Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in Germany -3

Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in Germany

ISKCON Jandelsbrunn Simhachalam Temple, Germany
 Temple Simhachalam

ISKCON Jandelsbrunn Simhachalam
(Nava Jiyada Narasimha Kshetra)
Zielberg 20
94118 Jandelsbrunn
phone/fax +49(0)8583-316
e-mail: info@simhachalam.de
For accomodation: reservation.simhachalam@gmail.com


Simhacalam is a Krishna temple and farm project near Passau. We're a community of Krishna devotees with something for everyone; whether you're spiritual beginner coming for the first time, or you are wishing to deepen your spiritual experience, Simhacalam is a place for you!
We would like to personally invite you to come join us for one of our services. The atmosphere is relaxed and the messages are relevant to your daily life. Through meaningful study of philosophy of Bhagavad Gita, and incredible worship, our goal is to help you grow deeper in your spiritual life and ultimately develop relationship with the supreme personality of Godhead - Krishna.
Learn more about us, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

What to expect?

You will have a firsthand experience of entering a Krishna temple. On the main altar you will see Their Lordship Shri Shri Prahlad-Nrisimhadeva who are worshiped according to the ancient Vedic customs. Our members wear traditional Indian apparel. For our guests we have a "come as you are" atmosphere. You will see some dressed up, some dressed casual. We have no expectations for attire.

What is a good time to visit?

Weekend services, Saturday 6.30pm – a worship with singing and dancing (Gaura arotik) and afterwards traditional fire ceremony (yajna).
Weekday services
4.30 am singing ceremony (Mangal Aratik)
5.15 am chanting meditation
7:15 am singing ceremony (guru puja)
7:45 am Lecture on Krishna conscious philosophy
6.30 pm singing and dancing ceremony (gaura arotik)
You are welcome to drop in anytime. Our staff will be happy to show you around.

Our founder

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder-acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness was born in India in 1896. In 1966, in the USA he established the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, commonly known as the Hare Krishna Movement. His aim was to promote Krishna Consciousness throughout the world.
In the next eleven years Srila Prabhupada wrote over 50 books. His works include Bhagavad-gita As It Is, the multi-volume Indian classic Srimad-Bhagavatam, Caitanya-caritamrta, Nectar of Devotion,  and Krishna: The Supreme Personality of Godhead - to mention few. The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, established in 1972 to publish the works of His Divine Grace, has thus become the world's largest publisher of books in the field of Indian religion and philosophy.
Despite his heavy literary schedule, Srila Prabhupada continued to tour the world to benefit the people with the message of Krishna. In just twelve years, despite his advanced age, he circled the globe fourteen times on lecture tours that took him to six continents. He departed this world on November 14 1977.
In the short time he spent in the west, he preached continuously, established 108 temples, wrote more than sixty volumes of transcendental literature, initiated five thousand disciples, founded the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, began a scientific academy (the Bhaktivedanta Institute) and other trusts related to International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Sankirtan Festival 28 Dec 2013 - 1 Jan 2014

See you in Simhachalam latest by the Gaura Arotik of the 28th of December this year.

Dear Devotees, Maharajas, Matajis, Prabhus, Friends,
Please accept our humble obeisances!
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
At the end of every year, after a month of intense but ecstatic distribution of Srila Prabhupada’s books devotees gather at the feet of Sri Sri Prahlad Nrisimhadeva (German farm) for the traditional Sankirtan Festival. This year, we the servants of their Lordships are inviting you for four days of kirtan, enlivening lectures and the association of advanced devotees. Prasadam will be great too. We have several great cooks and HG Loka Saranga Prabhu will be the chief.

This Deecember you will be able to hear: HH Smita Krsna Swami, HH Dayananda Swami, HG Madhusevita Prabhu (GBC and BBT Trustee of Italy), HG Dina Sharana Mataji, HG Prithu Prabhu, HG Tapas Prabhu (ISKCON Stockholm Temple President), HG Lilashuka Prabhu, HG Narakriti Prabhu (Temple President of ISKCON Prague). We are still negotiating with several senior vaishnavas and sannyasis to come, so expect surprises. Famous (but transcendental to all the fame) HG Vidya Vacaspati Prabhu will jazz-up the temple-room with his kirtans. Plus Simhacalam resident senior devotee HG Prithu Prabhu will inspire the assembled Vaisnavas with his bhajans and lectures. Motto of this year’s Festival is: „Spiritual life is real“.
See you in Simhachalam latest by the Gaura Arotik of the 28th of December this year.
your servants at Simhachalam

Saturday, 28.12. Arrival Day
beginning of the festival
18:30 Sandhya Aratika (Maha Pralaya Kirtan with Book distributors)
19:00 Nrisimhadeva Fire-Yajna with Bhajan till 22:00

Sunday, 29.12.
4:30 Mangala Aratika
8:00 Shrimad Bhagavatam class:
HH. Smita Krishna Swami, HG. Tapas Prabhu

12:00 HG. Lilashuka Prabhu
16:00 HH. Dayananda Swami
18:30 Sandhya Aratika, kirtan till 22:00

Monday, 30.12.
4:30 Mangala Aratika
8:00 Shrimad Bhagavatam class:
HH. Dayananda Swami and HH Smita Krishna Swami

