Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in United Kingdom-19

Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in United Kingdom

 Indian Association, Oldham, United Kingdom
Jay Shree Krishna - (Sri Radha Krishna Temple)
(Radha-Krishna Temple)
(ESTB. 1968)
OFFICE:- TEL 0161 633 0043 TEMPLE : - TEL:-0161 633 0863
Reg Charity No. 1006961

The IAO has come a long way since 1968, and its pioneering services are enjoyed by people from many backgrounds as well as from outside Oldham.

To work towards a vibrant and flourishing community participating in cultural and  community activities in Oldham and the surrounding areas whilst developing a 'Centre of Excellence' open  to all.

The IAO is created to do this through advancing and supporting the social, cultural, religious, leisure, welfare and educational needs of the community, especially those of Indian origin residing in Oldham; and promoting good relations between people of different backgrounds.
About Us
    With its involvement in many charitable activities in the Oldham Metropolitan Borough, the Association has made a profound mark, and has gained respect from all quarters of the community of Oldham. The Association has proved itself to be highly responsible and respectable organisation with its remarkable work over the years. The Association is continuously engaged in the promotion of community welfare and generating goodwill, respect and harmony among all the communities of the Borough.

The fact that the IAO has no administration staff leads to a very busy schedule for the active executive committee members and the dedicated volunteers.

We sustain the core activities of the Dance classes, Youth Club, Luncheon Club, Saheli women’s group , Yoga classes  as well as continuation of the Temple , Registry and religious activities’.

Building Project is now at a procurement stage as Town planning approval gained from the OMBC in 2010 through comprehensive submission.
 Temple service:
The religious activities and celebration of the various festivals are provided by IAO where the Hindu community from Oldham, Greater Manchester, the UK and abroad visit the Temple for darshan. It is for the spiritual advancement of every  soul  to receive the visions of the divine deities of the Temple.

In maintaining the services for the Sanatan Hindu followers  the IAO organizes annual festivals, Yagnas, poojas and various events. Devotees come for darshan, prashad and learning more about forthcoming activities and how they can participate in pujas. By doing this the devotees are able to heighten their spiritual consciousness and re-energized themselves.  During the very auspicious month of Purushottam we organize a Bhagvad Saptaha for the benefit of the devotees. Listening to the katha gives profound insight and vision into the true meaning of atma, the soul and liberation from the cycle of birth.

Annual events such as Navratri and yagna, Diwali and Annkut, Tulsi Vivah, Jalaram Jayanti, Shivratri, Holi, Ram Navmi, Hanuman Jayanti, Hindola Mohatsav, Janmashtami, Radhaashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, to name a few are celebrated. The weekly bhajans are  held on every Saturday evening at 7.0 to 9.0pm in the temple.

A daily service which takes place at Mandir is the complete   Sewa offered to devotees. Devotees select a day of their choice (this can be a birthday, wedding anniversary or other memorable day/date) and a deity to perform this Sewa  for a one off payment of  £251.00 . Every year on the selected memorable day Arti is offered to that  devotee.

At present , out of the 365 days in the year  239 are still available for devotees .

We sincerely appreciate all the help and support from the devoted community and volunteers for their time and energy and of course everyone’s financial support. We strongly acknowledge that the Mandir is OURS and it is every ones duty to regularly bring all the family members to the Mandir and participate in other activities to maintain our religion and rich culture.
Temple Timings:

Mandir  Timings

Morning    09:45 A.M. To 11:30 A.M.

Evening     06:30 P.M. To 08:00 P.M.

Aarti Timings

Morning   10:00 A.M

Evening           07:00 P.M.

Religious Events:
Holi, Dasara, Diwali,
Pooja Samagri List:
Abil, gulal,Kanku ,tumric powder .Nara chhadi 1
Coconut 1
Sopari ( big one ) 1 packet
Whole wheat 500gm
Red material 1/2 yard
Gor [for Ganeshji ]  1 bowel
Plastic bowel 10 no.
Dry fruit  –[almond, kaju, pista etc.]
Fresh fruit – orange , apple, banana ,etc
Puja na pan –10
Panchmrut -100gm
Steel plate small one –1
Loose flower [ for puja ]
Steel thali [big ] 4
Steel bowel –4
Rice –1 bowel
Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Puja and Katha:

Abil,gulal Kanku , chandan  Nadachhadinn
Sopari ( moti ) 1 packet
Coconut (1 )
Wheat grain (1 ratal )
Nagarvel pan ( 25 )
Kapoor goti
Dry  fruit – [Badam , Kaju , drax , saker .]
Gor for Ganesha Plastic  bowel -15
Red cloth (1 ) 1 yard
White cloth  –1 one yard
Loose flowers for puja  
Rice – 1 kg
Fresh  Fruit
Panchamrut -250gm
( yogurt ,milk , ghee, honey, suger , )
Bajoth -2
Steel Thali 6
vatki 6
spoons 6
1 coper pot, napkin

