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Holy Pilgrimage – Temples in  Tamilnadu State

Thirumaalirunsolai - Sri Kallazhagar Perumal Temple, Madurai


Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This is one of the divyadesam found in Madurai. Lots of buses are available from the Railway Station. But there is not much of lodging facility. Bhakthas can stay in any Lodges/Rooms near railway station. The temple is situated on the foot hill of Azhagar malai (mountain).
Sthlapuranam :
Tirupathi - Tirumala which is called the "Vada Venkatam", is popularly named as "Utthira Tirupathi". Likewise, this sthalam, Azhagar koil is called as "Dhakshina Tirupathi".
Like how Sri Srinivasa Perumal in Tirumala is giving His seva in Nindra Kolam on the top of the mountain, Azhagar also gives his seva in same Nindra Thirukkolam on the foot hill (Malaiyadi vaaram) of Azhagar Malai. The surroundings of this sthalam is so beautiful that the cool breeze surrounds the entire temple area and the temple itself is surrounded by Mountains.
The temple is protected by the Karuppar who is said to be Kaaval Deivam (protecting God).
The people who come along the Kallar generation led their life by grabbing money and wealth and by killing them.
But, another kind of people of this generation are also found who led their life by giving their wealth to the Emperumaan thereby praising him. Even if they steal others money, they will dedicate it for the perumal. Thirumangai Alwar, who is one of the 12 Alwars, belong to this Kallar generation.
"Kallar" in tamil means thief. The Perumal is called with this name because He steals all of His bhaktas heart by His beauty and the blessings. He protects all His bhaktas from the the evil.
Muruga Perumal is one way related to Sriman Narayanan, since her mother, Shakti is the sister of the Emperumaan. He married Deivayani, who married her in Thirupparankundram and married Valli, who belongs to the people found near mountains.
This sthalam is common for bhaktas who worship Sriman Narayanan and Lord Murugan. To explain the world that there should be no diffrence among the Gods, both the Saiva God, Muruga and the Sri Vaishnva god - Sriman Narayanan as "Kallar" (or) Azhagar are giving their seva to this world in this Maalirunsolai.
The Gopuram of this temple is very big and the first Vaasal (entrance) is the Thondaimaan Gopura Vaayil and 3 pragarams are found inside it. We can find the Sundara Pandiyan Mandapam, Sooriyan Mandapam and Munaiyathareyar Mandapam are found while going towards the Moolavar sannadhi.
The Moolavar gives His seva in Nindra Kolam and found along with Bhoomi Pirattiyaar. It is said that Yamadharman, the God of death daily comes to this sthalam in the night to worship the Perumal. The Perumal is also named as "Paramaswamy" which makes us to remember Lord Shivan.
The Utsavar is namd as "Sri Sundara rajar". Both the Moolavar and utsavar are found along with the Panja Aayutham (5 weapons) namely the Sangu, Chakkaram, Vaal (or) Sword, Kothandam (bow) and Gadha, in their hands. Utsavar is made up of Aparanjitha gold, which is said to be the purest gold. The thirumanjanam (spiritual bath) is done only with Noopura Gangai water, if he is done with other water, the Utsavar becomes black in colour.
Along with him, Sri Sundara Baahoo Sri Srinivasar, Nithiya Utsavar are found who are made up of pure silver. The outer pragaram of Moolavar, Thumbikkai Alwar (Vinayagar) and Senai Mudaliayar are found.
Vairavar, who is treated as the "Shetra Balagar" of this sthalam is giving his seva in this sthalam and is said to be the powerful god with numerous shakti.
The thaayar is also named as "Thanikkovil Thaayar" since she has her own separate sannadhi. Tha Manjal (Turmeric) is given as the prasadham in this sannadhi to the bhaktas. Separate sannadhis for Sri Sudharsana Chakrathalwar, Sri Andal are found. Sri Yoga Narasimhar who is found in sitting posture is found who is said to be so powerful.
The Azhagar utsavam which is done in Chitra Pournami is the Familiar utsavam of this sthalam. It is celebrated for almost 9 days and the first four days of the Utsavam is celebrated in Azhagar malai. He leaves for Madurai on the fourth day and return back to the Malai on the 9th day. In the same dy, the wedding of Madurai Meenakshi and Sundareswarar is done in Madurai, which is considered to be another grand utsavam in Koodal Azhagar Koil.
