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Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA  

Bharatiya Ekta Mandir of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ

 The Temple has been designed with traditional Indian architecture and has five shrines including:
  •     Mahavir Swami, Bhagwan Adinath and Parshvanath
  •     Lord Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh
  •     Lord Krishna, Radha, Srinathji
  •     Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman
  •     Lord Venkateshvara (Balaji), Bhudevi & Sridevi

Indo-American Cultural and Religious Foundation of Arizona is a Premier Non Profit Organization in Phoenix, serving the Indo-American community members through Community Center and Bharatiya Ekta Mandir Hindu and Jain Temple.

Hours & Address

Mon-Fri 9-12 & 6-8
Sat, Sun & Holidays - 10-8

2804 W. Maryland Ave.,
Phoenix AZ 85017

Mandir Etiquettes

Bharatiya Ekta Mandir of Arizona (BEMA) is a place of worship. We follow the Sanathan Dharma (Indian Vedic traditions practiced for over 2000 years) to preserve the aura of peace and sanctity of our Mandir, which are conducive for worship and prayers. Keeping those Vedic traditions in mind, BEMA requests your cooperation in following certain guidelines when you are visiting the Mandir. Please remember this is your mandir and our intent is to ensure everyone has a peaceful experience during his or her visit.
Mandir area designation

Raised area where deities reside is referred as shrine, the lower area is known as assembly hall, area between the glass doors and external doors is known as foyer. Shrine with assembly hall is referred as prayer hall. Covered entrance canopy is referred as portico and outside areas north and south of the mandir are know as courtyards.
Pooja, Prayer and other rituals
All poojas and rituals follow certain set procedures as per Vedic traditions. Priests or the BEMA coordinator would explain the procedure before the start of the pooja or other rituals. If you have any questions, please wait till the end of the event and then ask the BEMA coordinator or Priests for clarifications.
Please remain silent during the pooja and other rituals. Slow talking and discussions would distract other devotees who are participating in pooja/rituals. Please be sensitive to those around you who may be praying quietly.
We request that you ring the bells, blow conches and play other instruments only during the Maha Mangala Aarathi and during other pooja procedures.
Parikrama or walking around the sanctum sanctorum should always be in clockwise direction.
Any Bhajans inside the prayer hall should be of religious in nature and be limited to not more than an hour, maximum.
Chairs are available to be used only by disabled people and should only be used against the back or side walls or gatherings.
All conversations and greetings can be exchanged either in the foyer. Even then, please keep your voice low.
Please restrain your children from running around inside the main mandir or around the shrines. We suggest you bring some coloring paper and crayons so that they remain silent during the pooja. Encourage children to play in the Play area, which is located on the south side of the Mandir.
If you have to leave in the middle of a pooja, please do so quietly without causing any disturbance to other devotees.

Participating in Vedic Chanting and Bhajans
Chanting of Vedic Mantras and Slokas is the backbone of all poojas at the Mandir. You are welcome to participate in the chanting. We provide copies of popular slokas in English and other Indian languages. Please check with the BEMA Coordinator or the priests if you need a copy of the slokas before the beginning of the pooja.
Bhajans are sung at every pooja event. You are welcome to sing your favorite bhajan, a classical or a devotional song. Please encourage your children to participate in bhajans.

Pradakshina Procedures
Pradakshina is a process of going around the shrine, 3 times only, to get the blessings of the Lord.
Please always go around clockwise, starting at the left side of the shrine and complete on the right side and come to the front of the Lord.
Please do not do a pradakshina during a pooja ritual.
Please do not allow children to run around the shrine during the pradakshina.

Mahaprasad and Offerings
Mahaprasad offered to Lord is always cooked in the Mandir kitchen.
Food cooked at home will not be offered to the Lord. If you wish to prepare the Mahaprasad, please bring the ingredients and prepare it at the Mandir kitchen.
You can bring fresh fruits, nuts and flowers to offer during the pooja.
You can bring flower garlands for the poojas.
Following food items are not allowed at the Mandir kitchen:
All types of non-vegetarian food
Please clean the kitchen area and utensils used for preparing mahaprasad after you prepare it.
Please do not eat the mahaprasad in the prayer hall.

Please wear traditional Indian clothes is encouraged.
Wearing shorts (for any one over 12 years of age) is not advised.
No footwear is allowed inside the Mandir. Please leave all footwear in the designated area.

BEMA Sponsor items include poojas, special events, Pradhana SponsorBEMA will undertake all major religious celebrations. No private functions will be allowed to take place on the premises during these days., Food, Flowers, Silver articles and various other services.
Always please put all your cash or check donations in the Hundi.
No solicitation or flyers of any kind allowed anywhere on the mandir campus.

Cell Phones
Please switch your cell phones and beepers to vibration mode as soon as you enter the paryer hall of the Mandir.
Food and Drinks
Food and drinks are not allowed in the paryer hall of the Mandir.
Alcohol and smoking are not allowed anywhere in the Mandir complex and surrounding areas.
If your child is eating/carrying a food item, please make sure you stay outside the main hall until the child finishes his/her food item, before entering into the prayer hall.
Please do not eat the mahaprasad in the prayer hall. You are welcome to eat mahaprasad in the foyer, patio or courtyard.

Please help us maintain the Mandir campus clean and tidy.
If you bring flowers or fruits, please unwrap and discard the plastic bag in the dustbin. Please do not leave them on the steps of the shrine.
Please help volunteers in spreading the floor mats and also folding and putting them in place after the event.
Chairs are available for the disabled and elderly people. Please do not leave the chairs in the main hall after using them. Please put them back in a designated area before you leave.

Final Note
BEMA offers these suggestions to provide an environment of devotion and sanctity for all the devotees. We need your cooperation in maintaining these traditions as much as possible. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions or comments on these guidelines, please contact one of the following BEMA members:

Contact Information

EKTA MANDIR: 602-246-3420
Hall Manager: Mr. Ramalingam
Phone: 602-246-3420/602-708-0733
Email: Prlingam6@yahoo.com

Phone: 602-391-7760
Email: sriramkrishnakatha@gmail.com
Phone: 602-320-3460
Email: varadarajansr@yahoo.com

Om Tat Sat

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