 Wedding Puja List:

Wedding puja list
Kanku , Rice  -500gm
Kapoor goti - 1 packet
Coconut –3
Whole wheat –1 ratal
Sopari – 25 [ big one ]
Gor [ for ganesh ] -1 bowel
White tal –250 gm
Ghee -500 gm
Fire wood –1 packet
Match box –
Roo [ cotton ]
Puja na pan –35
Copper pot  – 2
Steel bowel – 7
Steel thali – 7
Small steel plate – 2
Tea spoon – 5
Garland – for Bride & groom – 2
Losse flower for puja
Varmala – 1
Panchmrut – 200gm
Bajoth – 2
Patla  – 2
Small napkin - 3
Kitchen rool - 1
Ponkhwani samagri – Chhera ganthan [ white material ] 80 cm square
Antar pat [ shawl] – 1
Sampoot [ mati na kodia nu ]
Nara chhadi dado –1

Navagraha Shanti Puja List:
Coconut - 1
Abil, gulal,
Sindoor, kanku, tumric
Nara chhadi – 1
Gor [ for ganeshji ] - 150 gm
Sopari [ big one make sure don’t buy small one ] -
1 packet
Kapoor goti packet – 1
Dry fruit [ almond, kaju , pista, etc.
Saker – 1 packet
Fresh fruit [ apple , orange, banana,
Puja na pan  – 25
White tal – 500 gm
Jav - barley – 200 gm
Ghee – 1 kg
Fire wood – 3 packet
Loose flower [for puja ]
Saker – 1 packet
Panchamrut – 250 gm
Meendhal  – 2 piece
Puja Samagri from Home:

Devotees taking part in this Yagna , Please bring following
items  from home:
Ganeshji,and  any mataji’s murti ,shivlinga, 1 Lotta/kalash 4
steel plate [ Thali ] 4 Bowls, 4 Spoons, 2 nepkins, Kitchen roll, some fresh fruits, dray fruits, Loose Flower for puja, and Aasna to sit comfortably. Other puja items will be provided by the Temple .

Commiittee Members:

Mr Bharatbhai Sisodia
Vice President
Mr Ravjibhai D Patel (Gorasia)
Vice President
Mrs Truptiben J Patel 
General Secretary
Mr Jagdishbhai Patel
Asst. Gen. Secretary
Mr Sasi Patel
Mr Devshi Chothani
Asst. Treasurer
Mr Suresh Garara
Building Secretary  
Mr Shashi Mohandas
Asst. Building Secretary
Mr Rameshbhai S Pindoria
Asst. Building Secretary
Mr Meghjibhai Premji Bhudia
Asst. Building Secretary
Mr Govindbhai Mistry
Main Hall Hirer
VACANT - Speak to Our Pujari for enquies 
Asst. Hall Hirer
Mr Prakash Patel
Religious Secretary
Tejuben Vekaria  
Asst. Religious Secretary
Mr Prabhudasbhai Pau
Social Secretary
Mrs Kalaben Chauhan
Asst.Social Secretary
Mrs Dakshaben Mistry
Luncheon Club Secretary
Mr Surajben Agravat
Asst.L C Secretary
Mr Ghanshyambhai Agravat
Youth Secretary
Mr Dipak Naran
Asst.Youth Secretary
Hariom Nimavat
Ntrya Jyoti Secretary
Mrs Taraben Mastery
Employment & Education Secretary
Mr Bhagwanjibhai Patel
Saheli Womens Group Secretary
Krishnaben Sisodia
Mr Harishbhai Panchani
Dr M M Gupta 
Dharmeshbhai Trivedi (IT Secretary)
Mr R S Kumpavat
Religious Sub Comittee
Mr Naranbhai Bhudia
Mrs Manjuben Pau
Mrs Ramilaben Saparia
Mrs Bhartiben Parmer
Mrs Ramilaben V Gorasia
Mrs Premilaben N Gorasia
Mr Bharatbhai Sisodia
Mr Harishbhai Panchani
Mr Ramsingbhai S Kumpavat
Mr Ravjibhai D Patel (Gorasia)
Dr M M Gupta
Temple Pujari
Sri Krushnakant Vyas

Contact us:
(Radha-Krishna Temple)
(ESTB. 1968)
OFFICE:- TEL 0161 633 0043 TEMPLE : - TEL:-0161 633 0863
Reg Charity No. 1006961

Om Tat Sat

(My humble  salutations to the great devotees  and Pilgrimage tourist guide for the collection)

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