The Azhagar festival is a grand Utsavam which is celebrated as he witnesses the wedding of Madurai Meenakshi and Lord Sundareswarar. He is seated on the Horse (Kudirai) Vahanam and proceeds towards the Vaigai river. And after this, he proceeds to the koil in the Kallazhagar kolam. Azhagar getting into the Vaigai river is reffered to as "Azhagar Aattril Iranguthar" festival. It means he is getting into the river Vaigai. Lakhs of bhaktas comes to Madurai to see this festival. During His entrance towards Madurai, the arrival of Him is referred to as the Edhir Sevai (the welcoming of Kallazhagar to Madurai is done). Before He starts for the Utsavam, a garland of Tulsi from Srivilliputtoor Sri Andal is weared to Him. This is done every year showing and expressing the love of Sri Andal towards Kallazhagar.
Other festival which is done in the Maargazhi month's utsavam. Both Pagal Patthu and Raa Patthu utsavam are done and on the 8th day, Azhagar is seated in Golden Horse and he gives His seva. The Marriage utsavam of Sri Kallazhagar and Sri Andal happenes in this Panguni Uthiram day only.
Sthala Viruksham (tree): Sandhana Maram (Sandal wood tree).
The speciality of this sthalam is in this sthalam the bhaktas are given the Vibhoodi (Thiruneeru) which is generally not given in Sri Vaishnava temples but given only in Saivates temples.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolvar found in this Sthalam is Sri Azhagar. Other names of this perumal are Kallazhagar, Maalangkaarar and Maalirunsolai Nambi. The perumal gave his prathyaksham for Malaiyathvaja Pandiyan and Dharmadevan. Moolavar in Nindra thirukkolam facing his thirumugham in East direction. Thaayar: The Thaayar is Sundaravalli. Also called as "SriDevi". She has her own separate sannadhi in this temple.
  • Periyalwar - 24 Paasurams
  • Andal - 11 Paasurams
  • Thirumangaialwar - 33 Paasurams
  • Bhoodathalwar - 3 Paasurams
  • Peiyalwar - 1 Paasuram
  • Nammalwar - 36 Paasurams
    Total - 108 Paasurams.
Manavala Maamunigal and Udaiyavar Sri Ramanujar has also done the Mangalasasanam on this perumal.
Pushkarani: Noopura Gangai and Silambaaru are the two pushkarani of this temple. The Origin of the Noopura Gangai in unknown but it flows towards the Gomukhi Vaayil and then follows towards the Madhavi Mandapam and finally drops into a big thotti (tank). The water finally reaches the base of Azhagar malai and it is referred to as the Thenaru (river of honey), since the water is so sweet in nature. This pushkarani is said to be of the medical values, which cures many diseases.
Somasundara Vimaanam. Somasundar is the form which is taken by Lord Shiva to marry Meenakshi. As the remembrance of it, the Vimaanam is said to be the "Somasundara Vimaanam".



Thiru Moghur - Sri Kaalamegha Perumal Temple


Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This divyadesam is found in Madurai district, 8 Kms from Madurai. There is no lot of bus and lodging facilities. We have to get down in Thirumoghur while travelling from Madurai to Meloor.
Sthlapuranam :
Long ago, the Indiran and all the other devars were given the sabham to loose all of their wealth and their power. They got frightened on the Asurars and seeked the help of Sriman Narayanan. To regain their lost power, Sri Emperumaan said that he will help them out in gaining their lost power and advised them to get out the Amirdham (nector) from the paarkadal.
At the same time, the Asuras also wanted their existing power to increase, thereby came to extract the Amirdham from paarkadal. At that time, Sri Vishnu to the Avathaar of Kurma, thereby helping to extract the nector.
The devars are found on one side and the Asuras are found on the other side, thereby trying to extract the Nector. The first thing to come of it is the "Kaala Khoota Visham" (the poison). Since, this being a dreadful poison, Lord Shiva came and swallowed it and thereby got the name as "Neela Kandan". Since the person's body turns blue after the poison taken, and since the poison stayed on the neck of Lord Shiva, he is given the name as "Neela Kandan" Neela - means blue and Kandan - means the neck.
And after the poison came out, lots of good things came out of it to enrich the world. Dhanvanthri, the doctor of perumal, 60 crores dancing Rambhais, their friends, a horse by named "Ucchai Siravaran", the spritual and the wealth giving cow, the Kaama dhenu, Iyaravadha elephant,which was given as the Vaahanam (Vehicle) of Indiran, Kousthuvamani, Sri Lakshmi, Moodevi the tree Karpaga Virutsham, the tree that gives lots of wealth. Varuna Kumari Vaaruni came out. These are the things that emerged out of the Paarkadal, while the Asuraas and the Devars where trying to extract the Amirdham.
