Holy Pilgrimage -Divya Desam Temples in Tamilnadu State -10

Holy Pilgrimage – Temples in  Tamilnadu State

Thirupperai - Sri Magara NedungKuzhai Kaathar Perumal Temple

Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This sthalam is situated in Tirunelveli district, 3 miles away from Azhwar Thirunagari. Lodging facility (Chattiram) is available. One of Azhwar's Navatirupathi.
Sthlapuranam :
The Wealth (or) money will be stayed, permanently who has patience, complete tolerance and the mind to help others. These all the characters are found on Sriman Narayanan, our Emperumaan and along his heart, we can see, Lakshmi pirattiyaar.
Once, Duruvasa muni gave a pearl necklace, which was given to him by thirumagal (Lakshmi devi) to Indiran. He doesnt accept it and gave a bad response to the Muni and likewise, Bhoomi pirattiyaars was also given the sapam. Then as the Sapa vimochan, he asked her to say Sriman Narayanan's Atcharam (Name (or) Slogan) "Om Namho Narayanaya" - and along with the "Sriperai" (Lakshmi's hole body) to do tapas against sriman Narayanan.
Lakshmi Piratti wanted bhoomi piratti to worship Sriman Narayanan along with her because of this only this was done. Now, as a sapa Vimochan, she worships Sripperai along with Sri Vishnu and this sthalam is called as "Thirupperai".
When Bhoomi piratti was doing the tapas during Panguni month - Pournami, along the thamirabarani river, she found two fishes, which looks like "Magara Kundalam" (Ornament which is weared in the ears). After seeing those, she thought those two Kundalams has to be submitted to Sriman Narayana, she took them out and gave it to the Emperumaan and made him to wear those kundalams. Because of this the Emperumaan is named as "Magara Nedung - Kuzhi Kaathan" and along with him, Sri Magal - Lakshmi gives her the seva as "Kuzhi Kaadhu Valli thaayar".
This sthala Emperumaan gives his seva as "Nedung Kuzhaikkaadha Perumal" along with periya piratti (Kuzhai Kaadhu valli Naachiyar) and bhoomi piratti - Sriperai as thambathi Samethar (giving seva along with the wife) to Sukrachariyaar, Lord Rudran (Lord Shiva) and Brahma devan.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar of this sthalam is Sri Magara NedungKuzhai Kaathar Perumal. Also named as "Nigaril Mughil Vannan". Moolavar in Veetrirundha (sitting) Kolam facing East direction.

Prathyaksham for Sukran, Rudhran (Lord Shiva) and Lord Brahma.

Thaayar : Two thaayars - Kuzhaikkaadhu Valli, and Thirupperai Naachiyaar. The two Naachiyaars have their own separate sannadhis.
Nammalwar - 11 Pasurams
Total - 11
Sukra Pushkarani
Sangu Theertham.
Patthira Vimaanam.

