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Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA  

Vedic Cultural Center, Sammamish, WA

Vedic Cultural Center
1420 228 Ave SE Sammamish, WA 98075

HG Hari Vilas Das  : 425) 246 8436

Nanda Suta Das   : (206) 992 7598
 The Vedic Cultural Center is dedicated to preserving, practicing, and growing the Vedic tradition for the benefit of our younger generation and all people. The Vedas teach that we are all part of one great family with a common origin. Therefore Vedic culture celebrates commonality of all human beings and teaches them to live in harmony with nature by practice of the universal principle of ahimsa or non violence. The Vedas teach:
Ohm Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah,
Sarvesham Svasti Bhavatu
Sarvesham Santir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Purnam Bhavatu
Sarvesham Manglam Bhavatu
Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
Sarve Santu Niramayah
Sarve Bhadrani Pasyantu
Ma Kaschid-Duhkha-Bhag-Bhavet
Asato Ma Sadgamaya
Tamaso Ma Jyotir-Gamaya
Mrityor-Ma Amritam Gumaya

Another major theme of the Vedas is para upakar: doing good to others. A premium is put on educational and cultural activities that are beneficial  for the individual and society. The VCC offers many free (or voluntary donation) courses on language, music, dance, arts and crafts, drama, communication skills, philosophy,children s programs,seniors programs and yoga. The center also provides extensive free food distribution through the Food for Life program.

The Vedic cultural center practices respect of all people regardless of race or any other material designation because of the divine presence of God in everyone. Education for making enlightened choices in life is the primary goal of the VCC for spreading light and peace in the world.

VCC was built during a fifteen month period from April 2007 to July 2008. A large group of sincere people work many years to make the center a reality. The Director of the center is Harry Terhanian. With him is a core group of more than sixty volunteers who dedicate their time, service, and money to manage and expand the activities.

Come and join the fun and be a partcicpating volunteer to grow the VCC for the benefit of our children and future generations.

To provide an excellent facility for the greater Seattle community to participate in cultural events, seminars, exhibits and festivals that help preserve and promote the traditional Vedic arts, cuisine, music, dance, drama, literature and languages.

Vedas are ancient scriptures from India that provide spiritual and material knowledge for the upliftment of all people. Veda means knowledge. This knowledge has been passed down from the very beginning of time. Vedic culture has preserved the principles of right action and right thought that promote peace and social harmony. Modern society can benefit tremendously from the Vedic knowledge and culture.

We invite you to connect with the original teachings of the Vedas and enrich your life’s journey with this five thousand year tradition. Vedic life is simple – learn through arts, music, dance and drama while leading a life of social harmony and respect for basic human dignity.
• President: Harry Terhanian (Harivilas das )
• Naresh Bhatt
• Prashant Sarawade
• Anurag Pareek
• Muru Subramani
• Anjan Chakraborty
• Naren Gunna
• Ramesh Yerramsetti
• Taraka Mukkamala
• Bajahari das
• Jayendran Srinivasan
• Padu Padmanabhan
• Gaura Gopal das
Program Description:
The following are the rooms of the Vedic Cultural Center that are open to the public subject to approval and availability:
• Three multi-purpose classrooms with a capacity of 15 people each
• One large multi-purpose classroom with a capacity of 30 people
• A multi-purpose cultural hall on the first floor with capacity of 150 people
Mercy meals delivered: The center provides meals on wheels to seniors who are immobile or otherwise unable to come to the center for food. Please send us an e-mail if you need such meals provided.
Teen Feed: Periodically the center conducts the Teen Feed event where local teens are provided with quality food and socially harmonious entertainment using dramas and singing. We have seen that teens that come to such programs have developed better behavior.

Distribution of free food at center: Seven days a week the center distributes free food. It is our philosophy that no one within 15 miles of the center should go hungry. Stop by for a meal for lunch or dinner. A typical meal consists of rice, vegetable curry (Sabji) and lentil soup (Dal).

