Holy Pilgrimage -Anjaneya Temples in Tamilnadu State

Holy Pilgrimage – Temples in  Tamilnadu State

Namakkal Temples


Lord Anjaneyar Temple

Namakkal is famous for a life-size Hanuman (Anjaneynar) Statue carved out of a single stone. The city lies at the foot of a huge rock, upon which there is a fort. The name Namakkal immediately brings to mind ‘Namakkal Anjaneyar’ – the temple of Hanuman at Namakkal. The idol of Hanuman is approx. 18 feet in height, and stands under open sky. Opposite to the Hanuman is a temple of Narasimha.

Namagiri Lakshmi Narasimhaswami Temple

The principal deity worhsipped here is a beautiful carved murti of Lord Vishnu in the form of Sri Narasimha Swami. The beautiful murti and the ancient cave temple are carved out of an imposing hill.There is a separate shrine for Goddess Namagiri Lakshmi.


Annual car Festival for the Lord Narasimmaswamy temple is celebrated in March and April every year. There are number of sacred bathing places or thirthams in hollows in the sides of the rock and the largest of them is called “Kamalalayam” which is sacred to Lakshmi. Apart from the rock temples there is one Murugan temple at Koolipatti at about 3 K.M. from the town.





  • A new broad-gauge railway line from Salem to Karur via Namakkal has started its service.



Anjaneya Temple, Nanganallur (Chennai)


The Anjaneya Temple at Nanganallur, Chennai is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Hanuman. The principal idol of Hanuman is 32-feet tall and sculpted from a single piece of granite. The idol was installed in 1989 and consecrated in 1995.
Sri Maruti Bhakta samajan trust, consisting of people with high spiritual beliefs, wished for this temple. with the blessings of Sri Ragavendra swami and Sri Kanchi Paramacharyar entrenched the 32 foot idol of Sri Anjaneyar in 1989 and consummated the Kumbabishekam in 1995. The distinguished factor of the 32 feet idol is that it was molded out of a single rock.
The main shrine houses Anjaneya inside a Temple Tower 90 feet tall. Anjaneya is facing West and the main entrance is on the West. There is an auxiliary entrance on the southern side used during temple festivals. The main Temple building has path-ways all around the sanctum sanctorum and also a large covered space (Mandapam) for devotees to assemble in front of the Lord for offering worship. On the North-West corner, a full-fledged Sannidhi for Sri Rama has been built and here He has taken abode with Seetha and Lakshmana with Anjaneya in attendance. The Gods are facing East. Rama's role as the protector and ruler is signified here as Rama is seen carrying his bow, hence the name "Kothanda Rama" for the Lord here. On the South-West, a Sannidhi for Lord Krishna with Rukmani and Satya Bhama, all facing East has been built. Eventhough a Sannidhi for Lord Rama is normally built in Anjaneya temple, rarely a Sannidhi for Lord Krishna is built. Here in our Temple, Krishna Sannidhi is built to remind the devotees that among the Gods it was only Anjaneya who was present in both the indian epics. In Ramayana, as a direct disciple of Rama and in Mahabaratha, in the flag of Arjuna's Chariot as ordained by Lord Krishna to save it from destruction by the opponents. In the North-East part of the Temple, on a small platform, "Vinayaka" is housed facing East and to his left on a yet another platform 'Naga' has been installed. Saint Raghavendra has taken His abode facing Lord Krishna.
Temple Timing
Morning - 5.00am to 12.00pm
Evening - 4.30pm to 9.00pm
Temple Phone Number
2267 1410, 2267 1420



Sarvarista nivarakamam subhakaram Pingaksamaghapaham
Sitanveshana tatparam kapivaram Kotindu Surya prabham |
Lankadvipa Bhayankaram sakaladam Sugriva sammanitam
Devendradi samasta Deva vinutam Kakustha dutam Bhaje ||


My salutations to this Hanuman who always brings subham - everything that is good - for his devotees and eliminates the bad and the evil. He removes even the traces of bad thoughts and deeds from his devotees. i.e he makes them pure in words, thought and deed. With eyes yellow in colour, he is said to be the best among the kapi- the monkeys. He is the one as bright as koti Suryas and koti Chandras (million Suns and Moons) who went in search of Sita. He was a threat to the island of Lanka, but for his devotees he is the one who bestows everything. He was praised by Sugriva. Being the messenger of Rama (the descendent of Kakusth dynasty) he is revered by all Devas including Indra.



Bhaktha Anjaneyar, Senankottai, Tamilnadu


Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar Temple is situated in Senankottai Village on the way to Palani which is 5 km away from Vedasendhur Taluk, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu, India. Further, this temple is located in the centre of Palanimalai, Vellimalai, & Rangamalai. Earlier, Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar Temple was called as a Tulasi Garden. But with the divine, sacred devotion and interest of Mr. S.N. Swamy who is the Chairman cum Managing Director of EICS Group of Companies constructed this temple along with their family members at the same place on (08.03.2008). Inside the shrine of this temple, Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar is installed with a big Gada on his left hand with a graceful look. This Gada is Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar’s weapon to destroy the sins and calamities from the world. This whole appearance of Lord Shri Anjeeneyar in the shrine gives an unknown strength and faith to the devotees. Moreover, a tall sculpture of Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar with a height of about 51 feet has been installed above the shrine which resembles like a Tomb on the temple. This peculiar attraction remains unique in the whole south of Tamil Nadu. Another temple made of crystal stone is constructed inside the campus of sacred corner (Kanni Moolai) where Lord Shri Jeya Vera Anjaneyar is installed. It is said that god stays in the sacred Corner. Every month on special days like full-moon day, Amavasya, Ekadashi, Jenma Nakshatra etc. special Puja’s will be conducted without any interruption and on every Saturday after Puja Prasadam (Sacred food) is distributed inside the temple premises to about 100 devotees. In the month of January (In Tamil-Marzhli) on the sacred day of Shri Anjaneyar Jayanthi (Birthday) special puja’s are conducted in a grand way and Annadhanam is done to the devotees. People from various places, with lot of faith in their heart, visit this temple to have a glimpse of Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar. They worship him with utmost devotion in their mind, heart and soul to get the blessings with a belief that their wishes shall be fulfilled after getting the darshan of Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar.
“Jai Shri Ram”


Nearest places to Vedasandur  

Dindigul -22 km
Karur -58 km
Trichy -100 km
Madurai -84 km
Palani -50 km



The other Temples of Sri Anjaneya Swamy

  • Hanumantharaya Swamy Temple, Gobichettipalayam
  • Komarapalayam Anjaneyar Temple
  • Tirukkatikai Yoga Anjaneyar Temple, Sholingar
  • Veera Anjaneya Swami Temple, Mylapore, Chennai
  • Veera Anjaneya Swami Temple, Chengalpattu
  • Veera Anjaneya Swami Temple, Ananthamangalam
  • Sri SanjeeviRayan Temple,Iyengar Kulam, Kanchipuram
  • Sri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anjaneya Swami Temple, Tiruvallur
  • Sri Jaya Anjaneya Swami Temple, Karur


Om Tat Sat

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