Thiruvaikundam - Sri Vaikundanatha Perumal Temple, Sri Vaikundam

Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This temple is situated in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. 1 1/2 miles away from Sri Vaikundam railway lane, this sthalam is situated. Bus facility, lodging facility with food facility is available. This sthalam is one of Azhwars Navatirupathi.
Sthlapuranam :
This sthalaperumal, Sri Vaikundanathan is found alone in Nidra Kolam, as Aadhiseshan serving him as an umbrella.
Once, a theif named, Kaala dooshakan, after steeling the precious things from the people had an agreement in his mind, that he will give half of the stolen things to this sthala perumal. As of its whenever he steels something, he dedicated half of the stolen things to Vaikunda nathan.
Likewise, once he stole some precious ornaments and things from King's palace. But unfortunately, he was caught up by the palace authorities. They brought him to the palace and made to stand infront of the king. Without knowing what to do, he meditated on Sri Vaikundanathan, in his mind and heart. Since, the perumal got the things from the thief, he occupied entirely in the heart the minds of him.
After this, he explained the Aathma Gnana followings to the king. The voice and the appearance belongs to the thief, Kaaladooshan, but the explaination of the Gnana was told by Sri Vaikundanathan. After hearing this, the Emperumaan gave his dharshan to both, the king and the thief in Nindra Thirukkolam.
As asked by the king, this perumal is named as "Kalla Piraan". Kalla - means thief. Since, he gave the seva through a thief, he is named as Kalla Piraan.
Once, Somagan, who was a demon steeled the vedas from Brahma devan and he seeked the help of Sriman Narayanan. Sri Vaikundanathan fought with the Arakkan (demon) to get back the vedas. This is one of the said story about this sthala perumal.
Born as an ordinary human in Ayodhya, Brighu Chakravarthy in the next generation as a biggest emperor, he ws given the prathyaksham of this sthala Emperumaan. Devendran, Indiran was also given the prathyaksham.
The utsavar - Kallabiraan with the Gadha, a weapon in his hand and along with the Sangu and Chakkaram along with Periya piratti and Bhoomi piratti along the two sides, he giving his seva as "Abayakara Varadhan" in Nindra Kolam.
The Sculpturist, after finished doing the utsavar - Kallabiraan, was excited and forgot himself on the beauty of the perumal. As an excitement, he pinched (Expressed as the happiness and the admiration of the beauty the Kallapiraan perumaal. Because of this, a small impression is found on the cheeks of this utsava perumal.
That kind of beauty, this kallapiraan perumal is Moolavar, after fighting with the Somagasuran for the vedas of Brahma devan, in an hurry, he climbed up on Garudan leaving two pirattiyaar. Because of this only, the Moolavar is found alone in this sthalam in Nindra Kolam.
This sthala perumal is also named as "Paal Pandiyan". The story behind is one of things that has to be explained.
Brahma devan did the tapas on the perumal and the perumal suddenly disappeared in to the earth. But the cows, which roamed along the place, automatically gave the milk, where the perumal disappeared. After digging the place, Brahma devan took out the perumal out of the place and after he raised this temple. Since, he was able to get out the perumal, because of the cow's milk, this perumal is also named as "Paal Pandiyan". "Paal means - milk".
It is said that Sooriya perumal, worship this perumal twice a year. As that of it, 6 day of chittirai and 6 day of Iyppasi month, the rays of the sun cross the Gopura entrance and is found all along the Emperumaan as explaining that he is worshipped him.
Two thaayars, Vaikunda valli and Sora Valli are found in separate sannadhis. Vaikunda valli is periya pirattiyaar and Sora valli is found after the Soranatha Naachiyaar's vaasal. The vaikunda vaasal is opened only during Vaikunda Ekadasi.
Near the Vaikunda Vaasal, manavaala maamunigal sannadhi and Dasavatharam of Sri Vishnu is found. Opposite to this is a separate sannadhis for Yoga Narasimhar in south east direction. Every tuesday, special Poojas are done for Yoga Narasimhar.
On the North side a separate sannadhi for Thiruvenkada Mudayaan, Sri Srinivasar in big mandapam is found.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar is Sri Vaikundanathan. Other names of him are Kalla Piraan, Paal Pandiyan. Moolavar in Nindra Thirukkolam facing east direction.

Prathyaksham for Brighu Chakaravarthy and Indiran.

Thaayar : Two thaayars namely Vaikundha Valli and Bhoodevi are found. They have their own separate sannadhis.
Nammalwar - 2 Pasurams
Total - 2
Manavala Maamunigal has also done the Mangalasasanam here.
Brighu Theertham
Tamirabarani Nadhi.
Chandira Vimaanam.
The Gopuram is very big which is 110 feet in height and 500 feet in width, and 396 feet wide big walls which encloses the temple. Numerous sculpture are found in the 100 pillared mandapam which is found near Moolavar sannadhi.

Thirukkulanthai - Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This sthalam is situated in Tirunelveli District in Tamil Nadu. 7 miles in right towards Sri vaikundam and 6 miles away from Thiruppulingudi. Bus facilities are available, but no lodging facilities. This sthalam is one of Azhwar's Navatirupathi.
Sthlapuranam :
In this sthalam, a very big lake (kulam) is found and because of this, the sthalam is also called as "Perungkulam".
Vedarasan, an andanan (brahmanan) had a daughter named Kamalavathi started doing the tapas against emperumaan to attain him fully satisfied on her tapas, he gave his prathyaksham to her and made here as a small beat and kept along with the Kousthuwa Muni (long chain made of beads) which is found in his chest. Since, she was a small girl (Balikai), this sthalam is named as "Baligai Vanam".
In this sthalam, Emperumaan fought against Acchamasaran in Imbalika park (Vanam) and finally he broke his legs and danced on him. Like the same way, Lord Shiva also killed a demon named "Muyalagan" and finally was killed and danced on him by Lord Shiva. There is a close resemblence between these actions and it is said that both the gods are the same and if anything against dharma starts, they will come down to destroy it.
Since, Acchmasaran is killed by Emperumaan in Maaya Yutham (Maya war, the perumal is named as "Maayakoothan".
In Vyazha bhagavan who is also called as Deva guru was given the seva of Emperumaan in this sthalam.
Kulam means wealth and it also means as "Maargazhi". The Emperumaan along with two pirattiyaars gives his seva in Aanandha stage and since there is a big lake (Kulam) that is found close to the sthalam, the sthalam is named as "Thirukkulandhai".
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Srinivasa Perumal. Moolavar in Nindra Thirukkolam facing east diretion.

