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Holy Pilgrimage – Temples in  Tamilnadu State

Trichy Temples


Thiruvarangam - Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Sri Rangam (Trichy)


Temple Location :
About the Temple:
Situated in Trichy district near Trichy in Tamil Nadu. 3/4 miles away from SriRangam railway station which is in between Vizhupuram - Trichy railway lane. Plenty of buses and lodging facilities.
Appearance of the Sthalam:


There are 7 big walls found around this temple covering next to next each other. The 7 walls are referred to as the 7 worlds. The 7th wall is the outer wall which can be seen and it is 3072 feet in length and 2521 feet in breadth. For 7 prakaarams, 7 thiruveedhi (streets) are found. 7th thiruveedhi is called "Chitthirai Thiruveedhi" where bigh houses and bunglows are found. Sixth Veedhi, which is found in Sixth prakaaram is called "Thiru vikraman thiruveedhi" fifth veedhi om 5th prakaram is Agalangan Thiru veedhi". Fourth veedhi in 4th prakaram is "Aalinaadan Thiruveedhi". Third veedhi in 3rd prakaram is "Kulasekaran Thiruveedhi". Second veedhi in 2nd prakaram is "Raja Mahendran". And in the first prakaram, Emperumaan Sri Ranganathan in Kidantha Kolam gives seva and this is called "Dharma Varman Thiru chuttru (circle).
Total area of this temple is alomost 155 1/2 acres, and 6 miles in area.
There are total of 21 gopurams in this temple. The weight of the Gopuram is 24,880 tons and the entrance is 11 3/4 width and height is 24 3/4.
Explaination of Raja Gopuram:
The Gopuram of Sri Rangam is popularly called as "Raja Gopuram" and it is the biggest gopuram in the Asian Sub - Continent.
It took almost 7 years to complete the Gopuram. When coming out of the 7th Veedhi, all the 4 entrances of the Gopura Vaasal.
The height of the Gopuram is 236 feet high with 13 Nilays. 12 Kalasams are kept on the top of the Gopuram.
  • Biggest gopuram in Asia.
  • All the 11 Alwars did Mangalasasanam here.
  • Udayavar (Ramanujar) guru periyanambigal, Buttar Vadakuthiruveethi pillai, Pillai Lokachariyar - Birth Place.
  • Kula sekara Alwar, Thondaradipodi Alwar, Soodikodutha Naachi Aandal, Thuluka Naachiyaar, Udayavar (Ramanujar) Thirupaan Alwar - Paramapatha Sthalam.

Sri Ranganathan. Other names of their god is Periya perumal, Nam Perumal, Azagiya Manavalan. Moolavar in Kidantha Kolam facing south direction. Prathyaksham for Dharmavarma, Ravindharman, chandiran and Vibeerhanan.


Sri Ranga Nayaki (Ranga Nayakiyaar).


