Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA -199

Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in USA  


Hindu Samaj Temple of Mahwah, Mahwah, NJ

Hindu Samaj Mandir

247 West Ramapo Ave. Mahwah, NJ 07430 | 201-529-1277             

Mandir Timings 

Monday - Friday
8:30 – 12:00 Noon      /     4:30 - 9:00 PM

8:30 AM to  9:00 PM

8:30 AM to  9:00 PM

Aarti - Morning
10:30 AM
Aarti  - Evening
7:30 PM Weekdays
8:00 PM Tuesday
Weekly  Events 
Rudra Abhishek 
9:45 AM & 6:45 PM
Hanuman Chalisa (Note: Aarti at 8:00 PM)
7:30 PM
Vishnu Sahasranama
6:45 PM
Maa Saraswati Puja
6:30 PM

Shri Sai Puja/Bhajans
6:45 PM
Lakshmi Puja
9:00 AM

Lalitha Sahasranama
6:45 PM
Balaji Suprabhatham
Novgrah Havan
8:30 AM
9.45 AM
(Aarti @ 5:00PM)
Maha Gayatri  Havan @ 11 AM
Satsang, Sponsored Puja, Special Puja
11:00  AM
3:00 PM onwards
We celebrate all holidays with special Puja
        Upcoming Events/Programs   )

  .     Urgent
Please see "Donations" options at NO COST to you!
* Yoga Program is now available on Wed and Sat. <<       s
* Legal Services now available to  Members          

Class Registration
Class registrations for Bal Vihar, Hindustani Vocal, Little Ustaads, Painting, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi dance, Kathak, Bhangra, Beginners Bhangra, Creative Movement and Adult Bollywood are starting from the 12th of August.

Classes will start from the 8th of September. Saraswati Pooja will be held on the 7th of September from 11 am to 12 pm in the multi purpose room at the Temple and will be followed by the Open House at which you can meet all the teachers.

Contact us for
>Kathak, Creative Movement, Bollywood and Bhangra  at  email dance.classes@hindusamajmandir.org
>Bal Vihar, email balavihar@hindusamajmandir.org
>Hindustani Vocal, email hindustani.sangeet@hindusamajmandir.org
>Little Ustaads, email little.kids.classes@hindusamajmandir.org
>Painting, email painting.classes@hindusamajmandir.org
>Bharatnatyam, email Bharatnatyam@hindusamajmandir.org
>Kuchipudi, email kuchipudi@hindusamajmandir.org

Please click on the "Classes" tab to get more detailed information
Sep 7, 2013
11am to 2pm
Saraswati Pooja and Open House for Classes

Please come and join your fellow members for this auspicious pooja. We will have a wonderful speaker, Mrs. Sumathi Nambi to tell our children about the virtues of Ma Saraswati. 

Open House will be in the multi-purpose room downstairs. All the teachers will be in attendance to meet with you and to answer any questions that you might have. The Open House will end at 2pm.
Sep 8-15, 2013
Ganesh Festival

Ganesh “Sthapna” Pooja  -Sep 8th @ 11 am
Daily Ganesh Pooja  - Sep 9th to 14th @ 8 pm

Sep 15, 2013 program
Ganesh Abhishek at 2 pm
Ganesh Pooja at 3 pm ( performed by children from ICSR and Baal Vihar )
Ganesh Bhajans at 4 pm
Ganesh Paalki and Visarjan at 5.30 pm
Mahaprasaad at 6.30 pm

      Recurring        Program 

a) Family Sponsored Sunday Pooja : 3 to 5 pm 
   (Havans, pooja, bhajans and pravachans)
b) Sai Abhishek Pooja every 3rd Sunday of the month 11 to 1:30 PM
c) Bhajan by Art of Living-1st Saturday of the month (5:30-7:30pm)
d) Ayyappa Pooja - every 3rd Saturday --  at 9.30am.
   Recent    Events

* Music and Dance Concert Series - II           
* Maa Saraswati Pooja                                
* Music and Dance Concert Series - I              

For further information, Pease contact, Pt. Ji at: 201-529-1277
If you are Not receiving emails! Please check and clear your email spam filter and make sure you have ecommunication@hindusamajmandir.org in your contacts list

About Us:

Started in 1996, Hindu Samaj has a membership of approximately 2000 families. It provides religious, cultural and social services in New Jersey and the surrounding areas
Mission statement

· To promote spiritual, social and cultural development of all people who believe in the diverse manifestations of the Hindu religion.

· To unify the Hindu community by developing appreciation for and celebrating all aspects of the Hindu Philosophy and Religion.