Prathyaksham for Kamalavathi.
Thaayar : The Thaayar of this temple is Sri Alamelumangai thaayar and Kulandhai Valli are the two Naachiyaars of this sthalam.
Utsavar : The Utsavar of this temple is Sri Maayakkoothan.
Nammalwar - 1 Pasuram
Total - 1
Aanandha Nilaya Vimaanam.

Thiruvaragunamangai - Sri Vijayaasana Perumal Temple

Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This sthalam is situated in Tirunelveli district, in Tamil Nadu. It is 1 1/2 miles away from Sri Vaikundam in East. We can easily go to this sthalam by asking as "Nattham". It is one of Alwars Nava tirupathi.
Sthlapuranam :
This sthalam explains about the sathyam, the right path to go and Dharmam. The Jwalaas (While the fire is burnt, the heat rays comes out of it) which comes out of fire will burn only the Adharma, but the Dharma, the sathyam. Seetha devi after getting into the fire, she came out as the same way, she went into it. This is because of her purity. This also explains about the Characteristic of Agni. He will not do anything harm against the Sathya dharma people.
Making this as the Sathyam as the primary things, there are lot of Jeevas living in this world. One of the example is Romasa Maharishi.
He has lot of hairs (Romam) covered all along his body. He was given a varam like things that at the end of lives of all devars while he is loosing each and every hair in his body.
This rishi explained to Brahma deva as how a creator should be and reduced his bad things, there by rooting the Sathya dharmam.
Like the same way, another person to be explained when talking about sathyam is Savithri. Sathyavan, who married one of the Panja Kanniyargar (5 girls) - savithri, was known to the world with the other named - "Pathivrudhai". This means how she had the love on his husband.
The fate is that Sathyavaan's life has to come to an end. But, savithri doesnt want her husband to carried away by yamen, the demon king. She had a fight along with him to Yamalogam. When her foot went inside the Yamalogam, all the punished persons got their sapa vimocchan and finally they got released from there. This shows how the sathyam is more important and what we will get as a result of it. Seeing the sathya dharma of Savithri, Dharma devan yamen made her husband - Sathyavaan's life and returned him back to his wife Savithri.
Agni, who is the victim of Sathya Dharma, Romasa Maharishi, who explains the Sathyam, and Sathyavaan who is the victim for the dharma of how an husband should be and these three are the total structure of Sathya dharma and the Emperumaan gave his prathyaksham as "Sathya Narayanan" to these person, in Veetriruntha kola and along with Aadhiseshan serving him as the umbrella.
Inspite of these three persons being a men, but their sathya dharma was clearly explained by the women, who were along with them. Agni's sathya was explained by Seetha devi, who is the Mangai (wife) of Sri Ramar (Sriman Narayanan) pusunda Maharishis Mangai (wife) for Romasa Maharishi and finally Sathyavaan's Mangai (wife) Savitri. Since all the purcity of these women are explained, this sthalam is said to be Thiruvaraguna Mangai.
This sthalapirattiyaar - Varaguna valli thaayar (or) Varaguna mangai clearly explained how a wife (or) mangai should ve and found along with Vijiyasanap perumal. Vijayasana means perumal who sits on top of the Sathya Victory.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Vijayaasana Perumal. Moolavar in Veetrirunda kolam, facing east direction.

Prathyaksham for Agni Bhagavan, Romasa Maharishi and Sathyavan.
Thaayar : The Thaayar of this temple is Sri Varagunavalli Thaayar. Also called as "Varaguna mangai Thaayar".
Nammalwar - 1 Pasuram
Total - 1
Manavala Maamunigal has also done the Mangalasasanam here.
Agni Theertham
Deva pushkarani.
Vijayakodi Vimaanam.
It is said that a Andanan, a poor brahmanan, named Vedavith worshipped this emperumaan and he showed his seva on top of this Vijayakodi Vimaanam as "Sathya Narayanan in Veetriruntha Kolam".