1.   Veli Aandal
2.   Periyazhvar
3.   Kanna peruman
4.   Manavala Mamunigal
5.   Alwargal
6.   Naathamunigal
7.   Aalavanthaar
8.   Thiruvaranga perumalarayar
9.   Amirtha kalasa Garudan
10.                     Thondaradipodi Alwar
11.                     Thiru Paan Alwar
12.                     Chakkarathalwar
13.                     Sriranga Naachiyaar
14.                     Ul Aandal
15.                     Metty Azhagiyasinger
16.                     Vedantha Desikar
17.                     Periya Garudan
18.                     Nammazhwar and
19.                     Danvanthari.
Except Mathirakavi Alwar, all the other eleven Alwars have done Mangalasasanam here.
  • Periyalwar - 31 Paasurams
  • Sri Andal - 10 Paasurams
  • Kulasekara Alwar - 31 Paasurams
  • Thirumazhisai Alwar - 14 Paasurams
  • Thondaradipodi Alwar - 55 Paasurams
  • Thirupaan Alwar - 10 Paasurams
  • Thirumangai Alwar - 72 Paasurams
  • Poigai Alwar - 1 Paasuram
  • Boothathalwar - 4 Paasurams
  • Pei Alwar - 2 Paasurams
  • Nammalwar - 11 Paasurams
    Total - 246 Paasurams.
1.   Chandira Pushkarani
2.   Cauveri
3.   Kollidam
4.   Vedacchurangam.
Pranavaakruthi. It took almost 7 and half years to build this huge vimanam (Gopuram). It is also called as "Raja Gopuram". This Raja Gopuram is 236 feet high with 13 Nilais (Partition) and 12 Kalasams at its top.
Sthala Puranam:
Once on the base of Himalaya, River Ganga, Cauvery, Yamuna and Saraswathi are playing in the sky one ghandharvan (person who belong to Deva logam) saw these rivers playing and worshipped them. Seeing this all the 4 river women started saying themselves that he worshipped them only. They started arguing on whom actually he worshipped. The arguement continued but didnt stop. Yamuna and Saraswathi stopped their quarrel. But to Ganga and Cauvery it continued. Finally, they both went to sriman Narayanan.
River Ganga told to Narayanan since she was originated from the feet of Narayanan, she is bigger and mightier than cauvery. Sriman Narayanan accepted it. But, cauvery doesnt accept it and she did tapas on Sriman Narayanan. Finally, Narayanan gave seva to her and told him that he will sleep on the bank of Cauvery and at that time, river Cauvery will be the garland (Maalai) in his chest, which will the better position than Ganga, who is found in his feet. This is the sthalapuranam said here.
Emperumaan gave the Vimaanam of Srirangam to Brahma Devan. Brahma Devan gave this to "Itsuvaghu" who is one of the King of Sooriya family. From Itsuvaghan to Lord Rama time, this Vimaan was worshipped and belonged to Ayodhya Kings.
Sri Ramar who took the avathaar as an ordinary human being, worshipped Sri Ranganathan, the god is also named as "Periya Perumal". After his pattabishekham (crowned as king), he gave the Thiru Aranga Vimaanam to King Vibeeshan, which belongs to Ayodhya Kings and their followers.
Coming along with the thiruvaranga temple vimaanam, he kept the vimaanam in the midst of Cauvery river to worship it. During the worship, Chozhan Dharmavarman and lots of Rishis also joined. After finishing all the poojas, tried to take the vimaanam along with him to Lanka, he was unable to take it and he could not even move.
At that time, Sri Aranganathan told since he had given varam to River Cauvery and since he has to purify her, he has to be all along the Cauvery River. And told that he will not be in a position to move from there. But on hearing this, King Vibeeshan became sad, for which Sri Aranganathan says that inspite of not coming to Lanka, but he will be facing the south direction of Lanka. This is the history explaination of Sri Rangam.
The position which Sri Ranganathar is found in this sthalam is one of the great thing that has to be explained.
In this sthalam, Aranganathan is found inside the Aranga Vimaanam, Keeping 5 headed Aadhi seshan as the bed, his legs stretched along the direction of the sun's upcoming side (East) direction from where the moon in the evening rises and Lord Yaman, who is the demon king and cool breeze and wind which are said to be found from the South direction are seen by Aranganathan and he sees Lanka. behind him, is Guberan (North Direction) and Selva Magal (Sri Lakshmi) are found. His right hand is kept under his head as a "Pillow" and the left hand is on his lap and it is pointed to his feet. This position explains to the world that all the Jeevathmas are finally getting terminated only in his feet.