And finally, the Amirdham, for which they we trying to get came from Paarkadal. Sriman Narayanan doesnt want it to go to the Asuras since that might even increase the strength of them, more. So to help out the Devars in regaining their power, he took an another form (or) avathaar of Mohini, a beautiful women. The beauty of the Mohini could be explained, since it was so beautiful and the people who see her gets disturbed. The Emperumaan, who took the form of Mohini and decided that he will distribute the Amirdham for both Devas and Asuraas. They both agreed for this. On seeing the beauty of Mohini, the Asuraas didn't care much about the Amirtham and all were attracted by the beauty of Mohini. At that time, Sriman Narayanan gave all the Amirdham to the Devars and helped them in getting back their lost power.
There is another sweet story of why the perumal took the Mohini avathaar. Sri Lakshmi, who came out of the Paarkadal was so beautiful women in the world. But, by taking Mohini Avathaar the perumal has reduced her thought that she is not only the beautiful women, but some more are there.
On seeing the beauty of Mohini avathaar, Lord Shiva was too got attracted towards the beauty and as a result of this only from the Gnana eye of Lord Shiva, Lord Iyyappan was born. The name "Moghur" was given to this sthalam, only because of the beauty of Mohini avathaar taken by Sriman Narayanan.
Moghur Emperumaan, who is also called as "Kaalameghap perumal" is found as the same way like Sri Varadharajar is found in Kanchi, having the Gadha in his left hand and the right hand is positioned in such way that it gives the varam for hsi bhaktas in Nindra kolam facing east direction.
The temple is surrounded by huge walls and outside the temple we found the "Ksheeraapthi Pushkarani". First is found the entrance of the temple which is facing to the east direction on entering in to the Vaasal, we can find the "Kambatthadi Mandapam". In this mandapam, the stone carved beautiful statues of chinna Marudhu and Periya Marudhu statues are found, who helped for the welfare of this temple. Next to it is found the Garuda Mandapam. In this mandapam, we can see the sculptures of Kothanda Ramar, Sita piratti, Lakshmanan, Kama devan, Rathi devi are found and also a small sannadhi for Garudan is found after this mandapam.
As we enter the temple, on the southern side, a separate sannadhi for the perumal is found where he gives his seva in Sayana thirukkolam (Sleeping kolam) along with Sridevi and Bhoomi pirattiyaar. He is found underneath the Aadhiseshan, the bed of the perumal. There are also 7 sayana thirukkolam of this perumal is found and they are :
  1. Bogha Sayanam.
  2. Veera Sayanam.
  3. Sthala Sayanam.
  4. Aanandha Sayanam.
  5. Bala Sayanam.
  6. Uthana Sayanam and
  7. Prathana Sayanam.
Prathana sayanam is the peculiar type of sayanam of the perumal and it is one of the rare position of to be found. The thaayars are found along the feet of the perumal in sitting position and praying towards him to give his darshan for their devotees.
And after finally seeing these, we can find the Moolavar sannadhi, where the Kaalamegapperumal is giving his seva with his erect body well stretched and on the right hand is positioned in such a way, it gives varam for the devotees and on the left hand is found the Gadha and found along with Periya Pirattiyaar and Bhoomi Pirattiyaar in Nindra thirukkolam facing along the east direction.
Kaala megham means dark clouds that bears the rain in it and since the rain drops on to the earth to the perumal is named "Kaalamegapperumal" giving all the necessary varams that people needs.
The special things that has to be explained about this sthalam is the sudharsana Alwar who is found in this sthalam. He is one of the Panja Aayutham of Sri Vishnu. The Sudharsana Alwar is found with sixteen hands with 16 different weapons in his hands. He is found in "Prathyaaleetha" position which means a person in running to help the bhaktas, who worship him.
To the back side of Sudharsana alwar, is found Narasimhar in yoga position. He is found along with Chakra and Sangu in his hands. Both the Moolavar and the Utsavar Vigraham are so identical and it is very rare to see both in the same way. Both, the Sudharsana Alwar and Narasimhar are surrounded by the rays of flame of the fire.
The Sudharsana Alwar is found with sixteen hands with 16 different weapons in his hands. He is found in "Prathyaaleetha" position which means a person in running to help the bhaktas, who worship him.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Kaalamegha Perumal. Moolavar is found in Nindra Thirukkolam facing his thirumugham in East direction. He found along with the Gadha in his left hand. The perumal is prathyaksham for Brahmadevan, Indiran and Ajaruthar.
The Thaayar of this sthalam is "Moghur Valli". She is also named as Mohana valli. She has her own separate sannadhi.
The Utsavar of this sthalam is Thirumoghur Aapthan. The Emperumaan Panja Aayuthams (weapons) are all found in his hands.
  • Nammalwar - 11 Paasurams
  • Thirumangaialwar - 1 Paasurams
    Total - 12 Paasurams.