Thiruppulingudu - Sri Kaaichina Vendha Perumal Temple

Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This sthalam is situated in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu and 3/4 miles away from Varagunamangai. It is one of Alwaars Navatirupathi.
Sthlapuranam :
Vashista Maharishi's sons and popularly known as Saptha Rishis gave their sabham to Yagnasharma, who was a well knowledged Demon, finally got his sabha vimochan being touched by the Thiruvadi of Emperumaan of this sthalam.
Once, Devendran - Indiran did not give the proper respect to Devaguru Bragaspathi, because of this he doesnt want to see Indiran and disappeared suddenly as suggesed by Brahmadevan by keeping Vicchuvaruna as the Guru who is the son of sukiran (Thuvatta) to do yaagam.
Inspite of doing Yaagam to strengthen the power of Devas, his mind was thinking that the power of Arakkas (Demon) should grow. Vicchuvaruna is a person who has 3 heads. Since he was basically a follower of Arakkas, his mind actually did the yaagam only to raise the power of Devas.
By knowing this (ie mouth speaking one thing and his mind doing the opposite to it) through his Gnana Eye, Devendran Indiran using his Vajrayudh, cut the heads of Vicchuvaruna.
His three heads changed into Eagle, Vulture and crow and was thrown into the air and at that time, he caught up with Brahmagathi Dhosham. To get him out of it, all the other Devas gave land, water, women and trees to clear the dhosham, but it was not cleared and finally only in this sthalam, this dhosham was cleared.
Generally Emperumaan is said to be the whole structure of silence and soft. But at times, he himself change so arrogant to eradicate the evil from this world and because of this, this sthala perumal is also named as "Kaaichina Vendhan".
Sriman Narayanan's general character is soft and calm and Lord Shiva's general character is angry. But, in this sthalam, sriman Narayanan is showing the Character of Lord Shiva, which explains to the world that both of them are the same and should be treated as the same.
Generally, the king who is ruling the country should not get angry at any particular time. But, if anything against the people of the country, he should get angry against the enemy to kill (or) punish them. Like the same, Sriman Narayanan here in this sthalam explains about the anger and gives his seva as "Kaaichina Vendhan" in Bhujanga sayanamand to get out from the curse of Yagnasharma given by the sons of vasishtar and the Brahmagathi dhosham.
From the Thiru Vayairu (Stomach) of the Kaaichina Vendhapperumal, is through the Lotus plants bark, Lord Brahma is attached who is found on the wall of Garbhagraham. We can see only one of the Thiruppaadham (Feet) of Emperumaan. To see the both feets, we can see it through a small hole, which is found on the outer pragharam.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Kaaichina Vendhan. Moolavar in Kidantha kolam in Bhujanga sayanam facing east direction. Prathyaksham for Varunan, Nirruthi, Dharmarajan and Narar.

Thaayar : Two Naachiyaars - Malar magal Naachiyaar and Poomagal Naachiyaar. One more small utsava naachiyaar named "Pulingudu Valli" is also found.
Nammalwar - 12 Paasurams.
Total - 1
Varuna Niruthi Theertham.
Vedachara Vimaanam.

