Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in United Kingdom -31

Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in United Kingdom

Shree Krishna Temple, Dudley, UK

Shri Gujarati Hindu Centre Dudley

Shree Krishna Temple
Hope Street, Corner of Churchfield Street
Dudley. DY2 8RS
By Telephone:          01384 253 253
By email:                     krishnatempledudley@hotmail.com

 Welcome / Namaste
Thank you for visiting our website, we aim to keep you updated with the latest information on activities, pooja’s and seminars going on at our temple. We would also like to keep you posted on any projects we are working on and where your donations will be used. We urge you to look at the other areas of the website and let us know what you think using the contact us page or come and speak to one of us in the committee.
A huge thank you to Laxmi B Patel, Mina K Patel, Nayna R Patel, Vijay J Patel and Manisha R Patel, who have all volunteered to run the website. We would also like to thank the support of ‘Flying Eight’ who have helped host this site as part of their social and charitable endeavour for Shree Gujarati Hindu Centre and its members.  
On behalf of the Trustees of Shree Gujarati Hindu Centre

Sponsoring an event at Shree Krishna Temple

Devotees have the opportunity to sponsor various events and activities throughout the year. Please see the complete list below and contact us if you are interested.
Republic Day Celebrations
Maha Shivratri
Flowers for garlands
Flowers for garlands
Hanuman Jayanti                              
Flowers for garlands
Murti Pratista Anniversary Event          
Flowers for garlands
Gayatri Yagna                                   
Flowers for garlands
Independence day Celebrations                           
 Janmastami/Satyanarayan katha
Flowers for garlands
Shiv Yagna
Flowers for garlands 
Ganesh Chaturti                  
Flowers for garlands
Mataji Matli and flowers for garlands
Fifth Nortu flowers for garlands
Aastami Havan yajman and flowers for garlands
Diwali and Hindu New Year celebrations
Trophies for participates in entertainment programme
Flowers for garlands
prizes for the Hindu New raffle
Jalaram Jayanti                    
Flowers for garlands
Tulsi Vivah                              
Yajman for Shaligram bhagwan
Yajman for Tulsimaa
Guru Dattatrey Jayanti
Flowers for garland

Youth Club

Youth Club
Dudley Youth Club has been running for over 2 years and has grown from strength to strength in that time.
We meet on a Sunday morning between 10am and noon where children ands parents get very involved in running the club.
The children range from age 1 to 12 and enjoy various activities.  These include learning Gujarati words/phrases/numbers; quizzes; games; learning prayers and mantras and learning about Hinduism and festivals.
We have taken the children on trips to the Zoo; Bowling; cinema; swimming; parks and to Weston Super Mare.
Diwali show 2012
We also do gardening; arts and crafts; play games; sports and have done some baking!
We would love to build on that with your help and encourage more children and parents and volunteers to come along to help us to develop our Youth together and help them become one big Dudley Youth Club family.
Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved; would like to bring your child along or would like more information by clicking on the Contact Us page.

Day Centre for the Elderly

Day Centre for the Elderly
The Day centre for the Elderly is held on a Tuesday and Thursday between 10am and 2pm.
It covers a range of activities from exercise; outings; health talks; learning to use a computer with free internet access  and cooking to providing the Elderly with company; support within the community and the opportunity to learn new things.
If you would like further information or would like to come along please get in touch by clicking on the Contact Us page.


