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Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in Canada

Hindu Society of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
God always lives in our Hearts!

2225 24 Ave NE
Calgary, AlbertaT2E 8M2
(403) 291-2551
Temple Hours
Open 7 Days
10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

Hindu Society Profile
The Hindu Society of Calgary, formed in 1974, has a membership of approximately 1000 families and also looking into further extension of the existing facility for which a development permit has been obtainted. It provides religious, cultural and social services in Calgary and the surrounding area. With the help of its dedicated and generous members, the Society opened its first nondenominational Hindu Cultural Centre and Temple in 1990. Since then, in 1993 the Society purchased additional land, adjacent to the current premises, to meet the growing needs of the community. The Society is looking into using this land for building a cultural centre, priest's residential quarters and facility for the school.
Through the centre, the Hindus are reaffirming their heritage and leaving a legacy for their children. In addition, for all Canadians, the centre is a reminder of the diversity that has shaped this country.
The Society also operates the Hindu Vidyalaya (school) to teach formal courses on Hindu Dharma and Hindi Language.
Among the objectives, the Society promotes the understanding of ethical, social, religious and philosophical foundations and practices of Hinduism. The Society fosters a spirit of dedication and devotion to Hindu values as suited to modern times.
Yajmans are welcome for all poojas and Sunday services. Please call VP Religion or phone the Mandir at 403-291-2551.