Till now, if we stand at the top of Srirangam Temple Gopuram, we can find that the Eyes of Arangan as still seeing the south direction of Sri Lanka.


As the year go an history is said that Srirangam Gopuram and Sri Ranganathar got into the river and when Dharma Varman came along that side, a parrot came to him and told that the Gopuram is lost in the river and finally it is taken out from it is one of the story said here but not sure, how much true it is and since the parrot helped him to get out the temple, a mandapam for that parrot is build.
Srivilliputtur Pattarbiraan periyaalwar's daughter Sri Aandal, who sang Thiruppaavai and called as "Soodi Kodutha Sudar Oli", Kulasekara Alwar's daughter Cherar Vali, Nandha Chozhan's daughter Kamalavalli and Delhi Badhusa's daughter Thullaka Naachiyar all loved Sri Aranganathan and finally they got in to Sri Aranganathan's Body.
The temples outer walls are built by Thirumangai Alwar and Nandhavan (Park) was constructed by Thondar Adippodi Alwar.
In this sthalam, Mettu Azhagiya singar (Narasimar) Sannadhi is found and in front of it is found the 4 pillared mandapam (Nallu Kaal Mandapam). In this mandapam, Kambar explained for the first time, his great work "Kamba Ramayanam" and in that "Iranya Vadhai Padalam" is also included in that. (Iranyavadhan is the story about the killing of Iranyan by Lord Narasimha). But on hearing the inclusion of it, all the people around the Mandapam protested against it. At that time, a voice that belong to Lord Narasimha arised and it said there should be no Prostestation on that and he accepted the inclusion of it. It is also one of the said story here. No where is found a seperate sannadhi for Sri Dhanvanthri (doctor for god and God of medicine) in this temple.
Thiruppaan Alwar got his paramapadha mukthi (left his life and went to paramapadham) here.
Arayar seva, which is one of the type was created by Naadha muni in this sthalam. It is the type by which Naalayira Divya Pprabhandham is sung in a musical manner.
Krishna saynar, thulasi dhasar, Maadhavar had also sung songs on Sri Ranga nathar. Manavaala Maamuni did Kaalatshebham here. (Kaalatshebham means explaining some good things on the basis of god to everyone).
When explaining about Sri Ranganathar and the temple, one more special person has to explained and he is Sri Ramanujar.
Sri Ramanujar says that Gnanam is Arangan and Gnana Teacher is Arangan and the follower is also Arangan and the person who follows it as also Arangan. And finally on the command given by Arangan, he left the earth and terminated into Aranganathan. Eventhough his soul was out from the world, his body was still found inside a sannadhi. Inside it, he is sitting and his eyes are opened and he giving his blessings to the world.
The temple servers are applying a kind of Oil (thaylam) all along his body to protect it from not being destroyed. Like this same way, in Russia, Lenin's body and in Goa Saint Fransis Saviours bodies are also protected by applying proper oils.
Sri Ramanujar is given some names such as Udayavar Ramanujar, Yathirajar, Emperumaanar, when he was in Melkottai, Karnataka district, his bhakthas and relatives kept a statue like him to remember him and because of his memory. Its name is "Thamar Ugandha Thirumeni".
And then, he himself wanted to make a statue and ordered for it. Finally after seeing it, he gave the approval for it and its called as "Thaan Ugandha Thirumeni" and it is kept in Sri Perumbhutoor. (Thaney Aana Thirumeni).
All the devotees are said to wash their feets when going into the Sannadhi of Sri Ranganathar, because the artistic works on Sri Ramanujar are found in the floors here.
Sri Desikar sung a song on Sri Ranganathars Paadhukai (feet) and its called as "Paadhukasahesram". To appreciate this, he was given the name as "Kavitharkkitha simhan" by the God itself and as "Sarvathantira Swathanthar" by pirattiyaar.
Sri Rangam is more special than Paarkadal and Vaikundam. It is called as "Bhooloka Vaikundam".