Pushkarani: Ksheeraapthi Pushkarani.
Kethaki Vimaanam. Kethan is the another name of Lord Balaramar, who actually born to Vasudevar and Devaki, but was replaced in Rohini's stomach. As a result of this only, the vimaanam is named as "Kethaki Vimaanam".



Ramanathapuram Temple


Thiruppullanni - Sri Kalyana Jagannatha Perumal Temple



Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This is one of the divyadesam which is found in Ramanadhapuram district, in Tamil Nadu. We can reach this sthalam while travelling along Keezhakkarai. We can reach this sthalam by getting down in Maanamadhurai railway station and take a bus to reach Thiruppullani. But there is no plenty of lodging facilities available.
Sthlapuranam :
In Ramayana, Ravana, took away sita and captured her as a prisoner in Lanka. Sri Ramar, on hearing the action performed by Ravana, had to take proper and immediate action to get out Sitapiratti from Ravana. But, Ravana's brother Vibheeshanan who lived along with him doesnt liked the low act of Ravana and advised him to return Sitapiratti to Sri Rama, else the whole Lanka might get into danger.
On hearing the advise from Vibheeshanan, Ravana got angry on him and asked him to get out of Lanka and join along with Sri Rama. Vibheeshanan came out from Lanka and fell down to the divine feets of Sri Ramar and explained him that Sita Piratti is kept as the prisoner in Lanka. Since, Vibheeshanan finally fell down to the feet of Sri Ramar for complete Saranagathi, this sthalam is also named as "Saranagathi" Kshetram.
Sri Ramar, stayed along with Sugreev, Hanuman, Vibeeshanan and other Vanara senais and discussed with all of them that how to get out Sita piratti from Lanka. He stayed in this Pullani sthalam and did tapas in Sayana Kolam on Dharbaipull (the grass) for sevan days without eating anything. Since because of doing tapas on the grass and showed his sayana kolam in the pull (grass), this sthalam is called "Thiruppullani". Pull means the grass and the Anai means the bed and since Sri Ramar showed his sayana kolam in Pullani, this sthalam is called as "Pullani". Sri Ramar worshipped the Aadhi Jagannatha perumal and prayed him to help him out to get Sita piratti. As satisfied by the worship of Sri Ramar, Aadhi Jagannatha perumal gave him the Bow and because of this, the perumal is also named as "Deivasilaiyar" and Divya Sapan.
This Thiruppullani is found near Sethu Karai (shore). Sri Ramar could not know how to cross the huge ocean and got the advise from Vibheeshana that they can cross the ocean only if all the water dries. He advised Sri Ramer that he can ask the Samudhara Raja to get dried and can make them the way towards the Lanka. On getting the advise from Vibheeshana, Sri Ramar seeked the help of the Samudhara Rajan. But he doesnt show any response for Sri Ramar. Sri Ramar worshipped before the Samudhara Rajan to make the way, but since there was not response from him, Sri Ramar got angry and threatened against samudhara Rajan that if he doesnt make them the way, he would make the ocean dry completely. On hearing the threatened words from Sri Ramar, Samudhara Raja was frightened and came out from the ocean along with his wife Varuni and fell down on the feet of Sri Ramar as Saranagathi. Inspite of Vibheeshanan got the saranagathi, samudhara Rajan and his wife Varuni also got the saranagathi and thereby justifies that this Kshetram is given the name as "Saranagathi Kshetram".
After this, the Samudhara Rajan made the ocean to become quite and asked Sri Ramar to build a bridge, so that they can travel through it to reach Lanka.
As advised by Varunan, Nalan and all the other Monkeys (Vanara Senai) started to build a bridge and this bridge is called as "Sethu Anai", since this is constructed along the Sethu Karai (Shore). And finally crossing through this bride to Lanka, Sri Ramar fought with Ravana and killed him and got out Sita Piratti.
Kanva rishi, Who was Maha rishi stayed in this sthalam and did a strong tapas against the perumal without having any food. On satisfied with the tapas of Kalvar Rishi, Emperumaan gave his seva and asked for the Varam that he should be always along with him and continue to help him. The perumal agreed his words and continued to help him.
Once there lived a rishi by named Devala Maharishi and did a strong tapas on the perumal. He started his tapas after taking the bath and started the tapas. When he was doing the tapas, seven deva Kanyas came down to this sthalam and wanted to take a bath in the small river. They enjoyed that moment and all of them forgot themselves. Their enjoyment made them to forget them to give the proper respect to Devalar Maharishi and on seeing this act of the Sapta deva Kanyas, he gave them the sabham of all of them to become Yatchars (ordinary humans with less minded). On getting the sabham, allthe 7 deva Kayas felt for it and realised their mistake and asked Devalar Maharishi that how could they get out from the curse. Devalar Maharishi asked them to get to Pullaranyam (Thriuppullani) and get the help from pullar Maharishi, so that he can help them to get out of the Sabham.