A Brief History of the Society
The Early Years:
Since the early seventies, when a number of Hindu families started to settle in Calgary, Hindu worship in the form of Pooja and Havans was practiced in individual homes. At the end of each Havan, a sumptuous meal would be served and discussions often took place about the necessity of a temple and a cultural centre. As a result, the Hindu Society of Calgary was born.
Formation of Hindu Society of Calgary:
In 1974, Brij Sood, Rajendra Sood and Ashok Bhasin coordinated the society's activities including the monthly havans in individual homes. The late Gurdas Ram Bhandari, lovingly known as Pitaji and the late Dr. Faqir Chand Sood, affectionately known as Bauji, both devoted and selfless volunteers, provided religious guidance and acted as the society's lay priests. They performed various Vedic ceremonies, marriages, and the last rites for the departed. With their work, dedication and love for our spiritual traditions. they created a sense of unity among the early Hindu settlers in this city. Brij Sood was elected as the first President of the registered society in 1975
St. Barnabas Church Becomes Home:
Brij Sood continued to be the President till 1979 and was responsible for acquiring the St. Barnabus Church for use on the first Sunday of every month for the religious congregation and Hindu festivals. "During these four years we started to feel like a family by having our regular satsangs and celebrating Hindu festivals", recalls Brij Sood. The Hindu community was fortunate in having the guidance of elders like Pitaji and Bauji to insure that Hindu traditions were maintained. The religious program consisted of "yajna with devotional singing", according to Santosh Mongia.
The First Attempt:
During 1979 and 1980, the society started looking for a permanent home. An attempt was made to buy the Croation Hall, but members of the society wanted to build their own centre and so an offer was made on a 10-acre parcel of land in the Springbank area. While the attempt was unsuccessful, owing to the legal title problems, the membership was determined. "We raised about $50,000 in l980 which gave us the seed money to proceed", recall Chaman Narang and Dr. Inder Nath Kher, president and vice president (Cultural Programs) respectively. The involvement of children in the society's activities was further strengthened with the operation of the Hindi school, organized by Drs. Inder Nath Kher and Anil Khosla and run by Shri Dwivedi, Manjula Sinha and Linda Prasad.
The Second Attempt:
During 1981, president Pramod Sood performed the task of pulling the society together. Money paid for the land was recovered and the society moved on to the next phase. In l992, the society purchased five acres of land in the Springbank area, closer to other churches. A multi-cultural hall was designed by Viri Shankardass and a federall grant of $250,000 was arranged. However, on appeal by the neighbors. the society lost the development permit. It was a great disappointment, but the society had collected an additional $70,000. A third Sunday satsang to widen the worship was introduced. "We wanted to encourage other Hindus to come and worship in their own traditions", recalls Ashok Bhasin, president in 1982 and 1983. Shrinath Dwivedi played an increasing role as the lay priest. During the second satsang of the month, recitations from Tulsidas’s Rom-Charit-Manas were introduced. In addition to the Deepawali festival we started celebrating Ram Navmi, Duussehra and Janmashtami festivals too.
A Period of Reflection:
During the presidency of Arun Sood in 1984, Laxrni Mital in l985 and Brij Sood in l986, a weak economy in Calgary made it difficult to make another attempt to build the temple. Many alternatives were explored The society increased its membership and developed greater involvement of children in its activities. During l983-84, with the passing away of its elders, Pitaji and Bauji, the society lost their valuable guidance. Mr. Ved Madan shared the increasing workload as a lay priest, and started conducting the Havan ceremonies. After the untimely demise of Ved Madan in 1986, his wife Asha Madan and Deepak Obhroi’s mother began to provide the priestly services but limited to the performance of Havan.
The New Momentum:
During 1987 and 1988, there was renewed effort. The idea of purchasing property in the Ogden area was considered, but rejected by the members. By this time a consensus had clearly emerged that a unique temple Should be built. Shrinath Dwivedi as president, and also as the lay priest, took charge. Laxmi Mital worked tirelessly and negotiated for he current site with the city administration. Necessary approvals were obtained. Planning committees were formed to move the project forward. The membership decided to sell the acreage and buy the new property. "It was a difficult time for the membership We had to make sure that we took the project to completion", recalls Shrinath Dwivedi. Viri Shankardass finally designed a new temple and once again the society was back on track. The society also published a collection of mantras and bhajans in a book form. Shri Dwivedi was ordained as a priest and the Alberta Government authorized him to issue wedding certificates.
Construction work Begins:
Manhar Verma became the president in 1989 and the momentum continued to build. A core committee was established to coordinate the construction, fundraising, public relations, etc. and the official sod-turning ceremony was held in April 1990. "It was a challenge to proceed with a project of $700,000 with less than half the funding arranged. but the commitment of the members encouraged us to proceed", recalls Verma. With the assistance of many, but of Sudha Talwar and Chaman Narang in partictilar, the society received a $150,000 community enhancement grant from the Alberta Government. Laxmi Mital and Brijesh Sharma coordinated approval of federal assistance under the job creation program. With proceeds from the land sale and additional donations, the construction started on September 29, l989 The building committee under the leadership of dedicated volunteer Krishan Arora got busy, while Chaman Narang guided a large number of fund-raisers. In the meantime, volunteers like Raj Mohan Sharma continued to involve rnore children in both religious and cultural programs.
The Dream is Realized:
During the winter and spring of 1990, the construction work progressed and the builders worked hard. "There weir some doubters, but I always had faith in our rnembership", says president Shrinath Dwivedi, Special projects like Utsav, a dinner-dance, Holi-Mela and a walk-a-thon raised over $15,000. On June24 alone. $30,000 were raised in half an hour. In the eight weeks leading up to the opening to the members, the Bhandari brothers, in the fine tradition of their father, took the lead and, with the help of several volunteers completed the interiors. Members like Hari Kapil took it upon themselves to collect more donations in cash and in kind. The Deities, Yajnashala. carpeting, tiles, main doors, kitchen equipment, PA system, security system, tables and chairs, first year insurance premium - were among the many generous donations received. Almost 75 percent of the $850,000 cost of construction and the land was paid for.