Thirukkozhi - Sri Azhagiya Manavala Perumal Temple, Trichy


Temple Location :
About the Temple:
Situated in Urayoor, Trichy district in Tamil Nadu. It is located in urayoor which is in between Trichy - Erode railway lane. 2 miles away from Trichy Junction. It is also near to Naachiyar koil. Which is in between Trichy - Main guard Gate.
Sthala Puranam:
Once upon a time, there was a discussion among the great rishis that among Trimuthies, who is the greatest. But in that discussion also, they could not come to a conclusion that who is great amongst the Trinity. Finally, all the rishis thought it would be helpful for them to find the answer for this if they could get the sugesstion from the great muni, Brighu. They all explained about the discussion they had among them and said he is the right person to find a solution for this and clear their doubts whats there in their minds.
Brighu muni also accepted their words and told them he would give an answer that would clear all of their doubts.
First, he went to Kailasam where Lord Shivan and Godess Parvathi reside. But, in the entrance itself, Brighu muni was stopped by the Dwara Balakaas as the residing deities are all alone and doesnt want them to get disturbed. As he got this kind of answer in Kailash, he thought he could not be the right person who might help his devotees as ha was not easy to talk with. As he was disappointed by this activity, he then left to Sathya Lokam where Lord Brahma and Godess Saraswathi reside.
There also he could not meet Brahma devan and he made to think what he thought when he went to Kailasam. Finally, he went to Sri Vaikuntam where Sriman Narayanan and Godess Sri Laksmi reside. As Brighu muni enetered Vaikuntam, he was greeted in a good manner and this first action made him to think that Sriman Narayanan is the right person to whom all persons and rishis can seek help and can have a direct approach towards him. Sriman Narayanan offered him with the seat and did the Paadha Pooja for him. But, this action of Sri Vishnu made Sri Lakshmi to think bad and asked Him not to catch hold if his feet. But, this action of Sri Lakshmi made Bighu muni to get angry and cursed Her that she would born in the world as an ordinary human.
But, Sri Lakshmi felt very sad for the sabham she got from Brighu muni but Sriman Narayanan said that all the actions are happening according to their fates only and added that he will follow Her soon towards the earth.
At the same time in the earth, a king by named Dharma Varman lived in Kumbakonam, Chozha Naadu. Once he went out for huting and found the rishis were being distressed by some demons and seeked the help from the king. Dharma Varman said that he will help them from the demons by killing them and he stayed in the forest for sometime. The King was happy for all the reason but only one thing made him worry and disappoint and that is he had no children. He seeked the help of the rishis to hep him out and to get a children. So, to help the king, all the rishis did a Yagam to get a child for the king. At that time, an Asareeri stated that if he want to get a child he should pray towards Sri Lakshmi and as a result, Sri Lakshmi itself will born as a child to him. Hearing this, he started to pray towards Sri Lakshmi and finally, a female child was born to him and was kept a name as "Vara Lakshmi".
As the days went on, Dharma Varman started to seek a perfect groom for his daughter and announced a Swayamvaram for that. Lots of kings came for this and at the same time, Sriman Narayanan also came there one among the grooms. In that hall, when Sri Lakshmi came, she had a look at all the members in the hall and at the same time, she also noticed Sriman Narayanan came there and went straight towards Him without any delay and Garlanded him.
All the persons saw this wedding of Sri Vishnu and Sri Lakshmi and the king raised a temple for Sri Ranganathar in Kalyana Thirukkolam.
The Utsavam done here starts in Panguni month lasts for 10 days.
On the first day of Panguni Uthiram, Sri Ranganathar comes from Sri Rangam and stay in Urayoor. And on Panguni Uthiram, he marries Kamalavalli Naachiyar and give his Kalyana Kola Seva to his Bhakthas.
There is no Utsavar found in this sthalam as Sri Ranganathar of Sri Rangam came here to marry Sri Lakshmi and the Utsavar of Sri Rangam is considered to be the Utsavar of this sthalam too.
In this sthalam, Periya Pirattiyar is giving her seva in two different ways. One is Irundha seva and the other one is Kidantha seva. Combining these both sevas, she is giving seva as "Urayum" (from sitting seva to sleeping seva) seva, this temple is called "Thiru Urayoor".
The Utsavam done here starts on Aayilya Nakshathiram in Panguni month lasts for 10 days.
On the first day of Panguni Uthiram, Sri Ranganathar comes from Sri Rangam and stay in Urayoor. And on Panguni Uthiram, he marries Kamalavalli Naachiyar and give his Kalyana Kola Seva to his Bhakthas.
Only Moolavar is found in this sthalam. There is no Utsavar here. Since, Arangan married Kamalavalli Naachiyaar, Utsavar of Srirangam is said to be the Utsavar for this Thirukkozhi sthalam too.
There is no Brahmotsavam conducted in this divya desam.
Other Uthsavams:
1.   Kodai Uthsavam - Vaikasi/Aani - 10 days
2.   Vasantha Uthsavam - Vaikasi/Aani - 7 days
3.   Navarathri Uthsavam - Purattasi - 9 days
4.   Dolothsavam - Kaarthigai - 7 days
5.   ThiruAdhyayana Uthsavam - Thai/Maasi - 11 days
6.   Theppa Uthsavam - Maasi - 7 days
7.   Sri Kamalavalli Naachiyar - Sri Azhagiya Manavalan Serthi - Panguni Aayilyam - 1 day.
Apart from the above uthsavams thaayar will have purappadau on every friday.
In this sthalam, Periya Pirattiyar is giving her seva in two different ways. One is Irundha seva and the other one is Kidantha seva. Combining these both sevas, she is giving seva as "Urayum" (from sitting seva to sleeping seva) seva, this temple is called "Thiru Urayoor".
  • Avathara Sthalam of Sri Thiruppaanazhwar - Nakshathiram - Kaarthigai - Rohini - 11 days Utsavam is perform in a grand manner. Apart from this 11 days Avathaara Uthsavam for Sri Thiruppaanaazhwar, Sri Azhwar will have Thirumanjanam and Kannadi Arai Sevai on every month rohini.
  • Kalyana Utsavam which is done during Panguni Utthiram.
The Moolavar of this Sthalam is Sri Sri Azhagiya Manavaalan. Srirangam Uthsavar Namperumal gets the name Sri Azhagiya Manavalan when he comes to Uraiyur. He is found in Standing (Nindra) thirukkolm (position) facing his thirumugham towards North direction along with "Prayoga Chakkaram". Prakthyaksham for Ravidharman and all Devars. (330 crores).
The Thayaar of this Sthalam is Sri Kamalavalli Naachiyaar (Vaasakshmi). Also named as "Uraiyur Valli". She is found in Sitting (Veetrirundha) Kolam facing North direction. The Position of the Thaayar is similar to position of a Bride who sits along with the Groom during marriage. The above positions are called as "Thirukalyana Avasaram".
Uthsavar Thaayaar: Sri Kamalavalli Naachiyaar (Sri Vaasa Lakshmi) and Thaayar Thirunakshatram - Aayilyam (Panguni)
Sannadhis: Special sannadhi for Thiruppaan Alwar.
  • Kulasekara Alwar - 1 Paasuram
  • Thirumangai Alwar - 2 "
    Total - 2 "
1.   Sri Kamala Pushkarani
2.   Kalyana Pushkarani
3.   Suryapushkarani Pushkarani
4.   Kudamurutinadhi Pushkarani
The Vimaanam is Kalyana Vimaanam.