Thiruttholai Villimangalam - Sri Aravindha Lochana Perumal Temple

Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This sthalam is situated in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. Two miles away from Thirukkulandai, a small village named "Mangala Kurucchi" is situated. Travelling by walk for 2 miles through the walking path, we can visit this sthalam after crossing it.
Sthlapuranam :
In this sthalam, a munivar (rishi) named "Athreya Suprabha rishi", started and maintained a yaaga saali (place where yaagam is done). When he was cleaning the yaaga salai, he found out a bright Tarasu (equilibrium measuring instrument) and Bow. On touching those two, it Changed into a beautiful men and a women. They both explained him that they were changed into the tarasu and the bow because of the sabham, given by Kuberan it will end only if they are touched by Suprabha rishi. And after explaining this, they both got sabha vimocchan and got paramapadha mukthi.
Since, the tarasu (or otherwise named as "Thulaam") and bow (otherwise called as "Vil") both of tem got the vimocchan and went to paramapadham, this sthalam is named as "Thulam Vil Mangalam" and as the years passed the name changed to "Tholai villi Mangalam".
The sthala Emperumaan explains and thinks that all the humans and all other living and non living things should lead their lives in an happy way, the perumal gives his seva both in Nindra and Veetrirundha thirukkolam.
Vil (Bow) is the other resemblance of Yaegapathini (good character) Character of Human. Sri Rama, who is considered to be the kind of person who loved only his wife Sita piratti, was popularly named as "Yaegapatthini Vridhan". Having this kind of character only, he could able to life the Shiva dhanush (Vil (or) bow) and able to kill Kakkasuran, vaali and Ravanan.
Tarasu (Measuring Instrument), which has two hands equally measures both the items kept on it. Out good and bad characters and activities are calculated and according to that, we are given the destiny.
This sthala perumal gave his prathyaksham for Indiran, Vaayu bhagavan and Varuna bhagavan. To live, we need to inhale the air and the air is Vaayu bhagavan and other necessary thing is water and it is varunan and the green land is Indiran. By giving the prathyaksham to these three, Emperumaan equalises them and explains to the the world how important and essential they are.
Kumudham means Dharbai Pul (Dharbai is one kind of Grass). Since, in this sthalam, the Yaagam was done, this sthala Vimaanam is called "Kumudha Vimaanam".
This entire world becomes so fresh and gives the Vegetation only because of the Rain that is coming down to the earth. Because of this, the Sthala pushkkarani is Varuna theertham.
For the Bow (Vil) getting into action, two things are necessary. One is the arrow and another one is ther person who perform the action on the Bow. And the person who is performing this action is Sri Srinivasa perumal, who is the whole structure of Good habits and thinking and giving his seva in Nindra Thirukkolam and along the sides are two pirattiyaars are found.
A persons expression of Love, his kind nature and the bhakti is expressed through his eyes. So, the bhaktas who live in a good way and lead their lives in the Dharma way to achieve Sriman Narayanan's Thiruvadi, Emperumaan, gives his seva as "Senthamarai Kannan" and as Aravindha Lochanar along with Karuthandangi Naachiyaar. Dharma Tarasu has two plates, which stands in equal to one another, likewise the Emperumaan and Thaayar are found to be equal and giving the Veetrirundha seva.
Since, both of this sthalam are found along the Tamirabarani river, how rivers flow in different direction, but when they mix together they are treated as the same, like wise even though there are two sthalams, these two are considered to be one divyadesam.
All these Nava tirupathis have a common and a distinct news, that has to be explained. In thirukkurugoor Indiran, who did not give the proper respect for his parents, in Thirukkoloor where Guberan has given the Sabham, in Thirupperai, varunan treated his Guru, and in Thiru Vaikundam, a thief giving his share of the theft things to Emperumaan, in Thiru Varaguna Mangai, where Saavithri fought for her husband's life, in Thirupulingudi, Yagnasharma, who got the sabha of Vashista Muni's sons and in Thiru tholai villi mangalam, a men who was burried into the land as "the Bow" and a women as "Tarasu" by Guberan, got their Sabha Vimocchan. All in these nine tirupathis, Sriman Narayanan, gave them the Sabha vimocchan and to attain the paramapadha world.
Joining two Azhwar tirupathi sthalams, and it is considered to be a single divyadesam, this is called as "Twin Tirupathi".
Both these two sthalams are found inside a small village where there is only small amount of human live.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
First temple is found along the banks of River Tamirabarani. The Moolavar of first sthalam is named "Sri Srinivasan". Also named as "Devapiran".
He is giving his seva in Nindra thirukkolam facing his thirumugam (face) facing in East direction.
Two pirattiyaars are found on either side of him.
Second sthalam is found along the Tamirabarani river.
This sthala Moolavar is Sri Aravindha Lochanar. Also named as "Senthamarai Kannan". He is giving his seva in Veetrirundha thirukkolam facing east direction.
Thaayar - The Thaayar of this temple is Sri Karunthadanganni Naachiyaar.
This sthala perumal is prathyaksham for Indiran, Vaayu bhagavan (Air), Varuna bhagavan (Rain).
Nammalwar - 11 Paasurams.
Manavala mamunigal has also done the Mangalasasanam here.
Total - 11
Varuna Theertham.
Tamirabarani Nadhi.
Kumudha Vimaanam.