On September 29 and 30, 1990, over a thousand Hindus corning from different geographical, language and sect backgrounds came to participate in the twenty-four hour pooja. There were pride. elation and tears of joy in their eyes- A dream had finally come true. Calgary Hindus finally had their own House of God. Generosity was abundant, We raised more than $73,000 in cash and kind on these two days. The efforts of hundreds of volunteers and donors were finally rewarded. Asha Madan and Santosh Mongia prepared the Altar for 24-hour worship. Young Padmashri Naidu supervised the installation of "OM" and the Natarajas. Om Kapoor gave the final touches to the carpeting and Surendra Bhandai made sure that all areas of the temple were operational and safe for the September 29 opening to the members on the beautiful fall Dussehra day.
The new temple is indeed an example of the will and determination of Calgary Hindus who care about their traditions. No wonder that every visitor is proud to show to his or her children this unique edifice where all Hindus can worship in their own way. A dream which was seen 16 years ago had finally become a reality.
But who are these people who have built this unique edifice? What are they conveying by building this temple? These Hindus who have adopted Calgary as their new home wanted to do something unique. In India and even in North America there are many temples which are dedicated to one deity, which represent one sect, or one linguistic group. But these proud people wanted a place where all Hindus could worship according to their own traditions under one roof.
The Completion of The Hindu Temple:
The Federal and provincial Governments supported this project and by doing so demonstrated their commitment to the policy of multiculturalism. The successful completion of the Hindu Mandir and Cultural Centre marked the beginning of a progressive era leading to greater participation and involvement of not only our own community members but also of the mainstream Calgarians. The completed Temple and Cultural Centre provides us with a serene environment for religious and cultural pursuits. It stands as a landmark amongst the religious buildings in the city of Calgary.
The Centre is located centrally over the lot so as to allow enough room for future expansion. Planning of the building was done on East/West axis so as to have the Murtis facing East. Approach to the Temple is via steps on East side signifying a climb to the shrine and on to the porch with a dome signifying 'Ashirwad'. The completed Centre consists of a finished basement (for general community purposes, complete with kitchen and wash-rooms areas) and the main floor (4,275 square feet each), and a mezzanine of 775 square feet for a library.
Altars and Yajnashala:
During the year 1990, the decision was taken regarding the Murtis to be installed in the Temple. In 1991, the Murti-Sthapna Committee undertook the responsibilities for acquiring and arranging the Murtis and Yajnashala. Since it was difficult to arrange all Murtis on the Centre Altar, it was decided to modify the central Altar to have temples of Laxmi Narayan, Ram Darbar, and Radha-Krishna, and other Altars were built to house Shiva Darbar and Durga Mata (Ambaji). It is noteworthy that Mr. Prabhudas Ruparell made two trips to Jaipur, India (in December 1990 and May 1991) in order to place an order for the Murtis to be made by a special artist, and to personally supervise the packing and shipping of the Murtis from India. The Murtis arrived in Calgary in July 1991. The following individuals donated these:
Mr. and Mrs. Prabhudas Ruparell—Laxmi Narayan, Ram Darbar and Radha Krishna (in the loving memory of their son Shailen); Mr. and Mrs. Kantibhai Dave--Shiva Darbar; Mrs. Asha Madan & Mrs. Vijaya Ruparell--Durga Mata (Ambaji); The cost of the Yajnashala is paid by Dr. B.K Sood and family.
As a member of Pran Pratishtha Steering Committee, Mr. Prabhudas Ruparell travelled to Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, in order to attend the Murti-Sthapna ceremony of Hindu Community Centre of Knoxville, held in April 1991, to explore the question of Yajnashala for our own Centre and to find suitable priests for our Pran Pratishtha day. Mr. Shashi Patel, an architect from Pittsburgh, who had designed seventeen temples in the USA and Canada, came to Calgary to help us develop a conceptual design of the Altars and Yajnashala. Chagan Bharadia donated his professional services to design and develop working drawings of the Altars and Yajnashala. Uday Thakore donated his services to interior decoration and design changes during construction. A committee consisting of Raj Bhagoti, Surendra Bhandari and Ashok Bhasin spent hundreds of hours in coordinating the construction of the Alters. Mr. Ruparell succeeded in persuading two highly learned saints, Pujya Shri Rameshbhai Oza (Bhaiji) and Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji (Muniji), to come to Calgary and officiate at the Pran Pratishtha ceremony on Janamashtami, Monday, September 2, 1991.
"The occasion of Pran Pratishtha and Janamashtami celebrations was the most significant highlight of the year," recalls Ravi Sharma. The society published a special Souvenir Book to commemorate this event, and collected $80,000 in donations, signifying great satisfaction and support of the community for the Mandir. Satish and Mukta Kumar arranged "Meet My India" benefit show and it was highly successful.
Religious, Cultural and Educational Activities:
Realizing the need for dialogue with other cultural and religious organizations, the Society organized a multifaith conference, held in January 1991. Through this religious forum, we were successful in communicating the Hindu philosophy of universal brotherhood service, love, and respect for all. The conference was chaired and moderated by Dr. Inder Nath Kher, and Professor Ron Neufeldt of the Department of Religious Studies, University of Calgary, was the Guest Speaker. The credit for management should go to Shrinath Dwivedi, Subhash Manro, Ravi Meda, Virendra Bhandari and Asha Madan.
In April 1991, we organized a workshop on Hindu Dharma & Culture for the benefit of Public School Teachers and Administrators. This was arranged by Shrinath Dwivedi, Prithviraj Bishnoi, Ram Srivastava and Gopa Chakravorty.
In the spring of 1991, the Society also resumed the responsibility of educating its children and youths in the areas of Hindu religion, Indian music, Hindi language and literature. The school was organized and run by a team of dedicated individuals such as, Sushil Kumra, Manjula Sinha. Raka Singhal, Renu Mahajan, Urmila Bishnoi, Rashmi Mehrotra, Kiran Sharma, Shashi Babla, Sharda Ma, Rajiv Sinha, Shrinath Dwivedi, Anil Tiwari and Inder Nath Kher.