Thirukkarambanoor - Sri Purushothaman Perumal Temple, Trichy


Temple Location :
About the Temple:
It is situated in Trichy, Tamil Nadu district. 8 Kms away from Trichy, 3 1/2 Kms from Sri Rangam, situated in the middle of Trichy - Sri Rangam small Railway station along the Railway from Trichy to Vizhupuram Guard line. Bus facility also available.
Sthala Puranam:
The Sthalapuranam of this temple is also similar to that of the sthalapuranam of "Thirukkandiyoor".
It is said that both Sivaperumaan and Brahma devan had 5 heads. But, Lord Shiva was angry on Brahma Devan that he too had five heads. Because of this anger, he plucked one of his head from his body and was caught by "Brahmagardhi Dhosham". Because of this, he lost of his wealth and started beg for food using the Kabaalam. Because of this, Lord Shiva is called as "Picchai Aandavar".
He was given the Sabham that he can get rid of this sin only if the Kabaalam is completely filled-up with food. From then, Lord Shivan visited all the Divyadesams to get out of his sin. At that time, he was offered food by Sri Mahalakshmi and the Kabaalam was filled completely with food and from then, he got out of his "Brahmagardhi Dhosham". This is the Sthalapuranam said here.
In this sthalam, Sriman Narayanan, Lord Shiva and Brahma Devan who are collectively called as "Mummoorthigal" are found in separate sannadhis and giving their seva to the world.
Since, Emperumaan, Prushothaman gave Prathyaksham for Kadhamba Munivar, this Kshetram is also called as "Kadhamba Kshetram".
Kadhambam means mixture of things. Both Shiva and Vishnu are found in the same temple and explains that there should be no difference between Vaishnavas and Saivas and but at the same time they should be devoted in a single minded way. So, this Kshetram is also called "Kadhamba Kshetram".
In this sthalam only, Sanaga, Sananthana and Sanath brothers are given the first teachings on Saivams and at the same time Prathyaksham for Maarkandeya Maharishi. This also shows how the unity is explained.
Emperumaan, Sriman Narayanam is named as "Uthamar" and Lord shiva is named as "Pikshandanar".
In Aavani and Chithirai month, grand utsavams are done. Marriages of bhakthas are also done in this temple.
This sthalaperumal is Purushothaman (Purushan + Uthaman). Purushan means husband and Uthaman means a person who behaves and likes his wife and doesn't even think of other women. Sri Ramar is the best example for Uthaman and he is said to be "Eaga Pathini Vridhan". So this sthalam is named as "Uthamar Koil" and Emperumaan is called as "Uthaman".
This Kadhamba sthalam is the place where Gnana Thathuvam (explanation of Gnana) and the explaination of Aanma Gnanam was explained.
Doing pooja in Naga linga flower is one of the speciality in this temple and it is said to eradicate all the problems in our life.
The main moral which is explained in this sthalam is Lord Shiva who is the King of Kailayam, after getting jealous on Brahma devan lost all his wealth and begged for food. So, we should not have jealous on others, but should be happy with what we have.
  • Lord Shiva - Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma who are collectively called as "Mum Murthy" are said to found here in this temple.
  • Nagalinga Poo (flower), which is one of the famous and rare flower is found here and this is the special flower here to do poojas in this temple.
The Moolavar of this Sthalam is Purushothaman. He is found in Moolavar in Bujanga seva facing East direction. Prathyaksham for Kadhamba Munivar, Thirumangai Alwar, Ubarusaravasoo, the four persons Sanaga, Sanaathana and Sanathkumarar.
The Thayaar of this Sthalam is Poorvadevi. Also called as "Pooranavalli".
1.   Lord Shiva
2.   Brahma who is otherwise called as "Naan Mugan"
3.   Venugopalan
4.   Ramar
5.   Varadharajar
6.   Hanuman
7.   Sani Bhagavan
8.   Dhasaradha Lingam
9.   Pitshadanaar
10.                     Soundira Paarvathi
11.                     Natarajar
12.                     Kalaimagal (Saraswathi)
13.                     Thirumangai Alwar
14.                     Nammalwar
15.                     Kulasekarar
16.                     Ramanujar and
17.                     Manavaala Maamunigal.
  • Thirumangai Alwar - 1 Paasuram.
    Total - 1 Paasuram.
1.   Kadhamba Theertham.
Utthiyoga Vimaanam