Virudhunagar Temples

Thiruthankaal - Sri Nindra Narayana Perumal Temple

Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This temple is situated in Tamil Nadu and can be reached when travelling through Sri Villiputoor, Virudhunagar. Thiruthankaal railway station, which is found in Virudhunagar - Thenkasi railway lane, and after getting from the station, we can reach the temple. Lodging facility is also available.
Sthlapuranam :
This sthala perumal, travels like a cool breeze into the hearts of his bhaktas and takes out their sorrow and there by making them happy. Since, the perumal has the character (Thanmai) of the cool breeze and air, this sthalam is called as "Thiruthankaal".
The Moolavar, Nindra Narayanan is found in Nindra Kolam and towards his right side, separate sannadhis for periya pirattiyaar who is called as "Anna Nayaki".
Neela devi also named as "Aanandha Nayaki" and towards the Moolavar's left side is Bhoomi Pirattiyaar, also named as "Amirutha Nayaki" and Jambhavathi are found and giving their dharshan to the bhaktas.
All the statues (Moolavar and Thaayar, except Sengamala thaayar) are painted and because of this, they are not done the thirumanjanam. Only, Sengamala thaayar is done with the Thirumanjanam only with the oil.
Manmadhan, who is the son of Thirumaal, Sri Vishnu, was made into ash by Lord Shiva and in Krishna Avathaar, he was born in the name of Prathyumnan, as the son of Sri Krishnar. His son is Anirudhan.
Ushai, who was the daughter of Baanasuran, loved the grandson of Sri Krishnar, Anirudhan. But, he has seen him only in her dream. So she ask her friend how to get him. Her friend, Chitralekha got some photos pained and one of the photos, Anirudhan was found and identified by Ushai. Chitralekha, who knows magic, took away Anirudhan, when he was sleeping in his cot. On knowing this, Anirudhan was jailed by Baanasuran. After hearing his Grandson was jailed, Sri Krishnar fought along with Baanasuran and made Anirudhan out of prison and was married to Ushai. This is one of the oldest story told about this sthalam.
Another story about this sthalam is also said and it is related to Lakshmanan, brother of Sri Ramar.
Chandrakethu, who was the son of Lakshmanan had the fasting on Ekadesi and he took his oil bath before the Dhuvadesi came. As a result of this, he became a puli (tiger) and when he came to this Lakshmanan worshipped this sthala perumal and finally got his mukthi.
Periya Pirattiyaar did a strong tapas against Sriman Narayanan. On becoming happy and fully satisfied on her tapas, Sriman Narayanan gave him the Varam that she will become the hamsam of Annapoorani by offering food and shelter to the people of this entire world and said she is the combined and total structure of all the other naayakis - Aanandha Nayaki, Sridevi, Neeladevi and Amirutha Nayaki. And as further to this, the sthalam will be named as "Sripuram" and these are the Varam (Which is given as the prize who satisfies the perumal) given for Sengamala Thaayar. Since, Thirumagal stayed in this sthalam and did the tapas, this sthalam is named as "Thiru thangal". (Thangal means the place of stay).
This sthala thaayar is also named as Jaambhavathi. She was the daughter of the Great Vishnu bhaktas, Jaambhavan who had a great love and bhakti towards Sriman Narayanan. Once in Ramayana time, he wanted to hug SriRamar but Sri Ramar didnt allow him to do so. But, he gave him a promise that in the Krishna Avathar, he can catch hold of him and will be given in Ramavathar, Jaambhavan in Krishnavathar, came towards Krishna to steal the Siyamanthaka mani, for which they bought for s8 days. In Vaamanavathar, he asked Sri Vishnu that he should be killed only by his weapon, Chakkaram. As a result of this, he was killed on the 28th day and at that time, Sri Krishnar made him to remember his past. Jaambhavan was so happy that he was killed by a great person, who takes care of the entire world and asked for a final help to Sri Emperumaan that he should marry her only daughter, Jaambhavathi. As his final wish, the perumal married, Jaambhavathi.
The one more feature of this sthalam is the Garudan. Garudalwar is found along with the snake in his left hand and Amudha Kalasam in his hand and giving his seva and other two hands are folded and he found along with 4 hands.
Another speciality is the Thaayar is found in standing posture facing her thirumugam along East direction. In all the sthalams, the thaayar is found only in sitting position, but only in this sthalam, she is found in standing position, which is said to be one of the speicality of this temple.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolvar of this temple is Sri Nindra Narayanan. Also called as "Thiruthankaal appan". Moolavar in Nindra thirukkolam facing his thirumagan along the East direction. Prathyaksham for Salliya pandiyan, Puli, Sri Vallavan and Sridevi pirattiyaar.
Thaayar: The thaayar of this temple is Sri Sengamala thaayar. She has her own separate sannadhi. Also named as Annanayaki, Amiruthanayaki, Aanandhanayaki and Jambhavathi.
Utsavar: The Utsavar of this Divyadesam is Thiruthan Kaalappan is found in Nindra thirukkolam.
Bhoodathalwar - 1 Paasuram
Thirumangai Alwar - 4 Paasurams
Total - 5 Paasurams.
Papha Vinaasa Theertham. It is said that people who take bath in this theertham can attain moksha after their death.
Devachandra Vimaanam.