The Society also initiated several new programs such as Yoga classes, Gayatri Mahamantra and Bhajan Competition, Discourse on Hindu values, Performing Arts, and Hindu Cultural Youth Camps, encouraging the participation and involvement of youngsters in several aspects of our culture. Youth leaders such as Rajeev Sharma and Rita Aggarwala invited our attention to the problems our youngsters face in the context of dual culture-the culture of their Eastern origin, and the culture of their Western domicile - and made a forceful plea for an open dialogue between parents and children so that the conflicting situations should be resolved with proper understanding of the issues involved
With the establishment of the Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre, the Society’s role in the community at large was greatly enlarged. A Board of Trustees came into being to help with regard to "temple administration, as well as the development of long term policies and plans for future expansion," remarks Ashok Bhasin. Our membership demonstrated great enthusiasm for the activities associated with the Mandir and their level of participation in the affairs of the Centre was tremendously enhanced.
The Years of Spiritual and Cultural Resurgence:
From 1992 onwards, the Society has celebrated Hindu festivals such as Shivratri, Holi and Diwali much more vigorously. Birthday celebrations of Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavir and Sri Ramakrishna have become regular features. Noted speakers have been invited to enlighten us about teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Mahatma Gandhi. Youth camps and Hindu Bal Parishad have been established to promote our cultural heritage among the younger generation. Food fairs, Cultural and Musical shows, and Walk-a-thons have been organized to raise funds for on going developments and maintenance of the Temple and Cultural Centre.
During the year 1992, members of the Society worked with utmost dedication and raised our consciousness about voluntariness and Nishkam karma. Through their selfless efforts, Krishan Saini, Gopal Taneja, Raj Bhagwati, Sangeeta Madan, Preeti Sood, Abhimanyu Singh and others saved the Society almost $5,000 in maintenance costs. Tishma Taneja organized Sangeet and Bhajan nights with great finesse, and Ravi Sharma raised over $15,000 through a Walk-a-thon. "The Temple became a centre of worship under the spiritual leadership of our priest, Pandit Kailash Upadhayaya," observes Arun Sood. The Hindu Bal Parishad, educational wing of the Temple, was expanded and ably managed by a team of dedicated workers like Manjula Sinha, Raka Singhal, Sushil Kumra, Neeraj Verma, Kanti Dwivedi, Geeta Kumra, Indu Sharma, Renu Mahajan, Urmila Bishnoi, Rashmi Mehrotra, Kiran Shrama, Vijay Kapil, and Kanchan Bhasin. In 1993, our community contributed over $10000 to help the victims of earthquake in Maharashtra, India. The membership also "donated generously to defray cost of the land adjacent to the Mandir," remarks Brij Sood. Our Youth Club under the leadership of Sangeeta Madan organized a Seminar on Hindu Values. The Speakers, Rshmi Kher, Dr. Matthew Zacharia, Dr. Nagaraja Rao and Shri Upadhayay ji expressed views on diverse subjects pertaining to the Eastern Cultural Values and the Western World. In 1994, the Society celebrated the 20th anniversary of its inception, and the Hindu Vidyalaya served the needs of those who were eager to learn more about Hindu religion and philosophy. The Vidyalaya has been managed by a highly dedicated team of volunteers like P.R. Bishnoi, Govind Narain Sharma, Rajiv Sinha, Manju Mital, Anil Mehrotra, Rita Khanna, Karan Khanna and Brij Maini, and it has been a great success. A special committee was formed under the leadership of Abhimanyu Singh to raise money for the Mandir/Centre: Ashok Bhasin, Laxmi Mital, Surendra Bhandari, Naresh Shankardass, Ram Achal, P.R. Bishnoi and Hari Kapil supported the fund raising campaign. During 1995, we received a great deal of media support: Jagtar Kharey (Asian Magazine), Mohan Jaswal (Canada-India T.V.), Sounds of India (Punjabi Cultural Association) and INCA (Chakaralata) helped us in publicizing our programs and activities.
A building committee comprising of Krishan Saini, Raj Bhagoti and Surendra Bhandari was formed to look into expansion of Temple.
During 1996, a fully furnished commercial kitchen was established, and landscaping on the adjoining land was completed. "The alternatives of expanding our Mandir building or putting up a new building on the adjacent lot were examined," notes P.R. Bishnoi.
During the annual Holi Mela and food fair organized by Tripta Chowdhury, Mukta Kumar, Suman Katyal, Anita Sahel, Asha Bhandari and others, dances were performed by the students of the Hindu Vidyalaya. "Each program/project was successful because the members, the Executive and the Trustees worked together as a team," observes Krishnamurthy Pendala. During 1997-1998, the Society provided a variety of religious programs and services to the Hindu community. The growing need of the programs for our youth and seniors was fully realized and the idea of expansion of our present facilities took concrete shape. "Additional part time help was made available to our Pujari ji, so that he could devote more time to the Sunday program," writes Virendra Bhandari. Bylaws were revised to expand role of the Executive Committee with addition of Vice Presidents for Youth, Senior Citizens, and Kitchen services. The Hindu Vidyalaya and the Library flourished under the leadership of Karan Vir Khanna and Rita Khanna respectively.
Silver Jubilee and Beyond:
The year 1999 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Society. The membership of about 600 families is genuinely proud of their accomplishments over the years. The Society continues to provide religious, cultural and social services in Calgary and the surrounding area. Under the guidance of our current Pujariji, Shri Hari Shankar Dabral, the Society vigorously promotes the understanding of ethical, social, religious and philosophical foundation and practices of Hinduism, fostering a spirit of dedication and devotion to Hindu values as suited to modern times. Pujariji provides wider coverage for Hinduism over the local television on Sundays and caters to the youth through Yoga and Religion classes on the first Sunday of the month. Karan Vir Khanna has organized a Spiritual Camp for youth on August 23-25. The Society is moving forward and is poised for greater achievements in the new millennium. The membership has approved expansion to the Temple to double the size by adding cultural hall and expanding the social hall. The Bhumi Puja ceremony for construction has been held on August 8. Gala Dinner and Silver Jubilee Celebrations are planned to be held on September 25, 1999.

