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Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA  

Dharmic Sabha of Georgia Shiva Shakti Mandir, Norcross, GA

Shiva Shakti Mandir
6004 Goshen Springs Road
Norcross, GA 30071

The Dharmic Sabha of Georgia is a non-profit religious organization involved exclusively in spiritual, cultural, educational and social activities. It is devoted to the service of humanity and strives to promote spiritual regeneration for the betterment of the community. The following are the main objectives of the Dharmic Sabha of Georgia:
1. Provide commuinty members a forum for Hinduism worship and fellowship.
2. Create a favorable atmosphere to foster spiritual and cultural growth.
3. Promote camaraderie and unity in the community.
4. Provide a facility to engage community youths in cultural activities.
We are located at the following address:
Shiva Shakti Mandir
6004 Goshen Springs Road
Norcross, GA 30071

President: Balram Bheodari - (770) 716-1273
Vice President: Chris De Freitas - (404) 392-0891
Treasurer: Roop Lachhman - (770) 972-8922
Secretary: Elysse Mahepal - (770) 978-2877
Public Relations Officer: Tara Mangray - (770) 870-7375
Board of Trustees Member: Jagdesh Mahepal - (770) 978-2877
Board of Trustees Member: Mala Sahid - (404) 934-3651
Board of Trustees Member: Ashwini Tiwari
Board of Trustees Member: Jenny De Freitas - (404) 388-8002
Board of Trustees Member: Anand Persuad - (770) 979-9305
Spiritual Leader: Pt (Dr) Tej Tiwari

Om Tat Sat

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