· To help our children develop a sense of pride and identity with our Indian heritage, while actively helping them prepare to be the finest citizens of our new adopted home.

· To promote inter-religious social and cultural understanding.

· To provide critically needed assistance and services to the members of our community and engage in humanitarian activities.

Rules and Regulations

· Shoes are not allowed inside the temple.

· All food service in the temple must be strictly vegetarian and all drinks should be non-alcoholic.

· It is necessary to leave the temple premises neat and clean.

PROJECT OVERVIEW : FOUR PILLARS             download the plan


• 9,600 square feet plus 2,000 square feet balcony area
• Darbars and Mandirs
• Meditation, Havan and Prayer Hall
• Dedicated area for your Deities, Gods and Gurus
• Facilities for discourses on holy scriptures
• Facilities for lectures and discussions on spiritual topics


• 13,800 square feet plus 2,500 square feet of balcony, 2,600 square feet of lobby space.
• Full facilities for weddings, ceremonies, cultural and family oriented events
• Center for Senior Citizens with an array of services
• Classrooms for children’s Language, Arts & Crafts and enrichment classes
• Facility for yoga, dance and music practice and recitals
• Display area for Indian Art – permanent exhibits and exhibits from Artists and other Museums
• Facilities for children’s activities and youth programs


• 2,500 square feet of our current Temple building will be converted into a museum
• The museum will be open to all audiences especially children of schools in our area
• Display of the Recorded History (Videos/Audios) of our immigration to the USA
• Narratives of our experiences and achievements
• Stories of our social integration within the adopted homeland of the USA
• Profile of our families and their histories in the USA
• Profiles of scientists, leaders, scholars, saints and other visionaries from India


• Native Americans believe that the pond on the property was formed by a meteorite, and that unique forces of nature mysteriously keep the pond’s water level always higher than Ramapo River’s, which runs across from our property.
• The pond will be cleaned in accordance with the state laws. Water from the river Ganges will be brought from India and merged with the pond waters.  A meandering brook will be designed to flow around the 1.2 acres of gentle slopes that surround the pond.  Lush gardens, gazebos and areas for quiet contemplation and meditation will be created around the pond.  Facilities for outdoor special occasions will be provided. 
• Open-air concerts, weddings and other ceremonies could be performed amidst picturesque surroundings.
• Sculptures dedicated to Peace, Non-violence, and Unity-in-Diversity will be placed aesthetically within the gardens.

Puja & Religious Ceremonies Services  
Family Puja Reservation Request Form                   
Download yearly family Puja reservation form here
How to book a Priest
Panditji is available at the Mandir for all your religious activities during the normal hours of operation. To book a priest for your private functions, please contact the Mandir at (201)529-1277 or Mr Mohan Khanna at (973) 838-0024
Hindu Samaj is funded entirely by donations and continual support of  its members. Members and others requesting services of the Mandir's priests will be advised ahead of time of the amount of dakshina to be offered to the priests and donations to the Mandir according to the following guidelines.
Suggested Donation for Puja Services
Hindu Samaj would like to suggest the following minimum donation amounts though more can be offered at the yajman's discretion:
60th/80th birthday Ceremony
Mundan(Hair Offering)

     Other Types
On request

Kalyana Utsavam
Satyanarayana Puja
Vaahana Puja

Wedding Engagement
New Car Puja

Mata KI Chowki
Please call
Pl. call
Charrhawa & Ptji services is extra
Kitchen and Dining room
Based on #of people and occasion
Priest Dakshina is not included and should be paid separately to the priest, including transportation and other expenses. In determining the amount of dakshina to be offered to the priest, the yajman should take into account the time devoted by the priest to the performance of a particular ceremony and in reaching the venue of this service.
Dakshina should be clearly marked and not mixed with Aarti money.  No tax deductible receipt will be issued for dakshina.
Aarti Collection
For puja held outside the Mandir, the yajman should consider the money collected for Aarti as an extension of the mandir's Aarti collection. Therefore, this money should be offered to the Mandir.
Donation to the Mandir
All yajmans have an obligation to donate to the Mandir on the occasion of pooja performed by the priest at their homes or at other venues. However, for non-members of the society, in addition to the dakshina, a minimum donation of $101 to the Mandir is expected.

OLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                             
To all our members and friends: as you know that we are close to achieving our goal - completion of the Mandir and Community Center. This could not have been possible without your support. Sevaks of the Mandir would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support and generosity.

Our main purpose is to offer various programs to all of you and build a strong foundation for our community and next generations to come, which can only be possible with your active involvement. We are looking for willing participants’ to help us organize various events, functions and gatherings.