Hindu Society of Calgary: A Centre for Hindus in Calgary
Hindu Society of Calgary has nothing to do with the new organization “Hindu Youth Volunteers of Calgary”. People who want to donate money to Hindu Society ofCalgary,Please write the name of The Hindu Society ofCalgaryon their checks for which they will be issued Tax deductible receipts.

Monday to Sunday Temple Hours (open 7 Days)
10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

Library Hours (Sunday)
Cantact Mandir Office
Phone: 403-291-2551 for renewals

For general information,
2225 24 Ave NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 8M2
from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
at 403-291-2551 or
email at :

Typical Sunday Program
10:30 - 11:35 Havan and Puja
11:35 - 12:00 Bhajans
12:00 - 12:45 Pravachan
12:45 - 1:00 Announcements & Aarti
Tuesday Program
7:00 - 7:30 Bhajan & Kirtan
7:30 - 8:00 Hanuman Chalisa
8:00 - 8:15 Aarti
8:15 -onwords Preeti Bhoj

Yajmans (Hosts for Sunday / Tuesday) or the Society provides Priti Bhoj (Lunch) after the Service to the total congregation. For more information, contact VP Religion or phone the Mandir @ 403-291-2551.

We want that Education by which character is formed; Strength of mind is increased,
& by which one can stand on one's own feet.
Swami Vivekananda
The Hindu Vidyalaya of Calgary was established in 1993 as an educational arm of the Hindu Society of Calgary and operates under a standing committee of the Society called Hindu Vidyalaya Education Committee (HVEC). This committee consists of eight members, i.e., chairman, principal, vice-principal, a member of trustees, a representative from executive, a parent representative, a teacher representative, and a youth member of the Hindu Vidyalaya.
Hindu Vidyalaya starts in mid-September and winds up its session in the last week of April. The Vidyalaya offers formal classes on Hindu religion, Hindi language, Indian Classical Vocal Music and Yoga. Dedicated, hard-working and committed team of volunteers administers the Vidyalaya.The vision of the Hindu Vidyalaya is to make children and youths aware of their cultural roots and bring a sense of pride about their religion and cultural heritage.
Classical Music: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Hindi: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Dharma: 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

