chandramouliswarar) along with Sri Tripurasundari remained here bestowing their blessing to the devotees.

Significance of the Sri Venkateswara Temple

The Construction of Sri Venkateswara Temple started in 1978 when a small group of people had a vision to build a Hindu temple according to Vedic principles (Agama Sastras). They selected this divine site in Helensburgh because "it is said the gods always play where groves are, near rivers, mountains and springs and in towns with pleasure -gardens " -Brihatsamhita.
According to the ancient principles of Hindu temple construction, there are five requirements:
  • The proposed site for a Hindu Temple should be a virgin land...a forest...ideally in an island with plenty of water source located in a coast line.
  • It is significant to note that the Sri Venkateswara Temple site has met all of the five requirements.
  • As per the saying ‘Gopura Darisanam Kodi Punyam’...meaning the sight of a Temple tower is worth 10 million pious activities!! Hence it should be the first object visible to us whenever we approach any temple. So the construction of the Rajagopuram forms a very important aspect of the construction of a Hindu temple. Our temple, being a Siva Vishnu Temple, will have two Rajagopurams.

Our Mission/Vision
Our Vision is to develop/manage Sri Venkateswara Temple, Helensburgh, as a pre-eminent Hindu Temple of world standing, for religious and spiritual engagement and development of all Hindus in Australia.
Our Values
  • Besides a place of worship, a Hindu sacred site, we consider SV Temple as an Institution of Excellence that serves and promotes Hindu religious and spiritual heritage and related educational, cultural, artistic aspects for all Hindu Communities in Australia.
  • We uphold that SVT is founded on Hindu Agama Shastra of ancient India and follow the religious traditions of south India, in its architecture, practices and performance (Pancharatra Agama with Vaishnava tradition at Sri Balaji Temple and Shaiva Agama with Shiva tradition at Shiva Temple)
  • We respect our Priests (Archakas) of our temple as uniquely qualified to uphold this tradition, devotions and services to Deities of our temple. We respect them for their well developed skills in performance of poojas, festivities and formalities according to Agama traditions. We respect them for their life-long dedication to serving the Lord and the devotees and for upholding the Hindu values (Dharma). We respect them for their sincere services to our families and community.
  • We respect that to be elected to the SVT Committee is a privilege. The Patrons & Life members of the SVT Association entrust the faith in us, every year, through a democratic election process. Thus we are the custodians of this holy site and are here to protect, develop and manage it well. We’re fully responsible, individually and collectively, to serve the Lord, the temple and the devotees as per the constitution.
  • We uphold the sanctity of the deities, the temple and its functions as our first and foremost priority.
  • We, as the committee, will run the affairs of the temple, the association, trust and related functions with ethics, professionalism, financial (fiduciary) responsibility, transparency and Governance under the legal/regulatory framework of Local, State & Federal Governments of Australia.
  • We’ll perform our duties and execute our responsibilities, in the best interest of the temple in order to serve the Hindu community, for now and into the future. Thus we’ll leave a legacy of a great temple for future generations.
  • We respect and serve all our devotees equally, irrespective of their background. In our services, we treat all devotees with respect, equanimity, equality and inclusiveness. We deal with all the matters and people and organisations associated with our temple with dignity, honesty, integrity, ethics and mutual support.
  • We will manage various functions of the temple with judicious use of scarce resources (water, energy, land, plants etc) in sustainable (green) way, to reduce waste, reduce carbon emissions and to protect the environment and the heritage of the site.
  • As good citizens of Australia, we respect all fellow citizens and their faiths and work towards a collective harmony in our society.