Without the work of dedicated volunteers at our mandir we simply would not be able to function.
Get Involved!
Whatever your reasons for giving some of your time to Shree Krishna Hindu Centre Dudley, we would love to hear from you.
We currently require volunteers to help us with:
  • General Help in the Mandir
  • Monthly clean-up of the mandir- a community event
  • Directing people on days of various events
  • Helping with cooking prior to festivals/events
  • Making haar for puja/festivals
  • Helping to organise events
You can contact us by clicking on the Contact Us page.
About volunteers/Volunteering…
In addition to fulfilling the desire to make a difference to our Hindu community, volunteering offers us an opportunity to see the world through new eyes and to better understand it. When we experience different cultures and alternate ways of living, we not only develop an appreciation and compassion for others, but learn to better understand ourselves, and ultimately grow in that understanding.
We may realise how lucky we are, and we want to give back.. There are as many reasons as to why people volunteer.
The beauty of volunteering lies in the fact that when you give, you receive so much more in return. You will:
  • have compassion for others
  • gain self-confidence and self esteem
  • discover your strengths and talents
  • develop a sense of independence
  • raise your social awareness
  • interact with a diverse range of people
  • make life-long friends
  • create challenging and fulfilling experiences that will turn into long-lasting memories
Volunteering also enhances your working life.  You can:
  • learn social and technical skills that are transferable to any business environment
  • develop interpersonal, team-building and problem-solving skills
  • gain hands-on work experience

Events for 2014

Thursday 27th February – MahaShivratri - Shiv poojan at 5:45pm
followed by bhajan kirtan
Sunday 16th March  – Holi - Poojan and Bonfire at Mataji Mandir after evening aarti
Tuesday 8th April -Ramnavmi – Main aarti at 12noon.
- Bhajan after evening aarti
Tuesday 15th April – Hanuman Jayanti - Hanuman chalisa and bhajan after evening aarti
Saturday 17th May – 23 years of Murthi Pran pratista – Ganesh poojan after morning aarti
Sunday 18th May – Murthi pratista anniversary Poojan and maha Yagna – after am aarti
Sunday 18th May – AGM after Mahaprasad
Sunday 29th June – Gayatri Yagna - After a.m. aarti
Wednesday 27th July – Shravan month – Shiv abhishek til 11am every day
Friday 1st August – Nag Pacham – Pooja after a.m. aarti
Saturday 2nd August – Randhan Chhoth
Sunday 3rd August – Shitla Saturdayam
Tuesday 5th August -Noli Nem
Sunday 10th August – Rakhsha bandhan
Friday 15th August – Independence day -Flag hoisting after pm aarti
Sunday 17th August Janmastami – Bhajan til 12pm
Sunday 24th August - Satyanarayan katha – after a.m. aarti
Friday 29th August – Ganesh Chaturti – Poojan after a.m aarti and bhajan in evening
Thursday 25th September – Navratri – Garba, Dandya raas after p.m aarti
Monday 29th September – Fifth nortu
Thursday 2nd October – Aastami – Havan after a.m. aarti
Friday 3rd October  – Dashera
Tuesday 9th October  -Sharad Poornima
Sunday 19th October  and Monday 20th- Vhag Baras
Tuesday 21st October – Danteras
Thursday 23rd October – Diwali
Friday 24th October – Hindu New Year – Annakoot and Entertainment Programme
Thursday 30th October - Jalaram Jayanti – Bhajan after p.m. aarti
Sunday 2nd November – Jalaram bapa poojan & Mahaprasad after a.m. aarti

Trustee Committee

Trustees of Shree Gujarati Hindu Centre Dudley
Holding Trustees
 Kantibhai T Patel                           Hasmukhbhai S Patel                     Natwarlal B Mistry
Post holders
Chairman       `                                   Balwantbhai H Patel
Vice Chairman                                   Vijay J Patel
Secretary                                            Tapeshkumar K Patel
Vice Secretary                                   Prabhaben N Jethewa
Treasurer                                            Dahyabhai K  Patel
Vice Treasurer                                  Rakeshbhai Patel

Committee members:

Rambhai J Patel                      Pravinbhai C Patel                         Indrakumar Patel
Kanubhai K. Patel                   Kantibhai C Patel                          Minaben K Patel
Navinbhai G Patel                           Harishbhai L Patel                         Pravinbhai G Patel
Shashikant C Patel                Laxmi B Patel                         Manisha R Patel
Nayna R Patel                         Amratbhai H Patel

Cancer awareness

Why is it important to raise awareness of cancer prevention?