Thiruvellarai - Sri Pundarikasha Perumal Temple, Trichy


Temple Location :
About the Temple:
It is situated in Tamil Nadu. This Shetram is situated on the way between Trichy to Urayoor, 13 Kms from the bus stop. Also has bus facility from Sri Rangam. No boarding and Lodging facility.
Sthala Puranam:
Vellarai means white rock. Since, this sthalam is situated 100 feet high in the top of the small mountain, which is white in colour, this sthalam is called "Thiru Vellarai".
The wall around this temple is very big and covering the entire area of the temple and the walls also has all the 7 theerthams.
The Lord here is referred to the Vedas, which is referred to white colour gives seva along with Thamarai Selvi periya pirattiyar in Nindra Sevai.
There are two entrances to go to the Moolasthanam (Where Moolavar is seen). The 2 entrances are named as "Utharayana Vaasal" and "Dhakshanayana Vaasal".
("From Jan 15 to June 15 is through Utharayanya Vaasal and from then to next six month, is through Dhakshanaya Vaasal"). When one Vaasal is opened the other one is closed.
Sriman Narayanan is giving dharshan to all living and non living things as Sooriya Narayanan. By extending his rays, he is giving security to the entire world.
Sooriya Narayanan, is the person who is making the plants grow, making to rain, Calulating the Jeevathmas paapans (sin) and punniyams (good things).
He is revolving round the Earth to make good things happen and to destroy the bad things (or) evils.
Based on the revolving time of the sun, the good time is calculated. And based on that only, all other Subha Muhurthams (Good days based upon Calculations) are done. The sun is revolving round the Earth is at the same time, its revolving himself. Lord Emperumaan, who turns himself has Suriya Bhaghvan, revolves round the universe and he flashes his rays to make all things live. From his rays, nothing can escape.
As we say there are two vaasals in this sthalam, we are not supposed to do any good activities in Dhakshinayana Kaalam and good things are tend to be done at Uthirayana Kaalam.
But the activities can also be done at dhakshinayana Kaalam and by worshpping Suriya Narayana and start the activity, the work will be done in a successful way.
Sri vishnu who is also named as "Maayavan" at the end of Dhakshinayana kaalam (Margazhi 15th) is named as "Thai Maatha Naayagan", at the start of Thai Month (Jan 15th)
There is a small explanation that has to be said for the two Vaasals. In the human life, there are two separate entrances, (i.e) entering to the life and getting out of it is the other.In both these Vaasals when entering in to the life and when getting out of it, he could be able to feel the presence of Paramaathma. To make to understand this, he resembles himself as "Suriya Narayanan" at the state of Utharayanam and as "Govindan" at the end of Dhakshinayanan at the end of Maargazhi.
The Dhakshinayana Vaasal is the Vaasal or entrance which leads us to the death and it is the place of the stay of Lord yeman, the king of Naragam.
The Uthirayana Vaasal, which is the Vaasal which way that all the Jeevathmas enter in to world as an humanbeing (or) a non living being, is the place of "Lord Guberan", who is the God of wealth.
Even if a person who is well enough in money and his good activity will only lead him towards the Emperumaan. And if a person is very poor and if he is a good hearted and do proper kramas, will lead him to attain the Swargam, the Heaven.
To explain this only, there are two vaasals in this Pundarikaksha Sthalam.
Sri Pundarikakshan, Bhoomi Piratti, Periya piratti, Suriya and Chandiran and Aadisheshan resembles as humans in this sthalam and it can be seen in the Moolavari Place.
Engalaazhvan has written the great "Nadaa thooram Aalukku oppatra pungai Maalai".
Nadaathoramaal means Bhakthan who is having full and entire soul of Bhakthi on the God.
The name which has been given Engalaazhvan as "Nadaathoramaal" has a very special story to be said. Every day he gives milk to Emperumaan. Thinking the milk may be hot, he makes it cold by blowing air through his mouth and gives to Emperumaan. On the action of Engalaazhvan as his mother and calls him as "Nadaathoorammaal".
Udaiyavar, Sri Ramanujar, stayed in this sthalam and explained about Vaishnavam and made it grow. Vedantha Desikar in his Hamsa Sandesam has done Mangalaasasanam.
In front of big pillar in his temple, when we make any sound, it replicates and echo around the temple. Because of this, some of paasurams in Divyapprabhandhams are said for 2 or 3 times.
  • This temple has a biggest wall (Mathil sevar)
  • Birth place of Bhakthar Uyyakondaar.
  • Situated on top of the Mountain which is fall of white rocks and 100 feet high.
The Moolavar of this Sthalam is Pundarikashan.
Moolavar in standing position facing east direction.
Prathyaksham for Garudan, called as "Periya Thiruvadi", Sibi chakravarthy, Bhoomi Piratti, Maarkandeya Maharishi, Lord Brahma, Rudhran (Lord Shiva).
Shenbagavalli. Also called as "Peri Piraattiyaar Lakshmi Devi". Seperate sannadhi for Thaayar. Utsavar thaayar is named as "Pangajavalli".
  • Periyalwar - 11 Paasurams
  • Thirumangai Alwar - 13
    Total - 14
1.   Divya Theertham.
2.   Kanda Kshree Theertham.
3.   Chakkara Theertham.
4.   Chakkara Theertham.
5.   Pushkala Theertham.
6.   Padma Theertham.
7.   Varaaha Manikarnika Theertham.
Vimalaakkruthi Vimaanam.



Thiru Anbil - Sri Vadivazhagiya Nambi Perumal Temple, Trichy


Temple Location :
About the Temple:
It is situated in Tamil Nadu. This divya desam is situated 8 Kms away from Vizhupuram Guard line. It is situatedon the North shore (Vadakarai) of collidam river. The bus way is through Kallannai to Kumbakonam. There is no plenty of transportation and boarding facility.
Sthala Puranam:
This Anbil Sthalam is closely related to great creators. This whole world was created by Lord Brahma and Valmiki Maharishi is great Saint (Muni) and has lots of good thoughts built-in. Both these two persons are very good examples of creating good things and dedicating it to this mighty world.
Based on the Kalyana gunam (Character) and Thiru Vadivam (shape) of Sriman Narayanan, they created good things and presented to the world. Behind this good creation, is the love (or) Anbu in Tamil on God. So, this sthalam is calle as "Anbil".
To all the creative people, all the things they see looks good and beautiful. Like the same way, the God here is Vadivazhagiya Nambi and Thaayar is Azhagiyavalli Naachiyar showing Shundhara - Sorobha Dharshanam.
Sundaram means "beautiful" and "good looking" and Soroobham means the body. Since, the Perumal and Thaayar are said to Good looking and beautiful, it is said the beauty of them attracts all of His bhakthaas.
"Anbae Kadavul, Anbae Azhaghu, Anbae Ulagam, Anbae Gnyanam and Anbae Padaippu"