Temple is open to public as per following schedule:-

8am to 12pm and then 4pm to 7pm (Mon-Fri) | 8am to 7pm (Sat/Sun and Public Holidays)
Note: Temple will remain closed between 12 noon and 4pm (Mon-Fri)


About Us - SVT Committee:
Dr. K. Baska - President ( M) 0418 476 033 (H) 02 - 97476600
Responsibility: Overall Policy, People & Functions

Mr. R. Natarajan Iyer - Vice President iyernat@gmail.com
Responsibility: Temple and Pooja Rituals

Mr.Sunil Kabra - Vice President (M) 0411 428 246
Responsibility: Construction, Maintenance and Development

Mrs. Nalini Sankar - Secretary (M) 0404 022 057
Responsibility: Overall administration, Meetings inc AGM, Liaison with Govt. bodies etc.

Mr. N. Rajaraman - Asst Secretary (M) 0418 423 521
Responsibility: Marriage/Functions Booking Coordinations, Front Desk, Volunteers

Mr. Ramabhadra Rao Abbineni - Treasurer (M) 0410 650 726
Responsibility: Finance, Accounting, Tax/Audit etc.

Mr. Sangarapillai Subramaniam – Asst Treasurer 0425 283 539
Responsibility: Finance, Accounting  … And Others

Temple Priests:

Shiva Temple: Sri. Ravi Kurukkal, Sri. Shiva Shanmugam & Sri. Kailasam
Balaji Temple: Sri. Sridhar Bhattar & Sri. Santhosh
Correspondence : All Temple Emails to: secretary@svtsydney.org
Contact Secretary: Mrs. Nalini Sankar 0404 022 057
All general correspondence should be posted to:
The Secretary, SVT Association Inc. Temple Road, Helenburgh, NSW 2508, Australia.

Other important email-ids:


Poojas, Festivals & Special Occasions

Our temple has a full complement of priests to serve the devotees for poojas and other family occasions such as Wedding, Birthdays and Private Functions including Car or House Warming etc.. The priests are all very well qualified and well versed in Agama Sastras & languages such as Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu besides English. Devotees have praised their high standard of performance and the manner in which poojas and abhisekams are conducted with dedication & quality. We have taken steps to ensure that the temple will always have the required number of priests at major functions by employing additional local priests as & when required.
For enquiries: Call Priests at Temple (02)4294 9233 (Business Hours) & (02)4294 3224 (After Hours)

Community or Family Events at SVT

Both Shiva and Balaji temples regularly hold major community events, such as Sankara Jayanthi, Annamcharya Jayanthi or special Bhajans, Carnatic or Hindustani musical events, Children's events, Gita/Upanishad Lectures, Swamiji Talks and other functions both indoor & outdoor. Temple can provide full Event Management support from concept to execution, promotion/advertisements, email notifications, stage & sound systems, catering etc. We also encourage community & family groups to rganise such art/cultural events at suburbs, in aid of Temple Funds, for the promotion of religious education for children. Temple can assist with 'Darshan' of Utsavamoorthy by Priests.

Canteen, Catering, Annadhanam etc.

Temple canteen is recognised for its fresh, tasty, quality snacks at reasonable prices on weekends and holidays. Our preparations are sought after for wedding & other caterings within the temple. All preparations are done with fresh ingredients in a modern, new, clean kitchen that serves foods promptly. Tea/Coffee facilities are available. Re-Heating, Food Serving areas, Cold Room, Gas stoves and other facilities are provided to devotees for special occasions, private or public.
Canteen Operating hours are 10am-4pm every weekend and public holidays.

Flowers & Garland Making

Every Thursday early morning, groups of ladies buy fresh flowers from markets & make garlands and decorative flower strings for all deities at the temple. This wonderful service has been going for several years. We can help your wedding or other needs for garlands. We are in the process of establishing a flower garden within the temple compound so that the flowers grown can be used for garlands for the deities and for poojas. You would have noticed that a beautiful garden is established near the Sri Balaji temple complex. Flower plants and creepers too have been planted along the fence.

Shower, Toilets, Mother's Room, First-Aid etc.

We have modern toilets, shower facilities, mother's rooms and Medical Rooms catering to increasing demands of devotees. Besides fresh clean showers, the devotees will have access to first-aid & other needs.