Vedic Cultural Center Opens every day from 5:30am to 9:00pm
Sunday Love Feast Timings
5.00pm to 5.30pm:
 Tulasi Aarti and Guru Puja
5.30pm to 6.00pm:
6.00pm to 7.00pm:
7.00pm to 7.30pm:
 Aarti and Announcements
7.30pm to 8.30pm:
 Darshan Closes

Daily Schedule
Sunday Schedule
5:30 am Temple Opens with mangala arati
5:30 am Temple Opens with mangala arati
6:00 am Tulasi Puja
6:00 am Tulasi Puja
8:30 am Shringar Arati
8:30 am Shringar Arati
8.30 AM to noon – Darshan open
8.30 AM to noon – Darshan open
12:00 pm Raj-bhoga Arati
12:00 pm Raj-bhoga Arati
12:30 pm Prasadam
12:30 pm Prasadam
12.30pm to 6.30pm – Darshan open
12.30pm to 6.00pm – Darshan open
7:00 pm Gaura arati
5:00 pm - 5:30pm  Tulasi Aarti & Guru Puja
7:30 pm Bhagavat Gita class
5:30 pm  - 6:00pm Bhajans
7:30 pm - 8:30pm Prasadam
6:00 pm  - 7:00pm Lecture
9:00 pm Temple Closes
7:00 pm - 7:30pm Aarti & Announcements
7:30 pm - 8:30pm Prasadam

9:00pm Temple Closes
6.00 AM to 8.30 am– Darshan closed for dressing the deities
Noon to 12:30pm Darshan closes for Bhog offering
6.30pm – 7.00pm – Darshan closed for Offering
Every Saturday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm Vishnu Sahasranamam & Bhajans
  • Operations
    • Reception services
    • Parking services
    • Procurement services
    • Cleaning the 12000-sqft facility
    • Volunteer training and logging
    • Liaison with local corporations
    • Website maintenance services
  • Event Management services
    • Events logistics services
    • Program advertising services
    • Facility reservation services
  • Fund-raising services
    • Fund-raising events
    • Donor acknowledgement
  • Financial services
    • Accounts receivable
    • Book-keeping
    • Filing annual tax returns
    • Issuing donation receipts
    • Liaison with local regulatory agencies
Sharing with VCC
We have started coming to the Vedic cultural Center 30 years ago & the Vedic Cultural Center has for three generations helped our family on the spiritual path.  Our kids & their kids have learned their values from the center. 

Three generations at the Vedic Cultural Center
The Vedic cultural center has helped shaped our lives according to the regulations of the Vedic scriptures & helped raise our kids in that tradition as well
We have coming to the Center & the Vedic school since we were small with our parents & grand-parents.  The Vedic school has helped us understand Vedic culture without even going to India.
I have been coming to the Vedic cultural center for over a decade & have immensely benefited from the spirituality & tradition imbibed by the center.
We have benefited from the cultural & spiritual; exchanges by coming to the Vedic center.  Our kids have learnt the Vedic stories & scriptures by going to the Vedic School.
We have a saying in sanskrit "DAIVAM MANUSHYA RUPANAAM" meaning 'God comes in the form of genuine devotee'. In Kalyuga we cannot expect God to come directly but in the form of Man. He descended in the form of Lord Caitanya MahaPrabhu and keeps us in the association of His initiates and devotees. Like Ganga jal this association keeps the heart and mind purified which is required for the soul". This process keeps us in that glory. Lords mercy flows in this way only.
This is me and my wife's 14 years of experience in the association of Prabhupada's devotees.  We have been life members at ISKCON, Madras INDIA. And we expect all of us do the same at VCC, Seattle,WA. This will encourage constant association for materially fallen souls like us. 
We have started coming to the Vedic Cultural Center for the past three years & have noticed bliss in our lives.  Our association in the activities at the center has raised our spirituality as well. 
The Vedic cultural center has acted as a catalyst in improving our spiritual life while inculcating Vedic values in our children.  Listening to the guest speakers on various topics like “Power of Habits” helps us in our develop techniques for Mental Peace.   
The Vedic Cultural Center helps our spiritual growth constantly.  As our kid grows up, we plan on admitting him to the Sunday School. 
We have been coming here as a little children with our parents & we are currently studying at the University of Washington.  As we reflect on the the Vedic Cultural Center has had on our upbringing it has had tremendous impact on our lives. As such we recommend the vedic school & the Bhagavat Gita class to all kids so that they may benefit just as we have had.
The Vedic Cultural Center is an oasis in the crass materialism that we are surrounded by in the modern world.  Our family has benefited immensely & we hope to associate with the center in the decades to come.
The Vedic Cultural Center has benefited our family for the last five years & we believe we have become more spiritual & come closer to Krishna by our activities at the Center.  BGG 
prabhu Narayan
Our son is 6 years old & he has learned to recite the entire Bramha Samhita by going to the Vedic School on Sundays when he was age 4.  While walking in Costco & people offer chicken samples, he says chicken should be walking in the fields & not be eaten as a sample.