With effect from 01 July, 2013 Mandir Aarti Timings are as follows.
Monday                 11:00 am              7:00 pm
Tuesday                11:00 am              7:45 pm
Wednesday            11:00 am              7:00 pm
Thursday        11:00 am              7:00 pm
Friday                   11:00 am              7:00 pm
Saturday               11:00 am              7:00 pm
Sunday                 01:00 pm                     7:00 pm
p.s. Aarti timings are change with respect to special religions events.
Mandir is now accepting the following items with thanks:
  • Unsalted dry fruit, Fresh Fruit and Fresh Flowers
  • Mandir needs and will accept cash gladly any time.
  • Hindu Study Circle
The Hindu Study Circle meetings are held at 2:00pm on the second Saturday of each month in the Mandir.For more information on these meetings, please contact Dr. G.N. Sharma at 241-2391.
  • Dinner at the Drop-in Centre
The Hindu Society provides a vegetarian meal to needypeople once a month at the Drop-in Centre.Any volunteer help for this worthy cause is greatly appreciated.For further information and volunteering your services, please contact Mr. AbhimanyuSingh @ 403-242-4982, Suman/Subhash Katyal @ 403-281-7757, or Mayura Rangayyan @403-239-7380.

Hanuman Chalisa
Please come and join for Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday from 6:45 P.M. in the Temple.
Entertainment Facilities
We now have an excellent stage with proper curtains and sound system in the basement of the Mandir.This is ideal for variety entertainment and we offer these facilities to members and non members at very competitive rates.For details, please contact the VP Maintenance or phone the Mandir at 403-291-2551.

Upcoming Events at theTemple:
Discourses on Bhaktmaal
Sept 22nd to 28th Sept, 2013

Panditji is available at the Mandir for all your religious activities during the normal hours of operation. To book a priest for your private functions, please contact the Mandir at 403-291-2551.
The society is funded entirely by donations and continual support of the its members and yajmans. Members and others requesting services of the Mandir's priests will be advised ahead of time of the amount of dakshina to be offered to the priests and donations to the mandir according to the following guidelines.
In determining the amount of dakshina to be offered to the priest, the yajman should take into account the time devoted by the priest to the performance of a particular ceremony and in reaching the venue of this service.
Dakshina should be clearly marked and not mixed with Aarti money. No tax deductible receipt will be issued for dakshina.

Aarti Collection
For puja held outside the Mandir by the Mandir's Priest, the yajmans are requested to send the money collected for Aarti to the Mandir and Tax deductible receipt will be issued.
Donation to the Mandir
All yajmans have an obligation to donate to the Mandir on the occasion of pooja performed by the priest at their homes or at other venues. However, in addition to the dakshina, a minimum donation of $51 to the Society is expected.
The library is located on the second floor of the Hindu Mandir. It has a large selection of books on Hindu religion, spiritualism and Hindi language. The books are written by well-known authors from various parts of the world. The books are cataloged according to an international system and are stored on the computer. The books can be borrowed by the members of the Hindu Society of Calgary but everybody is welcome to visit and browse through the books during the library hours, (Contact Mandir office for Library Hours).
For more information, please contact the Mandir at (403) 291-2551.

You may renew your books on phone at 403-291-2551.

Executive Committee 2013-14
Neena Obhrai

V. P. Culture
Brijbala Bakshi

V. P. Religion
Ragini Narang

V. P. Resources
Viswanathan Murli

V. P. Youth and Education
Ervin Punj

V. P. Seniors
Tripta Chowdhury

V. P. Food & Services
Lekhram Chauhan

V. P. Maintenance
Rajinder Verma

Mamta Deshwar

Gautam Kher

Past President
Pratap Varshney

2225 24 Ave NE
Calgary, AlbertaT2E 8M2
(403) 291-2551
Temple Hours
Open 7 Days
10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.
Library Hours (Sunday)
11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
Phone: 403-291-2551 for renewals
For general information,
contact the Office Administrator
from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
at 403-291-2551 or email at jaimata@telus.net / hindusocietyofcalgary@gmail.com

Om Tat Sat

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