All the sevan deva Kanyas reached Thiruppullani fell down to the feet of pullar Maharishi. They all told him about the sabham got from Devalar Maharishi and he had advised all of them to get the help of pullar Maharishi to get out of the curse. Pullar Maharishi advised all the 7 Kanyas to stay in Thiruppullani and worship the Aadhi Jagannatha perumal and he is the only person who can make them to get out of the sabham. When Sri Ramar came to this pullaranya kshetram, his eyes glanced on all the 7 deva kanyas and at that moment all of them were out of the sabham and once again reached the deva lokam.
In this sthalam, Sri Ramar is found in Tapas Kolam in Dharbha Sayanam. Generally, the Emperumaan is found on Aadhiseshan as the bed, but here in thsi sthalam, he is found on the pullanai and Lakshmana, who is the hamsam of Aadhiseshan is found along with Sri Ramar and helping him. The utsavar is kothanda Ramar and is seen along with Sita piratti, Lakshman and Hanuman. On the south side of Artha mandapam, is seen a separate sculpture of Vibheeshanan.
A separate sannadhi for pattabbi Ramar is also found. Pattabisheka Ramar is the thriukkolam of Sri Ramar while he was given the throne to take over Ayodhya as the king along with Sita piratti, Lakshmana and Bharatha and Sathrukkanan. This sannadhi is found in front of dharba sayana Rama sannadhi.
This is a separate sannadhi for Sandhana Gopalan, which is found on the north of Dharbha sayana Ramar sannadhi, and the Mandapam is called as "Sandhana Gopala Mandapam". In this sannadhi, Sri Krishnar is found as a small child on Aadhisesha. It is believed that on worshipping this perumal can get the pragnancy.
The perumal is daily fed with Milk Paayasam as the "Naivedhyam" in the night. It is said that all the pilgrimates travel towards Rameswaram, have to worship this Thiruppullani Aadhi Jagannathan. On the west side of Moolavar sannadhi, there is a big Banyan tree is found and beneath that is found a lots of Siva Lingam. It is said that people can get the pregnancy by dedicating the Siva Lingam beneath the tree.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The moolavar of this sthalam is Sri Kalyana Jagannathan. He is found in Nindra thirukkolam facing along the East direction. Prathyaksham for Ashwantha Narayanan, Pullaranya Rishi, and Samuthira Rajan, Devalar Muni and Kanva Maharishi. Thaayar: There are two thaayars found in this sthalam. Kalyana valli is one of the thaayar and another one is Padmasini thaayar.
  • Thirumangaialwar - 21 Paasurams.
    Total - 21 Paasurams.
  • Hema theertham.
  • Chakkara theertham.
  • Rathnakara samuthiram.
Sthala Viruksham: (Tree)
The sthala viruksham (tree) of this kshetram is Asrattham (Arasa) tree. A big tree is found on the west side of the Moolavar Sannadhi.
Kalyana Vimaanam.



Pudukkottai Temples


Thirukkotiyoor - Sri Uraga Mellanayaan Perumal Temple



Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This sthalam is one of the divya desam found in Thiruppathoor taluk Ramanathapuram district in Tamil Nadu. 7 miles away from Thiruppathoor, which is found nearer to Melloor and around 70 miles away from Madurai. We can go to this sthalam from Karaikudi also. Lots of bus facility is available.
Sthlapuranam :
In this sthalam, a Kadambha Maharishi had a big Ashram, where lots of vedas and spiritual teachings are taught and the rishis and the people around the Ashram lived in peace.
At that time, an Asuran by named "Hiranyan" gave lots of problems to rishis, devas and all the other people and all of them wanted to find a safest place. They could not protest Hiranyan, since he was very strong and has got lots of soliders, so, the rishis yogis and the Devas thought it is safe to get on to an unreachable place. Thinking Kadambha Maharishi's Ashram might be the safest place, they all seeked the help of Sriman Narayanan to kill him there by retaining the peace, once again. Sriman Narayanan, Lord Brahma all the devas and along with the rishis, discussed about the killing of the Asuran, Hiranyan. And finally after the discussion, Sriman Narayanan decided to the Narahimha avathaar, whose head being the head of the lion and rest of the body as an ordinary human. Since, Hiranyan had got the Varam in such a way that he should not be killed by an ordinary human, Sriman Narayanan has to take this avathaar to destroy and kill him. Since, all the rishis, devas and along with Sriman Narayanan and Lord Brahma met all at one place and discussed, this sthalam is called as "Goshtiyoor". Goshti means all the devas along with Sriman Naryanan grouped together and met in this, sthalam this sthalam is called as "Goshtiyoor" (or) Goshti Kshetram.