This is quote told here and the explanation is "God is love, Beauty is Love, Love is the world, Love is the Gnayanam and Love is the creator. And all these beautiful issues indicates how beauty the Perumal is.
The Moolavar of this Sthalam is Vadivazhagiya Nambi. Moolavar in Kidantha Kolam and in Bhujanga sayanam and facing East direction.
Prathayaksham for Lord Brahma and Vaalmiki.
The Thayaar of this Sthalam is Azhagiya valli Naachiyaar.
  • Thirumazhisai Alwar - 1
    Total - 1
1.   Mandooga Pushkarani - Kollidam.
Thaaraga Vimanam. Lots of sculptures found here.


Thirupper Nagar - Sri Appakkudathaan Perumal Temple, Trichy


Temple Location :
About the Temple:
It is situated in Tamil Nadu. Three miles away from Tiru Anbil - Kollidam and along the south shore of Kollidam. This sthalam is on the way to Kumbakonam - Tiruvaiyaaru - Tirukkaattup palli and Kallanai. Persons who are going to this sthalam should ask for "Koviladi" to visit this sthalam. When going in bus this sthalam is 15 Kms away from Laalkudi - Boothaloor Railway station. No lodging facility. By travelling 15 miles from Tanjore, we can reach this Sthalam.
Sthala Puranam:
The Emperuman here in this sthalam says that he will not go out from the hearts of his devotees and as well as from this sthalam. ("Peyarthal means getting out"). So this sthalam is called as "Thirupper Nagar".
Lord Shiva gave Thirupparkadal as the milk, when Rishi Ubamanyu was in his childhood crying due to hunger. This is explained in "Siva Puranam".
Thirupparkadal is the place that belongs to SriVishnu. But, When Lord Shiva is giving dharshan to his devotee, Rishi Ubamanyu, Sri Vishnu is helping him out to give the Complete fulfilment of dharshan of Lord Shiva.
To explain more about this, position of Shri Vishnu in this temple clearly explains how he helped out Lord Shiva. He is giving seva as Ranganathan (In sleeping position) and his right hand is in a position as giving (???) to Rishi Ubamanyu as "Aranga Varadhan" in Kidantha Thirukkolam.
Appam, Which is one of the delicious food item done in interior parts of Tamil Nadu. It will be very sweetful if it is taken along with Milk. Sriman Narayanan is giving Appam which is kept inside kudam (A small vessel) which is full fo Milk. He is giving this Appam to Ubamanyu Rishi by hugging him along his right hand.
Because of this is called as "Appakkudathan" and "Appala Ranganathan". The Good advice given by Sriman Narayanan in this shetram is "There is only one God". So dont fight for it and avoid Racism.
Since, Lord Emperuman give Appam to ubamanyu, the prasadham here for the lord is Appam and it is fed every night for him.
The activity of Sriman Narayanan, who gave the appam was seen in Gnyna Thirusti of nammalwar who is thirukkurugoor biran Sadagopan has compared Thirumaliruncholai and Thiruppernagar and sung 11 paasuram in Thiruvaaimozhi.
In that paasurams, he is explaining how Vishnu is getting out of Thirumaaliruncholai and how the way he gives seva to all the people in thiruppernagar. He has lot of appams in his stomach and giving to all the persons, who are suffering from hunger. Because of this, he doesn't want to get out of Thiruppernagar and sung as "Aara Vayitrinai Adangap Pidithen".
Also, from this shtalam only, Nammalwar started his way to reach paramapadham.
Thiruvarangam is popularly called as "Periya Kovil". To explain the speciality of Srirangam, here Sriman narayanan has given the seva as "Appakkundathan". Since, the Sthalam is situated on cauvery banks and the Lord is in sleeping stage this sthalam is called as "Kovil Adi". To memorise the situation of Srirangam, the theertham here is Kollidam.