Thiruvilliputhoor (Sri Villiputhoor) - Sri Vadabhatra Saayi Perumal Temple

Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This temple is situated in Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu. When going in train, we have to get down in Sri Villiputtoor Railway station, Via Thenkaasi, Virudhunagar and getting down in the Srivilliputtoor station, we have to go 1 1/2 miles to reach the temple. Bus facility and lodging facility is also available.
Sthlapuranam :
This sthalam was once covered full of trees and lots of plants and it is considered to be a forest type of land. This kind of land was under the rule of Malli, who is a lady, who had two sons, named Villi and Kandan.
Kandan was killed by a tiger in the forest. One day, in the dream of Malli, Sriman Naryanan gave his seva and ordered her that the forest should be destroyed and thereby getting Andanars to live. As the same way told by Sriman Naryanan, the forest was destroyed and the Malli nadu became "Villiputtoor". This sthalam is also called as "Puttoor Pudhuvai".
In 9th Centuary, in Kurodhana yer, Aani Month, Valarpirai Ekadesi, Sunday as the hamsam of Garudan, Periyalwar born in Swathi natshatram (star).
He was also named as "Vishnu Sitthar", since he had always the bhakti towards the Emperumaan in his mind. He constructed a small flower Nandhavanam (park) and planted all of the flower plants, these flowers are made as Garlands and was dedicated to Villiputtoor Sri Rangamannar. Since, he gave his blessings (Aasi) for the perumal by singing the "Pallandu", he was named as "Periyalwar".
At the same 9th century in Nala year, Aadi Month, Valarpirai, Chaturdasi, Tuesday, in poora Natshatram (star) as the hamsam of Bhoomi piratti, Sri Andal was born in the Nandhavanam and was taken care by Periyalwar.
As the daily work, periyalwar used to dedicate the Garlands to Sri Emperumaan, Rangamannar. One day, he saw that the Garland which should be around the thirumeni (body) of Rangamannar is found on the body of Sri Andal. On seeing this, Periyalwar got angry on her and warned her not to repeat the same ever after.
On that day, in the dream of Periyalwar, Sri Rangamannar asked him not to get angry on the action performed by Sri Andal and he too added that from next day, he should be dedicated the Garland which is worn first by Sri Andal and that Garland only should be dedicated to him. He also said that he will accept her love and will marry her soon. Because of this, Sri Andal is popularly called as "Soodi Kodutha Sudar Kodi". Periyalwar explained the beauty of Sri Vishnu in Vada Madhura and in Thirumaaliruncholai, Sri Andal got over joy and had a stubburn mind that she should get married to Sri Vishnu. As her love towards Emperumaan, Sri Ranganathar of Sri Rangam, came in the dream of Periyalwar and asked him to come along with Sri Andal to Thiruvarangam. As his command, Periyalwar along with Sri Andal went to Sri Rangam.
Sri Andal, on seeing Sri Ranganathar started to admire his beauty. Then, Sri Ranganathar acquired Sri Andal towards him and gave the father-in-law position to Periyalwar.
Sri Andal temple is found close to Vadabathre Saayi temple. 20 Pandha Mandapam is found in the entrance of Andal temple. After crossing along the left side, we can find the Kalyana Mandapam and after crossing this is the separate sannadhis for Sri Ramar, and Sri Srinivasa Perumal. Then, we have to cross the Kodi maram, a mandapam named "Madhavi Mandapam" is found and lots of beautiful paintings of the Emperumaan are found. Next to it is the Mani Mandapam and then the Artha Mandapam and then the Moolavr sannadhi is found.
In Moolavar Sannadhi, Sri Aranganathar having the instrument to ride the Chariot is found in Kalyana Kolam is found along with Sri Andal and Garudan. In all the Vaishnava temples, Garudan is found in the opposite side of the perumal sannadhi, but only in this sthalam, he is found along with the Thaayar.
A separate statue is kept for Sri Andal in the Nandhavanam, where she was born, which is found on the North East direction of Sri Andal temple.
The Arayar sevai, which is sung in Sri Rangam and Thriukurugoor - Alwar Thirunagari, is also sung in this kshetram.
Periyalwar sannadhi is found on the North side of the temple and he is faced towards the south direction. Two thalams (floors) are found in this temple. In the bottom thalam, Sri Narashimhar and the 12 Alwars and Dasavatharam of Emperumaan is found. When going through the steps of the bottom thalam, we can reach the upper thalam where we can find the Moolavar sannadhi, where Vadabadhara Saayi is giving his seva.
In Artha Mandapam, Chakrathalwar, Sri Kannan and Allal Thavirtha piraan Utsavars are found.

Thiru Aadi Pooram, which is the birth star of Sri Andal, is done as a big Utsavam and the biggest Chariot is taken out and Sri Andal comes around the Mada streets of Sri Villiputtoor.
In Panguni Utthiram, Sri Andal's Kalyana Utsavam is done, which is one of the specialised utsavam of this temple.
Vyasa Bharatham, which was translated in Tamil by Villiputtoor Alwar, Pattarpiraan Periyalwar who is called as the senior alwar and Sri Andal, all of these 3 great followers of Sriman Narayanan born in this kshetram.
Next to Sri Rangam Gopuram, which is the biggest Gopuram in Asia continent, Srivilliputtoor Gopuram is the biggest Gopuram next to Sri Rangam.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolvar of this temple is Sri Vadabhatra Saayi. Also named as Ranga Mannaar. Prathyaksham for Mandooga rishi and Periyalwar Moolavar in Bhujanga Sayanam, giving his seva facing along the east direction.
Thaayar: Sri Andal. Also named as Kotha Naachiyaar, Soodi Kodutha Sudar Kodi.
Periyalwar - 1 Paasuram
Sri Andal - 1 Paasuram
Total - 2 Paasurams.
Samsana Vimaanam.