Kadambha Maharishi had an unlimited bhakti towards both Emperumaan, Sriman Narayanan and as well as Lord Shivan. In thirukkarambanoor, he did the tapas towards the Emperumaan and in Nagapattnam, towards Lord Shiva and got his Mukti, worshipped all the Mum - Moorthies in this sthalam.
When knowing about the sthalapuranam of Thirugoshtiyoor, an another peculiar issue has to be explained which deals witht he story of Sri Ramanujar and Thirugostiyoor Nambi.
Thriugostiyoor is the birth place of Thirugostiyoor Nambi, who is also named as "Selva Nambi". He was the guru of Sri Ramanujar, who was preached with the "Ashtakshara Mantram".
But, the way he was taught the Ashtakshara Mantram was one of main issue that has to be explained. Selva Nambi ordered Sri Ramanujar to do the fasting in this sthalam. Having crossed the age of 60, to get the Mantram, he followed the order of Selva Nambi. He took only water as his food and one fine day, he was preached witht he Ashtakshara Mantram for which he was waiting for. But, he was ordered by Selva Nambi that the Mantram should not be published to any one and it should be kept secret.
But on hearing the Mantram, he thought it is not only a secret thing that is helpful and useful for him only, but it should be made public to all and it should be useful for all the other people. As a result of his thought, he went straight to the temple of Sowmya Narayana perumal and stood on the huge walls of it and all of the village people to gather. And once all the people gathered, he loudly pronounced the Ashtakshara Mantram, which is said to sacred and explained it to all. He also asked them to repeat it. On hearing this, Selva Nambi got angry on Sri Ramanujar since he has not obeyed his words and has broken the promise that he had given to him. Then, he called up Sri Ramanujar and said that having broken the promise, he will have to pay for the mistake, and as a result, he will be going to the hell. But before that, Thirugoshtiyoor Nambi (Selva Nambi) wanted to know the reason why he made the Ashtakshara Mantram so public? But, Sri Ramanujar aswered that in this world, all the things belongs to Sriman Naryanan and no other thing should be kept scret (or) themselves but it should be used to others. As the same way, on explaining the Mantram to all, it might help them from many things and because of this reason only, he answered that he publicised the Mantram. On hearing this from Sri Ramanujar, Selva Nambi realised how his mind was narrowed and felt for it. But, at the same time he was attracted by the thinking of Sri Ramanujar towards humanity and vaishnavism. As a result of it, Selva Nambi called Sri Ramanujar as his Emperumaanar. We can find two separate statues that is made of bronze for Thirugoshtiyoor Nambi and Sri Ramanujar in this temple.
After hearing the story of Sri Ramanujar and Selva Nambi and also the Sthalapuranam, let us know about the temple.
On reaching the temple, one can see the Vimaanam which is very big and widely spread. On entering the temple is the mandapam named "Thirumaamani Mandapam", where Lord Shiva gives his seva as "Sarabeshwarar". He originated on his own (Suyambhu) and as a result of not caring properly, it was in the damaged condition. On the south direction of the Mandapam, a separate sannadhi for Lord Narasimhar and on the North side, a separate sannadhi for Sri Ramar are found. It is said that in front of this Narasimhar sannadhi only, Sri Ramanujar was taught the "Ashtakshara Mantram" from selva Nambi.
In the upper tier, we can find Moolavar, "Thiru paarkadal Nathan" also named as "Uraga Mellanayaan" (or) Sthiti Narayanan is found in Veetrirundha thirukkolam and on the either side of him is periya and Bhoomi piratti are found. It is said that utsavar, Sowmya Narayana perumal and other 3 pirattiyaar's idols are given by Indiran to Kadambha Maharishi. On the south side of Ashtanga vimaanam, a separate sannadhi for Thirumaa magal Naachiyaar and on the North side, there is a separate sannadhi for Sri Aandal is found.
In the middle thalam (or) tier, we can see Nindra Narayanan along with Periya piratti and Bhoomi piratti in Nindra Kolam and he is also named as "Upendran". Here, we can find lots of various architectural works pertaining to the Indra Loka scenes and saptha rishis. Lots of Painting and artistic works like Desavathaaram, devas, Munis and suriyan and Alwars are found.
On the outer pragaram on the North side, there are two sculptures of Narasimhar is found, which explains the Hiranya Vadham (Killing of Hiranyan).
