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Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA  

Austin Hindu Temple and Community Center, Austin, TX

Address :

Austin Hindu Temple and Community Center
9801 Decker Lake Rd., Austin Texas, 78724
Welcome to the Austin Hindu Temple and Community Center, located in Austin, Texas. The goal of Austin Hindu Temple is to promote and practice ideals of Hinduism and Hindu Religion through Worship, Education and Teaching. Robust bylaws govern our organization.

·         Management

Austin Hindu Temple committee has been diligently working towards bringing a place of worship and a center of religious/cultural learning to Austin. These functions mark the ceremonial start, of all our efforts to work on the Austin Hindu Temple Project in which everyone is requested participate and seek God's blessings to realize our dream of a beautiful Austin Hindu Temple.
The vision of the Austin Hindu Temple and Community Center is to enhance the religious experience for all in our diverse congregational community. The temple will enhance and expand programs in education, youth & adult activities and services to the community. Austin Hindu Temple will undertake planned expansion of programs, membership, activities and facilities in carefully prepared implementation that adhere to mission statement of the Temple.
The mission of the Temple is to be a focal point for Hindu worship, prayer, education, community and family life within the precepts of Hinduism and in the traditional role of a Hindu Temple and with God's blessings to realize our dream of a beautiful Austin Hindu Temple. The purpose of the Temple would be:
·         House of Worship
·         House of Gathering and
·         House of Learning
·         To promote and practice ideals of Hinduism and Hindu religion through worship, education and teaching, by constructing and operating a Hindu temple in the Austin city vicinity.
·         To strive for spiritual richness and human excellence through assimilation of values in Hindu scriptures into daily lives.
·         To recognize and respect other religions and belief systems in their proper context.
·         To establish and Maintain a Community center for the purpose of Conducting Hindu religious, cultural, Social and educational activities.

Through this focus, it is our mission to be mindful of our Hindu heritage, develop a congregational sense of responsibility to the extended community we serve and create an atmosphere of extended family for all our members.

Upcoming Events:

 Main Temple

AHT performed Bhoomi puja for Main Temple in May 2011. Main Temple has Lord Shiva and Lord Venkateswara as Moola Vigrahas. In addition, the Main Temple includes Sri Raja Rajeshwari Devi, Sri Jagannath Parivar, Sri Durga Devi, Sri Saraswathi Devi, Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari Devi, Sri Subhramanya Parivar,Sri Parvathi Devi, Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi, Sri Andal Devi, Sri Krishna Parivar and Sri Rama Parivar. Lord Hanuman Vigraha will be installed in the Main Temple courtyard. Sri Shridi Sai Baba will be installed in the GuruMandir.

AHT plans to complete the Main temple project by 2013. Kumbhabhishekam of the Main Temple is scheduled on May 29th 2013.

Koti Parayanam

Impetus for the Main Temple – Vishnu and Lalitha Koti Nama Parayanam starting June 1, 2012
As many of you know, the main temple is in the final stages of planning. The construction is expected to start as early as August after the necessary approvals. Lord willing, the main temple will open in early summer of 2013 (Target date June 2nd, 2013). This is a very challenging task and to achieve this target, here is a wonderful idea: to chant Lord’s name at least for 1 crore (10,000,000) times collectively (Sri Vishnu and Lalitha Koti Nama Parayanam). It is believed that there is great power in taking the Lord’s name, and with His blessings, all tasks become easier.
One Hundred Devotees (100), reciting one thousand divine names (x 1000), twice a week (x 2), for one year (x 52), will take us to collectively reciting at least 1 crore (= 10,400,000) divine names, achieving the goal.

9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Weekends and Holidays
9:00AM - 8:30 PM
Daily Schedule:
9:00 AM - 9:45 AM
Suprabhatham, Panchayatana sahita Arathi & Balabhogam

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Archana to the Dieties

11:00 AM -11:45 AM
Maadhyanhika Aradhana & Arathi

7:30 PM - 8:15 PM
Sayamkala Aradhana, Arathi & Shayanavidhi

Weekly Schedule:

7:00 PM - Rudraabhishekam

(Every 2nd Monday of the Month)

7:00 PM - Sri Eshwara Parivar Abhishekam


7:00 PM - Hanuman Chalisa parayana
7:30 PM - Lord Hanuman Pooja

(Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month)

7:00 PM - Sri Subramanya Parivar Abhishekam


(Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month)

7:00 PM - Sri Krishna Parivar Abhishekam

(Every 4th Wednesday of the month)

7:00 PM Sri Rama Parivar Abhishekam


7:00 PM - Shirdi Sai Baba Dhoop Arathi
7:25 PM - Archana and Om Jaya Jagadeesha Hare
8:00 PM - Shej Arathi followed by Prashad

(Every 1st Thursday of the Month)

7:00 PM - Shirdi Sai Baba Abhishekam


7:00 PM - Kumkuma Archana with Lalitha Sahasranaamam and Devi Khadgamala Parayanam

(Every 2nd Friday of the Month)

7:00 PM - Sri Durga Saraswati Abhishekam


09:00 AM - Suprabhatham
09:30 AM - Venkateswara Abhishekam
11:30 AM - Aarathi followed by Prashad

(During Alankaram time Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam)


09:00  AM   - Suprabhatham
10:30  AM   - Varasiddhi Vinayaka Abhishekam , Alankaram
12:00 Noon - Aarathi followed by Prashad

(During Alankaram time devotees may sing Bhajans)

Namaste! Welcome to Austin Gurukulam!