 Madurai Temples
Thirukkoodal - Sri Koodal Azhagar Perumal Temple, Madurai

Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This sthalam is situated in Madurai district in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The temple is found close to Madurai main Bus stop. Plenty of bus, train facilities are available. Lots of lodging facilities are also available. The travel to this divyadesam is very easy since lots of transportation facility is available.
Sthlapuranam :
This sthalam is situated in Madurai, which is famous for all the temples found here. And, Madurai is famous for the Meenakshi Amman temple. All the Devas of the Lokam and Munivar came all together for the Meenakshi Amman to Sivaperumaan in this sthalam and because of this, the sthalam is called as "Koodal". Koodal means all of the persons (or) group of people coming (or) joining together. Sivaperumaanwho is the entire structure of Gnanam, and Sakthi are married to each other, and the Paramathma, Sri Emperumaan is assisting and helped them in getting married. Gnanam, sakthi, Beauty, Bhakti and wealth are joined together on the same place and they give their Kalyana seva to the entire world. When Konedu Maaran Sri Vallabha devan was ruling the city, Periyalwar on seeing the beauty of Azhagar, he sang the great, "Thiruppallanndu" in praise of Azhagar.
Sownaka Maharishi, when he was doing the Tapas, he was covered by the small mud mountain (Putru). Yayaathi's daughter, while she was playing there, found two bright lights flashed from inside of the putru. But it was actually the eyes of Sownaka Maharishi. She took a small stick and poked his eyes. As a result of this, Sownakar got angry and gave her the sabham that all the childrens that are born to Yayaathi's daughter will be blind. Hearing this, she felt sorry for that and asked for Sabha Vimochana. Cooled by her devotion, Sownaka Maharishi, he himself married Yayaathi's daughter and earned 100 childrens and one among them was Janaka Maharishi.
A Pandiyan king by named Sathyavrathan, devoted this Koodal Azhagar and had a great belief towards him. One day, when he went to worship Koodal Azhagar. But before going into the temple, he washed his hands in the Kirutha maala river, where a fish was found in his hand. He thought that the fish might be the Emperumaan, Since fish was one of the Avathaars of Sri vishnu. Because of this only, the Pandiya Kings in their flags have the fish as the symbol.
Another great thing that has to be said about this temple is the great Raja Gopuram, which is very big with lots of architectural works found in it. In the first pragharam there is a separate sannadhi for Madura valli Naachiyaar. Meenakshi Amman, who is made up by Maragatham and to remember her, this sthala thaayar is named as "Maragadha Valli". On the North side, a separate sannadhi for Aandal Naachiyaar is found.
This sthala perumal is found in 3 thalam (ie) in the bottom thalam, he is found as Koodal Azhagar in Veetriruntha kolam, in the second thalam (middle one) he is found as "Andhara Vaanathu Empiraan in Kidantha kolam and int he Upper thalam, he is found as Sooriya Narayanan in Nindra thirukkolam.
The perumal who is found in the bottom thalam is also called as "Viyooga Soundararajan" and he is the Utsava Moorthy of this sthalam.
In all the Vaishnava temple, the Navagraha Sannadhis will not be found and will be found only in Lord Shiva or in Saiva temples. But in this sthalam, a separate sannadhi for Navagrahas are found. This is to imply that both Vaishnavam and Saivam should be considered as the Single God but not as separate Gods.
In this sthalam only, Periyalwar sang his great Thiruppallandu, which is sang in praise of the Emperumaan and as a result of this, he got the Prathyaksham of Sriman Narayanan as "Koodal Azhagar".
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolvar found in this temple is Sri Koodal Azhagar. Moolavar in Veetrirundha thriukkolam facing his thriumugham in East direction. Prathyaksham for Brighu maharishi, Sownaka maharishi and Periyalwar.
Thaayar: The name of the Thaayar is "Madura valli". She is also called as Vagulavalli, Varaguna valli and Maragadha valli. She has her own separate sannadhi.
Thirumangai Alwar - 1 Paasuram.
Andal - 1 Paasuram.
Total - 2
Hema Pushkarani
Chakkara Theertham
Kirutha Maala Nadhi
Vaigai Nadhi.
Ashtanga Vimaanam.

Om Tat Sat

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