Hindu Samaj has six working committees. All these committees need volunteers to perform required tasks benefitting our community. The six committees are:

1. Building Management & Maintenance               2. Communication
3. Community Center & Operations                     4. Cultural Affairs & Museum
5. Education/Children/Youth                             6. Religious

To join any of the above committees, please email us at volunteer@hindusamajmandir.org.
Garden Club Activities                         
Please join Garden Club for planting of flowers (seasonal and perennials), Organizing sale  at least two times a year and providing fresh flowers for Puja at the temple on Saturday and Sunday (with nominal price).
Other Services Available                         
1. Free Tax Filing Assistance for Low and Moderate Income Seniors Above 60 years of Age.

2. Legal services to our community as needed. Lawyers in the community network specialize in a whole range of areas of legal work (Immigration, Transactional, Real Estate, Criminal Law etc.)

For details, please contact us at manager@hindusamajmandir.org

Cultural Classes -  
For registration, schedule and more details, please contact through  respective class emails

Dance (Kathak, Creative Movement, Bhangra, Bollywood):  
Dance Classes (Kathak, Creative Movement, Bhangra, Bollywood) are held from September until May of the school calendar year on Sunday mornings by Trital Dance Academy. The last class in May ends with a recital performance. An annual registration of $30 per student is required along with the class tuition which varies depending on the class. For further details and information please contact at dance.classes@hindusamajmandir.org
Hindustani Sangeet:           Class Schedule: As given at the top
Group Indian Vocal Lessons by Bollywood Singer and Sangeet Vishaarad, Ms. Sunita Kapur; Beginners learn the basics of Hindustani Classical along with Bollywood songs, Bhajans, Ghazals, Folk, Mic techniques, Stage presence, Self confidence and much more... They will be upgraded later to the Advanced batch, where they train in depth with Raagas, Aalaps, Taans and more... Adults and Children above 4 yrs welcome. All students get opportunities to perform on stage. Please contact through email at hindustani.sangeet@hindusamajmandir.org . The fees for the 12 week semester is $300 with an annual Registration Fee of $30
Bala Vihar:          More on      
For kids to learn our precious culture, spiritual wisdom and related values through books, stories, bhajans, shlokas and games. For more information, please  email at balavihar@hindusamajmandir.org  or visit website
Please contact through email Bharatnatyam@hindusamajmandir.org .
NrtyaSagar Dance Academy teaches how to express your true self through dance and derive a sense of satisfaction. Classes are conducted by Anita Ramaswamy who has twenty years of training under the guidance of renowned Guru Late Shri T K Mahalingam Pillai of Rajarajeswari Bharata Natya Kala Mandir and Guru Late Shri Mani of Kalasadan. Classes will be held from September till June on Sundays. For Class timings, schedule and location, please refer to the schedule at the top of the page.

Come...and discover the fun way to work out and be able to achieve confidence, grace and stage presence.
Please contact through email kuchipudi@hindusamajmandir.org  .
Beginners will learn the Mudras, Slokas, Posture and various Adugulu and later they will be upgraded to the Advanced batches where they train in depth with Complex level Adugulu, various Jatis, Abhinayas and Traditional items. This enables the children to discover our Indian roots and culture. It also plays a key role in developing the body of a growing child, improves concentration and memory. Children above 5 years are welcome.
The fee per 12 week semester is $240 with a $30 annual registration fee. For Class timings, schedule and location, please refer to the schedule at the top of the page.
Little Ustaads:        Class Schedule: As given at the top

Each 45 minute structured classes are held for consecutive weeks. This enables children between the ages of 1-5 year discover the world of Indian classical music through rhythmic tunes, rich vocals, mini instruments and vibrant visuals. The fee per session is $250 with a $30 registration fee. Please contact through email at little.kids.classes@hindusamajmandir.org

Painting and Sculpture Classes:    Class Schedule: As given at the top

Drawing and Painting classes are conducted for 60 minutes for ages 6 and above. Students will learn general drawing and painting in various mediums like water colors, pastels, oil colors and pencil shading. Various art forms like Varali, Madhubani and African style would be taught depending upon the proficiency level of the student. Each semester will comprise of ten classes and the fee is $200 with a $30 annual registration fee.
For more information, please send an email to painting.classes@hindusamajmandir.org

Youth Club:

The Hindu Samaj Community Center's Youth Club is involved in events and activities such as volunteering at the Food Banks, Community Carnivals, taking part in Saraswati Pooja held at the Mandir, Fundraiser Car Wash, Holiday Social and many other events

The Club  strives to cater to the social needs of the teens in our community by providing fun programs and activities which will allow them to express their talents and interests and nurture their leadership qualities and strong character. A high emphasis is placed on community service through which we try to encourage and inspire our children to make a tangible difference in the community and the world around us. We encourage and take steps to fulfill a sense of obligation to build a rich and supportive community which stands for something bigger than ourselves. The youth club is currently inviting teens in grades 8-12 to join in its future activities. New members will be able to interact with existing members on a regular basis. Together the group can continue to plan ahead and create a calendar of events which our youth can follow and get excited about.