Education, Cultural Hall

Plans are well underway to build a 400 seat Education Hall where functions can be held. Along with modern multimedia facilities, it'll be equipped with Library, Meditation Hall and Archives of Video/photos of the temple for devotee's perusal. Donations are welcome.

Marqee (Outdoor Function Area)

For major events, private functions (to accomodate upto 600 people) like Wedding Muhurthams, with Reception, Lunch and Musical treats held outside near the outdoor stage. We have built a marqee area with full catering facility (both Temple Canteen and/or from outside). www.svtsydney.org

Kalyana Mandapam

A group of devotees have donated a Kalyana Mandapam to the temple, which is now available for those who wish to have weddings at the Marquee area and other special poojas (Kalyana Utsavam) within the temple. The temple will also undertake the decoration of the mandapam with fresh flowers, if requested at an additional cost.

 Affiliate Programs
We invite major Hindu temples in India and around the world (specially from USA/UK etc) to join us in affiliate programs to bring the Hindu Dharma to the people of the world.
We also invite Australian Hindu Associations and related spiritual teaching organisations to join us as affiliates to bring a common platform of services to Hindus of all origins.

Ceremonial Rituals:

with Abhishegam
Sri Maha Ganapathy
Trisathi Homam
Lord Ganesha Chanting 301 Moola Mantras to accomplish righteous things without hurdles or good career
Sri Dhakshinamurthy
Trisathi Homam
Lord Dhakshinamurthy For considerate improvement in education, art, wealth, health and get relieved from Guru Doshas
Sri Rudhra Trisathi
Lord Shiva To evade ill health and/or seek Lord Shiva's complete blessings
Sri Lalitha Trisathi
Divine Mother Parvathi To seek better job opportunity and/or succeed in life
Sri Lalitha Sahasra Nama
Divine Mother Parvathi To eventuate auspiciousness and/or to accomplish righteous things
Sri Durga Trisathi Homam Divine Mother Durga Righteous projects with abruptions will be completed - particularly Marriages
Maha Mruthunjaya
Manthra Homam
Lord Shiva Medical treatments and Surgical procedures to be effective and heal well overall from ill health.
Sri Subramanya Sathru
Samhara Trisathi Homam
Lord Muruga To avoid/get rid of hindrances and enmity...particularly at work place
Sri Suyamvara Kala
Parvathi Homam
Divine Mother Parvathi To overcome hindrances in marriage proposals and get a desired life partner
Sri Vidhya Saraswathi
Goddess Saraswathi To shine in Education... particularly in Art
Medha Suktha Homam Goddess Saraswathi To attain 'Gnanam' and become astute in professional career
Sri Navagraha Doshas
Santhi Homam
Navagraha Devathas To come out of all Doshas and curses of Navagraha
Nakshatra Homam Star of Lunar Mansion To get relieved from doshas and excel in all walks of life
Sri Suyamvara Kala
Parvathi Homam
Divine Mother Parvathi To overcome hindrances in marriage proposals and get a desired life partner
Sri Bhairava Trisathi
Lord Bhairavar To succeed in legal battles, evade professional enmity in business and flourish
Ekha'dasa Rudhra Jaba
Lord Shiva
To achieve Lord Shiva's blessing and posses ALL
Ayushya Homam Ayul Devatha This ritual is performed for a healthy long life and removal of all obstacles from life
Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama
Lord Balaji
By chanting 1008 names of the 'Protector' Lord
Vishnu for auspiousness to eventuate
Lakshmi Sahasranama
Divine Mother
By chanting 1008 names of the Divine Mother
Lakshmi for absolute Aishwaryam
Sri SathyaNarayana Pooja Lord SathyaNarayana To achieve exceptional gains in business/career and for overall health and well being of the family.
Sri Purusha Suktha
Lord Balaji For ALL forms of prosperity
Sri Suktha Homam Divine Mother
For wealth prosperity
Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva
Lord Lakshmi Hayagrivar For good education and wealth
Sri Sudharshana Homam Lord Sudharshana Murthy To attain relief from all sufferings and evil eye castings
Dhanvantari Homam Lord Vishnu Recommended for people with chronic ailments
Santhana Gopala Homam Lord Krishna This ritual is performed to obtain the priceless boon of parenthood
Hanumar Homam Lord Anjaneya A ritual to get relief from Navagraha doshas
Garuda Homam Lord Garuda A ritual to get relief from Naga doshas and illness due to poison
Sri Narasimha Homam Lord Narasimha To evade all forms of Phobias, Anxiety and Shyness
Lakshmi Gubera Homam Lord Lakshmi Gubera For the purpose of gaining legitimate wealth