One in three people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime.   It is estimated that over half of all cancers are potentially preventable. However, awareness of cancer and uptake of cancer screening is lower among minority ethnic communities.  Added to this some minority ethnic communities are diagnosed with cancer when it is more advanced, all of which can lead to poor survival.
Cancer affects all communities and everyone should be aware of it.
It is important to raise awareness of signs and symptoms of early cancer and encourage people to seek help sooner and access appropriate cancer screening programmes, which are all important ways to pick up cancer at an early stage, when treatment is usually more effective.

Information about the National Cancer Screening Programmes
The NHS runs three cancer screening programmes for breast, cervical and bowel cancer.
Cancer screening programmes can be an effective way of detecting cancer at an early stage or preventing cancer from developing in the first place, allowing treatment to be more effective. Screening is estimated to save thousands of lives each year.

Women aged 50-70 are invited every three years.
Women over the age of 70 are not sent invitations, but are encouraged to make their own screening appointments every three years by contacting the local breast screening unit on 01384 244177.
Women should receive their first invitation for screening sometime between their 50th and 53rd birthdays.
This programme is gradually being extended to include women aged 47 to 73.
Bowel Cancer Screening
Men and women aged 60-74 receive a bowel screening kit through the post every two years. The screening kit is completed at home and returned by post. People over 75 can request a screening kit by calling the helpline on 0800 707 6060.
Cervical Cancer Screening (Smear Test)
Women aged 25-49 are invited for cervical screening every three years. Women aged 50-64 are invited every five years.
You need to be registered with a GP to receive a Cancer Screening invitation and if you have changed your address ensure that your GP has your up to date address.
More information about NHS cancer screening programmes is available at www.cancerscreening.org.uk
Spot the early signs of Cancer
Get to know your own body and what is normal for you. This will help you notice any unusual changes. Report any abnormal changes which persist for more than 4 weeks to your GP without delay.
Remember! If you notice something abnormal it doesn’t mean it’s cancer, it could be caused by other conditions/illnesses other than cancer. But the key is to get it checked out.
You can reduce your risk of developing cancer by looking after yourself.
  • Eating a healthy, well balanced diet
  • Being physically active
  • Not smoking
  • Drinking sensibly
  • Staying safe in the sun
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
For more information go to:
Cancer Research UK – www.cancerresearchuk.org  Helpline: 0808 800 4040
NHS Choices – www.nhs.uk
White House Cancer Support Dudley – www.support4cancer.org.uk   Tel: 01384 231232
Cancer Beat Project
Shree Gujarati Hindu Centre for Asian Elderly has been awarded a small community grant funded by the Office of Public Health’s, Community Health Improvement Programme to develop a cancer awareness project to raise awareness of breast,  bowel and prostate cancer amongst their community.  This should help empower individuals to take up screening and be aware of the early cancer signs and symptoms.
The project will involve running four cancer awareness workshops, which will be held on the following dates:
Tuesday 13th, 20th & 27th May and 3rd June, 10:30am – 12:00pm at the Shree Gayatri Hindu Centre.
Open to men and women aged 40+ the workshops will be combined with a gardening/yoga activity for the members to take part in, followed by a lunch a light-hearted way of talking about a sensitive subject.
Why not come along to the workshops, places are limited so book early.  To book a place contact Mr Joshi on……………………………………………..
Getting information about cancer out to people is one of the best ways to raise awareness of cancer!
After completion of the workshops the members who took part will then visit the Gayatri Temple in Leicester to spread the cancer awareness messages with others in their communities.
We can all do our bit to raise awareness of cancer prevention
If you want to run an information or education event for your community or would like to find out how you can pass on simple awareness message to friends and family then please contact.
Parminder Sogi – Cancer Health Improvement Advisor
Community Health Improvement Team
Tel: 01384 816262

Contact Us

Shree Krishna Temple
Hope Street, Corner of Churchfield Street
Dudley. DY2 8RS
By Telephone:          01384 253 253
By email:                     krishnatempledudley@hotmail.com

Om Tat Sat

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