We hope both parents and youth get involved giving us added ideas and input you may have. If you are interested in joining the Youth Club please send email to youthgroup@hindusamajmandir.org.

Yoga Classes: (Adult yoga classes are run on Saturday)

Saturday - Hatha Yoga Class- 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Hatha Yoga class is offered free of charge every Saturday from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m at by the certified Amrit Yoga teacher Yogshri Birendra Kumar. He has been teaching Yoga over 10 years and last 6 years in the Temple.
The class consists of gentle asanas, pranayama and meditation, is suited for all ages and physical abilities, and is aimed to bring physical flexibility, suppleness, weight loss, pain free living, mental relaxation and spiritual "Oneness".

To register, please contact us via email at   yoga.classes@hindusamajmandir.org.

SAHARA - Outreach Committee -2012  
The Hindu Samaj Temple and Community Center has formed a new, ecumenical SAHARA Outreach Committee for the sole purpose of serving the broader community by lending a helping hand.

“In Hindi, SAHARA means support,” said Shailja Rastogi, chair of the committee. “I am honored to be working with an ecumenical team of volunteers who believe in the importance of serving the broader community by extending their hands to the needy, no matter what their race, color, or creed.”

SAHARA’s first support project supported the Mahwah Marine Moms and North Jersey Military Moms.  To honor and thank them, SAHARA  organized a benefit performance on April 1, 2012 by local dance troupes, celebrating the area’s cultural diversity. The Spring Dance spectacular celebration showcased colorful variety of costumes and dance styles—Indian Classical, Spanish Flamenco, Italian Tarantella, American Tap, American Swing, and Irish Dance. The dances were performed by the Shubanjali School of Performing Arts in Scotch Plains, Infinite Motion Performing Arts Academy in Mahwah, Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Ridgewood, and McLoughlin School of Irish Dance in Allendale.

The Committee plans to sponsor a different fundraiser every year. “We hope SAHARA will one day become a model of service, bridging barriers and bringing different cultures together to lend a helping hand and make a difference,” said Rastogi.
Carnival of Colors and Holi Mela, 2012  
On March 24, 2012, Mandir celebrated Holi and organized a Carnival of Colors. Around 400 kids enjoyed the fun filled Mela eating Pizza, Samosa and playing games! Parents were visibly relaxed while kids were having face painted or doing art work. Holy-Holi Kids (Prahalad, Radha and Krishna) were selected from a draw. The story of Holi and Prahalad was also narrated for our younger audience. Winners of Raffle were announced at the end. The event was also covered by the local news papers.
Annual Ball, 2012                                                                          
Annual Ball was held on May 12, 2012. Over 300 people attended the ball. TD Bank and Boiling Spring Bank were recognized for the continued support to the Samaj. A silent auction was also held with great success.
Prana Prathistha Completed                                              
Opening Ceremony was done on Nov 7,8,and 9th, 2008. Over 5000 people participated in this event. The ceremony had extensive media coverage by local, regional and international News Papers and TV Channels.
News Coverage                                              


Hindu Samaj, Inc.
247 West Ramapo Ave., (entrance from Route 202)
Mahwah, NJ 07430, USA

201-529-1277 | info@hindusamajmandir.org 

Directions: [Entrance is only from Ramapo Valley Rd. (Route 202)]
From Garden State Parkway North/South
- Take exit for Route 17 North
- Take exit for Route 202 South
- Pass Mason Jar restaurant on left. The mandir is after the next building 

From Route 80 or Route 4 East/West or Route 17 North
- Take exit for Route 17 North
- Take exit for Route 202 South
- Pass Mason Jar restaurant on left. The mandir is after the next building

From Route 287 North/South
- Take exit 66 for Route 17 South
- Drive approx. 1 mile on Route 17 South
- Take exit for Route 202 South
- Pass Mason Jar restaurant on left. The mandir is after the next building on left

From Route 87, NY Thruway
-Take exit for Route 287 South
-Follow directions from Route 287 above

Om Tat Sat

(My humble  salutations to the great devotees ,  wikisources  and Pilgrimage tourist guide for the collection )


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