But, initially one of the statue is kept in Narasimhar sannadhi in the first tier and another one is Sri Ramar Sannadhi. But, it is said that on seeing the statues of Ugraha Narasimhar, people are frightened, so later these two statues are kept close to the paramapadha vaasal (entrance). Udayavar, Emperumaanar Sri Ramanujar statue is found on the top of the Vimaanam facing the village and this sthalam is so called as "Dhvayam (two) vilaindha thirupadhi".
This sthalam explains all the necessary actions (or) moral to the people of the world. No one can destroy the enemy as a single person, but if as a team, we can achieve anything and it is well explained by the action performed by Sriman Narayanan to get the divine nector for the devas. And another incident is the action performed by Sri Ramanujar by explaining the Ashtakshara Mantram to the world. As an extension of this, Udayavr Sri Ramanujar who is the hamsam of Aadhiseshan, is serving as the bed for the Emperumaan.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar of this sthalam is Sri Uraga Mellanayaan. He gave his prathyaksham for Kadambha Maharishi and Indiran. Moolavar in kidantha (sleeping) thirukkolam and in Bhujanga sayanam facing his thirumugham along the east direction.
The thaayar of the sthalam is Thirumagal Naachiyaar and has her own separate sannadhi.
The Utsavar of this temple is Sri Sowmya Narayana Perumal and he is also named as "Madhavan". Utsavar is found in Nindra thirukkolam and giving his seva to the bhaktas.
  • Nammalwar - 10 paasurams.
  • Periyalwar - 21 paasurams.
  • Thirumangaialwar - 13 paasurams.
  • Bhoodathalwar - 2 Paasurams.
  • Peiyalwar - 1 Paasuram.
  • Thirumazhisaialwar - 1 Paasuram.
    Total - 48 Paasurams.
  • Deva Pushkarani
  • Thiruppaarkadal.
Ashtaanga vimanam. This kind of vimaanam is a rare one that is found only in few sthalams like koodal Azhager temple in Madurai, Vaikunda perumal koil in Kanchipuram and in Thirupporur. Ashta means Eight and 8 vimaanams are found on 4 sides (2 each) of the temple.



Thirumeyyam - Sri Sathyagiri Natha Perumal Temple


Temple Location :
About the Temple:
This Divyadesam is situated in Pudukottai district in Tamil Nadu. It is situated 13 Km away from Pudukkottai on the south direction. We can reach this sthalam by getting down in Thirumeyyam railway station which is found in between pudukottai Kaaraikudi railway lane and has to travel one mile from Thriumeyyam railway station. Lots of Bus facilities are also available but there are no enough lodging facilities.
Sthlapuranam :
The Perumal who explains about "Sathyam" (or) truth can be the example for the universal slogam. "Sathya meva Jayathey". To explain and be an example for this, he stands in this sthalam as "Sathya giri Nathan".
There is no end for Sathyam (Truth) and it never sleeps and doesnt forget anything. It calculates the good and the evil actions performed by the people and according to that, all fo the souls are reached to proper destiny. If we do good and our actions lead to good thought and action, we will reach the thiruvadi (feet) of Sriman Narayanan and if we think of bad things and as a result of it, if we perform bad and evil actions, we will be going to the hell. To explain this, the perumal is found in Bogha sayanam in Kidantha kolam withought sleeping and calculatting the good / bad actions of all Aathmaas.
All the things that live in this mighty Earth are governed and watched by the Emperumaan and to explain this, the perumal is found in Nindra Kolam with the name "Sathya Moorthy" (or) "Sathya giri Nathan".
In tamil, the truth is referred with the word "Mei" and the Utsavar of this sthalam is "Meyyan" (or) "Meyyappan". The perumal is found in Anantha Sayanam and is found inside the sannadhi which is surrounded by very good sculptural and artistic work as seen in Mahabalipuram.
In older days, when Asurars where dominating the world and the Adharmam (evil) was spread along the entire world. Because of this, there was not much of Yagams and poojas were done and all the Rishis, and Devars were very much frightened about this. They could not protect the Asuras, since they get enormous powers with them. They all surrendered towards "Dharma Devathi", the godess of Dharman and pleased her that she must help them to get out this danger.
Dharma devathai replied them that she will help them out, thereby changed herself into a deer and came to this Sathya Kshetram which is also called as "Venu Vanam", since this sthalam is fully covered by Bamboo trees. The perumal came infront of Dharma Devathai and promised her that he would stay in the sthalam as "Sathya giri Nathan" and helps all the peoples and including the Rishis and Devas from Adharmam.