Please note: These Hindu ceremonial rituals performed here/by SVT Priests are based on the teachings and guidance(s) of Hindu Religious
Gurus and Legends. And devotees should understand that the beneficial outcome are reciprocation of one's own belief and devotion!!

SVT Canteen
The canteen is managed by volunteers and all proceeds go to the maintenance and projects related to  SV Temple only.   You can either Eat-in or Take-away
Hours of Operation: 10am - 4pm on Sat/Sun and Public Holidays (On Ganesh Visarjan and 1st Jan : 8am – 6pm)
Any other special functions - Please refer our website/communications from temple.

Please Note:
  • Chutney contains coconut but no peanuts and no onion or garlic.
  • Sambar   does not have any onions or garlic but might contain potatoes.
  • Kurma has onion, garlic and potatoes.
  • Chenna does not have any garlic or onion.
Note: During special events like Visarjan and Jan 1st we do serve more items like Ice-cream/Chat Items/Vege rolls etc  other  than the items mentioned above.  Please check on those days for more details and while ordering.

SVT Souvenir Shop
  • Sloka Books in Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam , Kannada and English
  • Pooja items including Panchapatra, pooja Bell, Brass lamps, copper pooja utensils etc
  • Japa mala: Rudraksha mala, Spatika Ganesh, Linga and mala, Tulsi Mala, Chandan mala, Navaratna Mala
  • Prints & 3D pictures of Hindu Gods & Goddess
  • Devotional CD, VCD and DVD
  • Artificial flower Garlands
  • ‘Pancha Deepa’ Pooja Oil
  • Stickers both for Cars and Pooja room
  • Small idols for mounting on Car Dashboards
  • A large selection of Agarbathis & Sambrani
  • Navagraha vasthrams
  • Mantra chanting devices
  • Yantras both framed and unframed
  • Costume Jewellery , key rings, bracelets etc with religious themes
  • Commemorative T shirts
A special note to devotees visiting the store:
Kindly DO NOT open the packaging to view the items and / or misplace the items as the shops are maintained by volunteers only.

Email to munipallachandra@gmail.com

SVT Vidyalaya launches Gita Short Course!

SVT Vidyalaya is a free education program from our temple to impart an overall knowledge of various aspects of Hindu Philosophy from major Spiritual Texts, Chanting of Slokas, Poems, Bhajans, Carnatic Music, Dances and other topics of interest to the community, especially targeted to developing younger generation.
This year, we undertake to teach Bhagavad Gita in an unique short course, covering all 18 Chapters in 19 weeks (starting Sunday 2nd March), so the student gets an overall view.
Ideal for anyone wishing to acquint themselves with the overall teachings of Gita in a short time! Newcomers of all ages welcome. No prior knowledge required. Structured course, taught in English. Certificates of Completion on finishing the course. All materials supplied. No Fees!
Date/time: First Class starts on Sunday 2nd March, 2008 from 3pm-5pm.
Regular weekend classes on 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sunday of every month (3pm-5pm)

Venue: Epping Community Centre (Main Hall), 9 Oxford Street, Epping (near Rail Station). Free Parking on Cambridge Street (behind the hall)

