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Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA  

Hindu Community Center (HCC)
of Knoxville, Lenoir City, TN

8580 Hickory Creek Road
Lenoir City, TN 37771
Phone: +1 865-988-3820

HCC of Knoxville is the central place for worship and community activities for people of Indian origin in East Tennessee. Throughout the year, numerous religious and cultural activities are organized at the temple. The temple is built on a beautiful 5.6 acres lot and has spacious facility for worship and cultural activities. It is conveniently located off of I-75
Our History
Before 1978, any religious ceremonies that were conducted were held in individual houses whenever they needed to be performed. There were no organized religious activities for everyone to attend.

Then, in 1978, some individual came together and began having organized religious activities once a month on a rotational basis at people's homes. However, at this time there were not enough people in the community to support a center. The purpose of there kirtans was to learn and practice Hinduism, and also to pass our rich culture and traditions to our children. Diwali, Navratri and other religious programs were celebrated in conjunction with the Indian Students Association of the University of Tennessee.

The Hindu population began to grow in the early 80's as the Tennessee Valley Authority began hiring more people for technical positions. As the Hindu community grew, the demand for organized religious functions grew along with it. By 1982 the Knoxville participants in Kirtans had saved $267.80. On April 8, 1982, a check of $20 was sent to the Hindu Cultural Society of Western New York to purchase a Bhajan Book, the same book which is currently being used by our congregation today.

In 1984 a committee was formed to establish a Hindu Community Center. The purpose of this community center would be a) to hold community worship meetings based upon the Hindu philosophy at regular intervals to fulfil the religious needs of our community, b) to hold Sunday school offerings for our children so that they would have the opportunity to learn about their religion and culture, and c) to work towards the acquisition of a permanent place to house the Hindu Community Center and its activities.
Finally, in 1985 the Hindu Community Center was registered as a non-profit organization with the State of Tennessee. As the population of the Hindu Community continued to grow, there arose the demand for larger meeting places.

Thus, the monthly pujas were moved to Camp Tiyani in Oak Ridge to accommodate the growing population. At this time fund raising activities were also started to build our own community center.

On August 30, 1986, a draft for a permanent home for the Hindu Community Center was issued to the congregation for their comments.

Then, on October 28, 1988, with the blessings of God, the Hindu Community Center purchased 5.65 acres of land in Loudon County for $21,000, paid in cash.

The very successful India Night function was held on February 4, 1989, at Bearden High School to raise finds and to promote the cause of the Hindu Community Center.
The executive committee has visited temples in the United States to learn from their experiences to help in the creation of our own center. Thus, we could take advantage of everyone's knowledge to build the best community center that we could.

The Bhumi puja was performed on November 12, 1989 and ground breaking ceremonies were held on June 30, 1990. Construction of the center began on July 8, 1990. Subsequently the Hindu Community Center's activities gained momentum with the involvement and participation of the Hindu Community in Knoxville and surrounding areas. Swami Chidanand Saraswati (Muniji) of Rishikesh, India, provided encouragement and guidance from time to time, for which we would like to thank hime.

The first phase of construction was completed on January 1, 1991, which marked the beginning of the use of the center for community activities.

The Hindu Community Center is the pinnacle of success for the Hindu community and will remain so for many years. This center will be a unifying force in the community and symbol of that unity. Our dream has finally been realized in the completion of our Hindu Community Center. This would not have been possible if it were not for your support and efforts as members and supporters of our Hindu Community.
We are thankful to the God who has made this dream come true.
News & Information
Subscribe To Our Newsletter
Monthly newsletters are published by the committee. These include information about all the events that are scheduled in the temple for that month. It also has working committee and executive committee contact information.

To subscribe to monthly newsletter from the temple, email your postal address to hccknoxville@gmail.com.
You will receive an e-newsletter.
May/June 2013 Newsletter
Jai Shree Krishna,
Last month, other than the Mothers day baby-shower, there was just the regular events but none-the-less, focused activity continues in other areas at our temple. The trustee board & executive committee thanks the sponsors (as mentioned below) of the: Baby-Shower, Satyanarayan Katha, & 4th Sunday Havan.

Mar/Apr 2013 Newsletter
Jai Shree Krishna,
The Maha-Shivratri event was celebrated with sheer devotion and joy. So too the Holi & Satyanarayan Katha. Our mandir was almost at capacity level for both events; thank you all for attending. HCC also thanks Bipinbhai/Chetnaben Patel, the Zaveri family and Kishorbhai/Kalpanaben Patel, respectively, for sponsoring the event. 
Jan/Feb 2013 Newsletter
Jai Shree Krishna,
Warm greetings to all! Hope everyone is keeping good health. Well, 2013 is here and with it some exciting news for HCC.

Daily Timing
9 am to 11 am
4 pm to 8 pm (winter)
4 pm to 9 pm (summer)

Daily Aarti
9 am & 7 pm

Sri Hariprasad Swamiji will be gracing us with his presence on Thursday 6/20/13 @ H.C.C. the Sabha will start @ 5:30pm to 7:00pm.
June 27-29, 2013
What is Prana Pratishta?
Prana Prathisha means infusing life into an idol. Without breath -prana- a human body is nothing. Similarly, an idol is a piece of metal, wood or stone until life is infused into it. This is done through a detailed ceremony by chanting mantras requesting God to reside in the idol. Once this is done, the idol becomes a deity. Thereafter, it must be bathed, clothed, given ornaments, food , incense sticks and articles of prayer, followed by arti in the morning and evening.
Pooja Sponsorships

Shri. Parmanand Mauni
Shri Yashodhar Bhatt
Please note: Although the dates below have been provided by Sri Mauniji, some of the dates overlap over two days depending on timing in India! Always ensure you confirm with Sri Mauniji (423-988-3820) for the exact date if you are sponsoring a religious event.

8580 Hickory Creek Road
Lenoir City, TN 37771
Phone: +1 865-988-3820

Directions from I-40 East :
Take Exit 369 (Watt Road) on I 40-E. Take Right at the ramp. Turn Right on Hickory Creek Road. Continue on Hickory Creek Road for 2 miles. Arrive at Hindu Community Center is on Left.

Directions from I 40-W:
Take Exit 369 (Watt Road) on I-40 West. Take Left at the light. Go over the bridge. Take Right on Hickory Creek Road. Continue on Hickory Creek Road for 2 miles. Arrive at Hinu Community Center on Left.


Om Tat Sat

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