Once, Athiri Muni andhis wife Anusuya lived, who are said to be the strong believer of the Emperumaan. They were so famous for their bhakti and tapas towards the perumal and they started for doing tapas against all the Mum - Moorthies (ie) Sriman Naryanan, Brahma devan and Lord Shiva and their wish was as one of the hamsam of these Thriumurthies they should have theri childrens born. All the murthies agreed and as a result as the hamsam of Sri Vishnu a child was born who is called as "Dattatreyar", as the hamsam of Lord Shiva the Moon God was born. All these 3 childrens were taught with proper vedas and mantras and were sent to do tapas by their fther, Athiri rishi. First, Durvasa Rishi went to Kailasa malai and Dattatreyar went to the foot of the Himalayas to do the tapas and the Moon god came to this Sathya giri kshetram to do the tapas against Sriman Narayanan. The perumal gave his seva as satisfied by on his tapas and asked his wish. The moon god asked that since he stays in Surya Mandalam his Vaasam (stay) should be also in Chandra Mandalam (Moons Place). For this, the perumal accepted and stayed in Chandra Mandalam also.
We can see the well stretched and huge Raja Gopuram, which is found at the entrance of the temple. This sthalam is also called as "Aadhi Ragam" and the perumal is older and big than that of the perumal found in Sri Rangam. After entering through the Raja Gopuram, we can find a big Mandapam where lots of stone carved pillars are found with beautiful paintings. Separate sannadhi for Sri Kannan, Sri Aandal, Chakrathalwar and Narasimhar are found.
After crossing this Mandapam another big mandapam by named "Maha Mandapam" is found in which the Garudan facing along the Moolaver Sannadhi is found.
Moolavar Sathya giri nathan in Nindra thriukkolam and next to this sannadhis, separate sannadhi for Uyya Vandha Naachiyaar is found.
On the western side inside the mountain, as Bogha Sayana Moorthy in Anantha Sayanam, the perumal in another thirukkolam is giving his seva and this perumal is big in structure then Sri Rangam Ranganathar. Having Aadhiseshan as the bed, the perumal gives his Kidantha Kola seva with two Thirukkaram (hands) as same as the Ranganathar found in Sri Rangam.
It is said that some Madhu Kaidapars (Amsam) came from the Ears of Sriman Naryanan of this sthalam and they tried to grab bhoomi piratti along with them. But, Aadhiseshan protested and fought with them and killed all of them by his poison. But, it was little bit worried because without getting the permission from the perumal, he did this. It stayed infront of the perumal convinced him ans as a result of this, the perumal's one hand is found towards Aadhiseshan as conveniencing him and another hand is found on his chest there by protecting the piratti.
Around this perumal, Chitraguptan, Maarkandeya Maharishi, Brahma devan and Garudan are found. Chitraguptan who assist along with Yamen, the king of Naragham (the hell) and the Maarkandeya maharishi who has got the "Sirangeevi" throne are found around the perumal to show the couts of people along with their good and evil actions performed by them. On the thiruvadi (feet) of the perumal, Bhoomi piratti and Madhu Kaidapars are found.
This temple is almost the same as that of the temple in Mahabalipuram. We can find lots of stone carved Sculptures and paintings and the perumal is found inside the mountain and it serves as the umbrella for him. Another temple by named "Keeyai Kovil" is found where a temple for Lord Shiva is found. The name of him is "Sathya gireeswarar". It is said that Mahendra pallavan had constructed this temple for both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shivan without having any racism between Saivism and Vaishnavism.
This "Thirumeyyam" is surrounded by lots of mountains and a special hill by named "Vaishnavi Durgai" hill is also found which is famous for its beauty and the Vaishnavi Durgai found inside the hill.
Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar of this sthalam is Sri Sathya Giri Nathan. Also named as "Sathya Moorthy". He is found in Nindra (Standing) thriukkolam facing his thriumugham along the East direction. Prathyaksham for all Sathya Devar and Devadhais. The perumal gives his seva in 3 different thirukkolam. First is the Sathyamoorthy in Nindra kolam, the second as Meyyappan in Sayana and bogha kidautha kolam.
The thaayar is Uyya Vandha Naachiyaar. She has her own separate sannadhi.
The Utsavar of this is sthalam is Meyyappan.
  • Thirumangaialwar - 9 Paasurams.
    Total - 9 Paasurams.
Pushkarani: The pushkarani (theertham) of this sthalam is Kadhamba Pushkarani and Sathya theertham. It is said, all the rivers in the country came along to this pushkarani to make the people get out of the sin and their bad thoughts. It is believed that on the month of Vaikasi on the full Moon day, all the rivers combine and merge together and they themselves get purified by the Sathya theertham.
Sthala Viruksham: (Tree)
Palaa Maram (Jackfruit tree)
Sathya giri Vimaanam.


Om Tat Sat

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