Some of the past topics and classes held at Temple

  • Gayatri Mantra-Meaning, Significance, Correct Recitation – 2nd July,2006
  • Essence of Bhagavad Gita & Relevance to Daily Life
  • Upanishad – What are they & what is the central message?
  • Saraswathi –Goddess of Knowledge - 1st Oct, 2006 to coincide with Saraswathi Pooja.
  • Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth – Significance & Poojas at home.
  • Great Saints of India – Hindu Saints and their major contributions to Hindu Dharma.
  • Learning to do Poojas at Home: Proper steps and procedures.
  • Ramayana Katha – Special Discourse in Tamil
Be part of 108 Blessed Families this year! KRIPA Homam
The first 108 families received their Blessed Idols and Life Memberships on 30th April, 2006. Next 108 is in progress. Join now to be part of this great gift to your family from this divine temple.
A wonderful program to bring Blessings of Lord Ganesa & Lord Venkateswara to your family, especially the children, for their spiritual welfare & development for years to come!
SVT has created this noble program to help Hindu families develop their children spiritually and bring a devotional attachment to our temple, as a way of life in their future. It is also a way for you to make your contribution to this great temple.
Already, the first 108 families have received their blessings with special Homam & Presentation of vigraha (idol) and Life Certificates on 30th April, 2006 at SVT Helensburgh. Many more have booked. Here’s how you too can be part of this.
Under this program, we invite 1008 families to receive special blessings that include a vigraha of Lord Venkateswara or Lord Ganesa, a Life Membership of SVT & many other benefits. These vigrahas are blessed, not consecrated, so a simple pooja at home is all that is expected. This has been blessed by Tirupathy Devasthanam & Kanchi Acharyas & size/details of vigrahas approved by Hindu Scholars & priests for home pooja.
SVT Committee has also appointed a reputed sthapati from India to custom-create only 1008 vigrahas of Lord Venkateswara & Lord Ganesa to be handed over to 1008 families on a special day of homam to bless each vigraha. Made of panchloha (5 metals) and crafted with artistic skills using age-old technique called lost-wax process, each piece is unique, measure 8” in height & finished with beauty & splendour of the Lord. In all His divinity, He is coming to light up your home & your children’s future homes!
This is a strictly limited release, a unique gift for your family; Salient Features:
  • Each family is handed a unique vigraha of choice after a special homam.
  • Life Membership of SVT awarded to one child. For more, please call.
  • Every child’s birthday is blessed with archana by the temple & prasadams sent to them. With your support, we hope to expand this noble effort in future.
  • Spiritual Retreats & Classes for children at SVT to impart Spiritual Knowledge.
  • Kripa Family will receive special invitation to events such as Abhishekam or Kalyana Utsavam at SVT, to ensure children participate in devotional gathering.
  • Each family name will also be recognised in a journal & on website by SVT.
We invite you & your family to take part in this wonderful program by sponsoring A$1001 payable in installments of $100/monthx10 or $50/month x20 OR in full as you wish. Flexible options available.
Kindly call Seetha Raman of SVT on 0433 118 811 or email President@svtsydney.org / secretary@svtsydney.org.