The Moolavar of this Sthalam is Appakkudathaan. He is also called as "Appalaa Ranganathan". Prathyaksham for Ubamannyu and Parasarar(Bhattar). Moolavar in Kidantha Kolam and in bhujanga sayanam facing west direction.
The Thayaar of this Sthalam is Indira Devi. Also called as "Kamala Valli".
  • Periyalwar - 2 Paasurams.
  • Thirumangai Alwar - 19 Paasurams
  • Thirumizhisai Alwar - 1 Paasuram.
  • Namaalwar - 11 Paasurams.
    Total - 33


Thirukkandiyur - Sri Hara Saabha Vimocchana Perumal Temple, Trichy


Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This is situated in Tanjoor, Tamil Nadu. 6 miles away from Tanjoor, 2 miles from Tiruvayyaaru. One bus facility available and no lodging facility.
Sthala Puranam:
The temple of this sthalam is 222 feet in length and 115 feet broad in the breadth.
Lord Shiva, who is one of the popularly called "Mummoorthy" is given the Curse (Saapan, which is due to the bad activity when done on others) when he pinched the head of Lord Brahma and Brahma's head got attached (stuck or pasted) along Shivas hand. After this incident, he got the "Brahmagarthi Thosham", he lost all his wealth and finally, he begged for food and led his life. Since, he begged for food, he is also called as "Pikshandavar". Piksha means begging for some need. And finally he got the Saabba Vimochanam (getting out of the god's Curse (saabham)). This is the puranam that is told here in this sthalam.
In Brahmanda puram, 8 songs are sung and well explained about this temple.
Emperumaan, who is giving seva in Kidantha thirukkolam facing east direction in Utthamar Koil, he is giving seva in this sthalam in Nindra thirukkolam facing east direction.
If anyone gets god's curse from some person, they have to tell the Vimochanam (ie) how to get out of it. But, since Brahma deva was not there, Lord shiva he himself felt for what he has done and since that is the Karma, what has been written for him, he left all the things and led his life as pikshandavar.
The pabham was done by Lord Shiva and the person on who it was done is on Lord Brahma and the person who came to and gave dharshan at the end of the time of the pabham is Lord Vishnu. so, at the end of the Sabha vimochanam, are the three Murthygal, or otherwise called as "Mummoorthigal" was given the seva. Since all the three Murthis gave the Seva at the same time, this Shetram is called "Thirumurthy shetram". The victim who was included in the pabham is Lord Shiva. At the end of the Shabha Vimokshanam, the Victim on whom it is done and that is Lord Brahma, who wants them to get out of it is Lord vishnu, who is the Victim of truth.
The moral of this after doing the crime to someone, it is not a wise thing to go to the court and get the punishment but we can give ourselves that and go along with that, as done by Lord Shiva. Inspite of being a God, eventhough he did the pabham, he did not get out of it, but he really felt for it and begged for food and for all of his needs.
Based on this story only, there were separate Sannadhis for Sriman Narayanan and Brahma devan in Kadhambanoor, Uthamar Koil. Next to this temple is a temple for Lord shiva which is next and opposite to this temple. The temple is called as "Brahma Sirakandeeswarar Koil". Siram means head.
Since, Brahma devan sabham was warned (Kandanam in Tamil) in this sthalam this sthalam is called "Kandiyoor".
Even though, it might be the God who has done the crime, they have to get the pinishment for that. That is the main moral that is told to the world. This is the mian moral which has to be rooted inside every human when going through this sthalapuranam.
Near Kandiyoor, there is a small place called "Kalyanapuram" where some special Utsavams are done for Kalyana Venkateswarar.
The theertham which is found in front of this temple is called "Bhali Theertham" and theertham which is found in west is called "Kabhala Theertham".
The Raja Gopuram is partitioned into 3 thalam.
Both Sri Lakshmi Narasimmar and Chakkratalwar are given the seva in the same place. As infront and back. Since, Narasimmar is behind the wall, it is not possible to worship him. Only Chakratalwar can be worshipped.
The vimaanam of this temple will be like the lotus flower. Sandhaana Gopalan and Navaneedha krishnan are also the Ursavars found in this temple.
Kamalam means Lotus. Since, the Shetram is also called as Kamala shetram, the pushkaraniis Kamala Pushkarani, the utsavar is Kamalanathan, and the thaayar is Kamala valli, this temple is said to built along with Panja Kamala way. Panja means five.
The Brahma devans sculpture is taken out and along with saraswathi devi, it is kept inside shivas temple and Lord shiva is kept where the Brahma's sculpture used to placed.
Since, Lord Shiva got the Brahmagarthi dosham, Lord Brahma's sculpture was kept inside shiva's temple. Along the south side of this temple is a sannadhi for Sri Vedantha Desikar, but not utsavar is available.
The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Hara Saabha Vimocchanapperumal. Moolavar in Nindra (Standing) position facing East directipn. Prathyaksham for Agathiya Munivar.
Kamala valli Thaayar.
Utsavar :
Sri Kamalanathan.
1.   Chakratalwar
2.   Lakshmi Narasimar
3.   Vedantha Desikar
  • Thirumangai Alwar - 1 Paasuram.
    Total - 1
1.   Kabaala Moksha Pushkarani.
2.   Padma Theertham.
3.   Kabaala Theertham.
4.   Kudamurutti Nadhi.
Kamalakkruthi Vimaanam.



Om Tat Sat

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