Childrens Program / School
Schools at Vedic Cultural Center

School Motto: Strong foundation makes a stong building. Give you kids a strong Vedic value based foundation for them to build their life upon.
 Vedic School
Bhagavad-Gita is the most important text of the Vedic literature. Also called the Gitoapnisad, it comprises of 18 chapters and 700 verses spoken by Lord Krishna himself. We teach 30 key verses from Bhagavad-gita in a 2 year course starting with the basics for an hour. This class also includes language classes for basic Hindi and Sanskrit for the next hour every alternate week. A new batch is starting this year.

Date: Every Sunday starting October 2nd to May end.
Time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Age: Children 8 years and over
Contact: Vraja Bhakti dd (206 992-7589) or email vedicschoolwa@gmail.com
Fees: $80 for the year
Sunday School
Teach your child Vedic values, Stories from the scriptures, Slokas and devotional songs in the friendly and blissful environment. 4 different age appropriate classes on every Sunday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM for ages 3 and over are now in session.

Contact: Vraja Bhakti dd (206 992-7589) or email vedicschoolwa@gmail.com
Hindi Classes
Hindi is the national language of India. The alphabets of Hindi are also used in Sanskrit. Vedic Cultural center has Hindi alphabet classes for kids. For kids joining the Vedic school it is a part of the curriculum.

Date: Every Sunday Starting October 2nd to May end.
Time: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Age: Children 8 years and over

Contact: Vraja Bhakti dd (206 992-7589) or email vedicschoolwa@gmail.com


Parking Information

For your convenience VCC provides on-site parking, and has made arrangements for overflow parking at the following locations. Please note that on busy festival days, we may have parking lot attendants guiding the traffic in VCC parking lot.

Pink Lake Covenant Church parking lot (http://www.plcc.org/About/Directions.aspx), located diagonally across from VCC is about 1 block south. You may park your car there and walk across to VCC. Alternatively, you may drop off your family at VCC and park your car at Pine Lake Church lot about 3-4 minute stroll to VCC from there.

Some other important details for your references:

1) Out of consideration for our neighbors, please do not park on the residential streets adjacent to VCC. Especially, parking on SE 13th Street and SE 14th Street must be always avoided in order not to inconvenience to our neighbors living in Sara's Crossings, Red Hawk, and Palomino communities. Also, please note that if you park on these neighborhood streets, you will most probably be ticketed or towed away.
2) We request you to obey all rules and regulations of parking and traffic during your VCC visit.
3) Please do not block traffic flow on 228th Ave SE - the main road in front of VCC building.

Traveling on Eastbound I-90
1. Take exit 17 and turn left at the light of E. Lake Sammamish,
2. Right on SE 43rd way. Drive about 4 miles (Road becomes 228'th Ave SE),
3. Pass SE 16'th Street light and enter in the second drive way (You'll see blue water tower and temple is next house after the water tower)
Traveling on Westbound I-90
1. Take exit 17 and turn right at the light of E. Lake Sammamish
2. Right on SE 43rd way. Drive about 4 miles (Road becomes 228'th Ave SE)
3. Pass SE 16'th Street light and enter in the second drive way (You'll see blue water tower and temple is next house after the water tower)
Traveling on Eastbound SR-520
1. Take exit for Redmond Way.
2. Turn right on Redmond-Fall City Rd.
3. Right on 2'nd light at East Lake Sammamish Pkwy.
4. Go about three miles and make a left on Inglewood Hill Rd.
5. Right on 228'th Ave SE.
6. Goto SE 16'th St. light and make a U-turn and enter in the second drive way

Om Tat Sat

(My humble  salutations to the great devotees ,  wikisources  and Pilgrimage tourist guide for the collection )


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