In keeping with age-old tradition of Lord's Procession through the towns and villages to give His Darshan to devotees, SVT's Utsavamoorthy Swami (Sri Balaji) and Sri Mahalakshmi (along with Sri Ganesha, if available) will be taken to various suburbs at the request of the local community and given a darshan! This is a wonderful way for you to bring up a special occasion along with local friends and families, gather together and have a divine Bhajan, Prayers and Celebrations. It is a great way to introduce children into joys and celebrations of Hindu festivities and prayers. There's no more excuse that SVT Helensburgh is too far to go, now the temple and His Darshan is coming to you.
This is how you can help: Simply call us to suggest a day (we prefer FRIDAYS) and we'll help you arrange a local hall (school halls are ideal as they're available for a smal cost $30/hr) and the Insurance Cover. We'll bring the Utsavamoorthy, the Priest and other Pooja items from Helensburgh and perform a wonderful pooja for you and your local community. You could gather by 6pm and people to sing Bhajans, Narrate or Chant Verses, do some children's activity and of course offer prasadams to conclude the evening by 8.30pm.
Over the years, several suburbs have availed of this opportunity. Folks at Auburn, Hills District, Wollongong Shire, Hornsby, Strathfield, Liverpool etc. had enjoyed the 'Darshan in the Suburb'.
There's always a Festival or Celebration...or you don't need any. Just think of a good theme and get going. Why not call Seetha Raman (0433 118 811) and book one near your place!
A special Darshan of Lord Balaji & Sri Mahalakshmi from SVT can be arranged with sufficient notice, so please join with family & friends to seek your blessings!
SVT Aradhana is a program of Cultural activities that promotes local talents in dances, singing, chanting of slokas, bhajans and other artistic skills. Mostly these events are held at the temple during weekends and holidays. If you've a special talent or lead a group of artists, contact us. Your program will be showcased at SVT.
For years, major community groups have been undertaking Annadhanam (offering free food) to devotees on special days. Due to restrictions on free dates available and other logistics, only 5 such major days of Annadhanam are scheduled as below and conducted by 5 recognised community groups as a long held practice. Temple regrets that more Annadhanams approvals are not planned.
Special Projects

SVT Education Fund & Cultural Hall

Sri Venkateswara Educational Building Fund Trust is a special entity created to receive donations to fund a building of an Educational/Cultural Hall to support and develop Hindu religious and cultural education among the Hindu community in Australia, especially assist our children in this regard. Such facilities will make a significant contribution not only to the wellbeing of our society but also explain our religious philosophy to others and create greater understanding among the different faiths.
We have an approved DA for the building of the Hall at our temple ground at Helensburgh, NSW, in the coming year. The architectural plan envisages a 600 seat auditorium and a library with ancillary facilities for a spiritual retreat. The cost of the Plan is currently estimated at $2.0 million.
We invite our devotees to donate generously and receive the blessings of Lord Venkateswara, Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. Such donations are treated as tax deductible in that the amount you donate can be deducted from your taxable income on which you have to pay tax thereby reducing your tax. The more you donate the bigger the deduction that you would be entitled, however consult your Tax Advisor or Financial Planner.

Temple Landscaping

Our temple is blessed with good land all around the temple complex. We also have Council Sewer connections. We plan to nicely landscape it all around with garden (Brindavan) and paved walkways. A good start has been made with a decorative flowers in front of the Balaji complex. Your contributions to Brindavan are most welcome.

SVT Youth Group
The Sri Venkateswara Temple launched its youth group on 27 January 2002 based on the inspiration of the Hindu TRAC conference 2002. The objectives of this group are:
  • To highlight "The relevance of Hindu temples in modern day life"
  • To make youth visits to Sri Venkateswara Temple a unique and worthwhile experience
  • To assist in the upkeep of the Temple by volunteering
  • To participate in the activities of Temple, so as to ensure leadership for future.
The youth group would like to invite members of the Sri Venkateswara Temple to express their interest in becoming involved in activities over the next twelve months. These include:
  • Religious festivals taking place at the temple
  • Regular tours of the Temple
  • Monthly newsletter informing members of events taking place at the temple
  • Maintenance and cleanup activities
  • Gardening at temple
  • Organising major cultural events to fund rise.
  • Gita/Upanishad Classes at the Temple
For further details on SVT Youth Group please call Seetha Raman 0433 118 811

Contact Us
All general correspondence should be addressed to:
The Secretary,
Sri Venkateswara Temple
Temple Road, Helensburgh
NSW-2508 Australia

Phone : (02)-4294-3224 or Email:

Committee Members may be contacted anytime
see details under

Om Tat Sat

(My humble  salutations to the great devotees ,  wikisources  and Pilgrimage tourist guide for the collection)


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