12:00 HG. Tapas Prabhu, HG Lilasuka Prabhu
16:00 HG Prithu Prabhu
18:30 Sandhya Aratika, kirtan till 22:00

Tuesday, 31.12.
4:30 Mangala Aratika
8:00 Shrimad Bhagavatam class:
HG. Narakriti Prabhu and HG Smita Krishna Swami
12:00 HG. Tapas Prabhu
15:30 HH. Dayananda Swami
16:30Reading SKT Scores
18:30 Sandhya Aratika and New Years Kirtan till
00:00 Midnight Aratika and All-Night Bhajan

Wednesday, 1.1.2014
4:30 Mangala Aratika
8:00 Shrimad Bhagavatam class:
HG. Narakriti Prabhu and HG. Prithu Prabhu

11:00 HG Lila Shuka Prabhu

end of festival

Thursday, 2.1.2014
German\ Austrian NC Meeting

*This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change
* Prasadam times are 9:00 breakfast, 14:00 lunch and snack in the evening (cakes, cookies and other baked goodies)

   Pizza Effect

Intercultural cooking workshop.

We will use cooking workshops as a method to establish communication and promote healthy lifestyle. Food will be used as a catalyst to encourage peer learning within target groups of the adults, as well as intergenerational and intercultural interaction. Each of the cooking lessons will include majority of ingredients which are most often used in cuisines from different parts of Europe.

Food is integrating. It involves and appeals to all our senses. The topic was chosen because it creates a wide range of opportunities for possible activities and has the power to gather people to communicate and learn despite their age, nationality or social status. This is proven by the experience of humankind – throughout our history, commercial, religious, household cooking traditions have been established in every culture that have contributed to the relationships between people, promoting mutual enrichment, multiculturalism and tolerance.

Traditional recipes, usually visual in old “recipe-books” (what grandma knows) or handed down through oral tradition, promoted the dissemination of knowledge, beliefs and traditions that eventually contributed to the development of a culture and a common identity worldwide. In today’s society, where communication and knowledge are often produced in a static way, in front of a computer, TV or a book, this project stands to claim the acquisition of knowledge, values and attitudes through direct contact with the natural, social and cultural environment of food, throughout an active and participative methodology, where participants can experience healthy food by cooking, talking, eating and learning altogether.

We believe that this approach will bring a significant contribution to strengthening the international solidarity and enhancing intergenerational communication.

Accomodation in the temple

There are two options for accomodation at ISKCON Simhachalam, which we are able to offer: Ashram and Guest House. For both reservation is needed. If you book a room, you can also book a pick up service from Passau, Waldkirchen or Jandelsbrunn Post (check the Price list).
Here is the link to the bus time tables.
1. Ashram (8€ / day with breakfast)
No bed, dormitory, bring a sleeping bag and an isomat with you.
Women and Men sleep separated.
Minimum donation for full board prasadam meals is 10€. ISKCON and Simhachalam members can give minimum donation from 8€.
2. Guest house
Minimum donation for full board prasadam meals is 10€. ISKCON and Simhachalam members can give minimum donation from 8€. Exceptions during festivals, retreats, seminars.
Please kindly consider that in order to preserve the spiritual atmosphere at Simhachalam, we kindly request our guests to refrain from:
   - Consumption and keeping of meat, fish and eggs
   - Consumption and keeping of alcohol, drugs and tobacco

Reservation contacts: reservation.simhachalam@gmail.com   Tel./Fax +49(0)8583-316
GSM: +49(0)162-98 19 147, Dhira Nitai das or +49/(0)157-89 14 8070, Minaksi Svamini dasi


ISKCON Jandelsbrunn Simhachalam Temple
(Nava Jiyada Narasimha Kshetra)

Zielberg 20
94118 Jandelsbrunn

Tel./Fax +49(0)8583-316
E-Mail: info@simhachalam.de
Gästebetreung: reservation.simhachalam@gmail.com


We are requesting guests or supporters to contribute to the running of
the temple. Donations as little as 10 euro a month help maintain Sri Sri
Prahlad Narasimhadeva’s temple. For more information please email
info@simhachalam.de or call Gopi Gita devi dasi on 08583 316.
Temple Bank details are:
Kontoinhaber: Vedischer Tempel & Kuhschutz e.V.
Konto: 335 417 186 BLZ: 740 200 74
IBAN DE: 85740200740335417186 SWIFT (BIC): HYVEDMM445

ISKCON Jandelsbrunn Simhachalam
(Nava Jiyada Narasimha Kshetra)
Zielberg 20
94118 Jandelsbrunn
phone/fax +49(0)8583-316
e-mail: info@simhachalam.de
For accomodation: reservation.simhachalam@gmail.com
If you want to use public transport click here and type in "Jandelsbrunn, Post" as your destination, or "Passau" if you do not want to go by bus.

If you need to be pick up from Jandelsbrunn, which is 2km away from our Temple, please call under +49 08583 316.

From Passau by car:
On the B12 follow the signs to Waldkirchen
In Waldkirchen follow the highway to Jandelsbrunn
In Jandelsbrunn drive to the Knaus-Caravan-Fabric
Follow „Hare-Krishna" -sings
Take the second turn right once you are in Zielberg

Om Tat Sat

(My humble  salutations to the great devotees , wikisources  and Pilgrimage tourist guide for the collection )


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