·         Click here to learn more about the Gurukulam programs or download the Gurukulam brochure.
  • We have seen a tremendous response to our Arts classes being conducted at Gurukulam - Carnatic Vocal, Carnatic Violin and Bharatanatyam. To register, please click on the links below:

Lunch @ Gurukulam

Hari Om Parents!
We are trying to keep the Lunch menu at Gurukulam both healthy and interesting for the children - we've had very positive feedback from the parents (and kids) so far! We use the healthiest and freshest Ingredients in our menu and share Ingredient information with parents every week (see below menu).
A big thank you to our Gurukulam Food Committee, who spend a lot of time and effort every week - shopping, preparing and cooking for our Gurukulam kids!
This week's menu:
  • Bread Sandwich
  • Curd rice
  • Idli & sambar
  • Bananas
  • Dairy Products: Yogurt, Milk, Butter
  • Vegetables: Capsicum, Carrots, White pumpkin, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Green chillies, Ginger, Curry leaves, Coriander
  • Lentils and Grains: Sooji Rava (Semolina), Idli rava, Urad dal

Class Pages

 , Co  Classical Dance - Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam classes at the Austin Gurukulam are conducted by the renowed dancer and teacher Bana Ramanath.
Bana Shastri Ramanath
Bana Shastri Ramanath comes from a family of musicians, priests, and scholars. She has been teaching in San Antonio and Austin, Texas for more than 20 years. 
She has been trained in India by world-renowned Gurus and is a disciple of The Dhananjayans of Bharata Kalaanjali.

Bana is a dance faculty at the Northwest Vista College, SA, and currently performs and conducts workshops in colleges, universities, and special events all over Texas. 

Bana also conducts Bharatha Natyam advanced classes for students from Texas and out of state. 
As part of community outreach, she serves the at-risk population in San Antonio, TX with counseling, movement therapy, & Yoga psychology as therapeutic modalities.
She is an innovative choreographer and an effective story-teller who has been very successful in integrating Indian culture and wisdom into the American mainstream through Natyanjali Dance Festivals and her presentation
Temple Dance of India – A Universal Language

Classical Music - Carnatic Vocal 

Carnatic Vocal classes at Austin Gurukulam are conducted by the very talented Mrs. Mamatha. 
Mamatha learnt Carnatic Classical Music from a very young age from Lt. Shri Manjunath Shastry who was part of Mysore Vasudevacharya's Shishya Parampare.  She was also under her mother's guidance who is also a learned carnatic singer, at Bangalore, India.
Later Mamatha was student of Smt. Vasantha Madhavi for advance classes.
She taught Carnatic Music in India and continued teaching in the US as well. She has competed in various Music competitions in all stages of her learning and has performed on stage at various occasions.
She is always a part of Tyagaraja aradhana each year.

Deities at the Austin Hindu Temple:

Sridevi BhuDevi sahita, Lord Sri Venkateswara

Goddess Valli and Goddess DevaSena sahita, Lord Sri Shanmuga

Lord Sri Vara Siddhi Vniayaka (Lord Sri Ganesh)

Goddess Durga, and Goddess Saraswati

Goddess SitaDevi and Sri Rama with Lord Lakshmana, and Lord Anjaneya

Goddess Rukmini, and Goddess SatyaBhama sahita, Lord Sri Krishna

Lord Anjaneya

Jagannath Parivar

Lord Shirdi Sai Baba

Priest Services:

Homams, Pooja, Kalyanam, Abhishekam and Others

 Austin Hindu Temple and Community Center provides most of priest services in Greater Austin area. The prices shown are minimum suggested donations payable to AHT. Priest Dakshina is not included..
To schedule at home or out of town priest services fill up the online priest service request form. You can contact one of our priests with any questions regarding these services.
Please do call us for any services Listed here or any other services not listed or any group services. Any programs scheduled at the Temple with more than 10 guests and/or food, please call 927-0000 for additional charges

 Yearly Abhishekams :

Sri Ganapathi  Abhishekam, Lord Sri Venkateswara Abhishekam, Lord Sri Siva
Abhishekam and Other Deity Abhishekam


Sri Shirdi Sai Satcharitra ebooks






Vara lakshmi vratam – Audio

Sri Vishnu Sahasra naama – PoorvapeeTika

PoorvapeeTika – 1-15
(Level 1)

PoorvapeeTika - 1-22
(Level 2)


PoorvapeeTika -Complete
(Level 3)


Sri Vishnu Sahasra naama – Preparatory Classes

Level-1 – Class-1 > 19-Feb-2011

Level-1 – Class-2 > 26-Feb-2011

Level-1 – Class-3 > 5-Mar-2011

Level-1 – Class-4 > 12-Mar-2011

Level-1 – Class-5 > 19-Mar-2011

Level-2 – Class-7 > 9-Apr-2011

Level-2 – Class-6 > 2-Apr-2011

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Classes-Every Saturday at 9:00 AM CST

Dial-in Number: 1-213-289-0500

Participant Access Code: 9270000
Please mute when not speaking by pressing *6  
Moderator: Venkata Indrakanti
Please provide your feedback via email to: indrakanti@yahoo.com OR call: +1-512-789-1279

Sri Vishnu Sahasra naama – Shlokas (Category-B)

Vishnu Sahasranaamam verses 1-13

Vishnu Sahasranaamam verses 1-27

VishnuSahasranaamam verses 28-54

With Lead Repeat

VishnuSahasranaamam verses 55-81

With Lead Repeat

VishnuSahasranaamam verses 82-108

With Lead Repeat

Contact Us

By Email

General Information : info@austinhindutemple.org
Question about your donations? : aht_treasurer@austinhindutemple.org

By US Mail

Austin Hindu Temple & Community Center
9801 Decker Lake Rd.
Austin TX 78724

By Phone

General Information : 512-927-0000
Priest Krishna Sripada : 512-939-0086
Priest Varadarajan Ranganath : 512-705-4440
Priest Sidhartha Dev Sarangi : 512-662-9690



Om Tat Sat

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