Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in United Kingdom-3

Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in United Kingdom

 Gurjar Hindu Union, Crawley, UK
 Gurjar Hindu Union (GHU)
Mandir ADDRESS is as follows:-

Apple Tree Centre,
Ifield Avenue,
RH11 0AF (Opp. Crawley Rugby Club).
Tel: 01293 530105, Charity No. 1117476  Est: 1968.

Email: Use the form
or bharat@ghu.org.uk

 Temple Open hours

We are open everyday from 09.00 hrs to 12.30 hrs and 17.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs.
Daily Aarti times: 10.00 hrs, 12.00hrs and 19.00 hrs.
*Closing times may vary

About GHU

The Gurjar Hindu Union (GHU) Ltd is 44 years old established minority ethnic led charitable organisation serving Crawley, a town based in the South East of England, near Gatwick Airport.
GHU is a volunteer led charity which has established itself as a well run, sustainable organisation.
Through prudent financial management and funds raised from the community it serves, GHU has recently constructed a very modern Santatan Mandir (Temple in Crawley) and a Community Centre at a cost of £4 million.
Since 1968, Gurjar Hindu Union has made tremendous progress in providing a solid foundation for the future of the Hindu community in Crawley and South-East England. The SMCC project has been a mammoth task for the current committee and has faced many challenges and achievements. With the Apple Tree Centre complete, focus now remains on the Temple architecture and aesthetics, which are planned for completion in Spring 2009.
Brief History of GHU
1968: GHU formed by 1st generation Indians from East Africa and the Indian Subcontinent.
1989: GHU’s First Constitution approved.
1992: GHU hosted ‘Ram Katha’ by Pujya Morari Bapu. Over 5,000 people attended every day for 9 days.
1998: GHU purchased a disused warehouse on Spencer Road and converted it into a temporary community centre.
2001: Planning permission granted by Crawley Borough Council.
2002: GHU acquired Apple Tree Farm site, a 3 acre site close to Crawley Town centre.
2003: ‘Bhumi Pujan’ performed at Apple Tree Farm.
2004: ‘Shilanyas’ (ground-breaking) ceremony performed at Apple Tree Farm.
2007: GHU hosted ‘Ram Katha’ by Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza.
2007: Start of SMCC construction.
Autumn 2009: Completion of Dhamecha Suite, Apple Tree Centre.
Autumn 2009: GHU host ‘Shrimad Bhagavat Gyan Yagna’ by Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza
Spring 2010: Expected completion of Temple.

Dhamecha Suite, Apple Tree Centre
Since Autumn 2007, the construction work of the Apple Tree Centre (SMCC) has been in full swing. Although much work remains for the completion of the whole project, GHU is pleased that community events and functions can now take place in the new Dhamecha Suite.
Funding the Project
The capital project has a cost of £4 million and the construction work is due for completion in Spring 2010. GHU has raised considerable funds from personal donations and the sale of its present site.
The dedicated team of volunteers have both the experience and energy to complete this dream. GHU, however, still needs partners and supporters. It is securing this through the good will and generosity of the local community served.
During Janmashtmi 2006, GHU launched a special fund raising initiative seeking the support of the public and business community. The aim was to raise £800,000 for the purchase of the Apple Tree Farm land. GHU invited 2,000 people to dedicate £400 each. Already over half of the funds have been raised in the scheme.

Gujarati Classes

GHU Gujarati School is in full swing at the new Centre. Classes are open to all children aged six and above irrespective of their culture or religious background. Come with your child and see what we do or give We continue to look for teachers or helpers for Gujarati School. Please let Kokiben Patel know if you can support on paid or voluntary basis.
Children above 5 years old as well as adults can join the weekly classes conducted at 3 different levels:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate (for the students who completed their reading and writing exams)
  • Advanced (pre- and GCSE level students)
Timing: Every Saturday from 10am-12.30pm (Includes 10am Aarti)
School Head – Pramodbhai Chotai
Gurjar Hindu Union welcomes all who have an interest in Indian art and culture and Language  classes. Look out for adult evening classes in near future
For further details please contact:
Kokilaben Patel – 07950245715 (Patelkoki@hotmail.co.uk)
School Run By Governor Kokilaben Patel
School Head – Promodbhai Chotai

For the Gujarati School our vision is that the teaching and outcomes should be of same comparable standard with that of mainstream school.
The Gujarati teaching should support pupils to maintain their language skills, increase their Hindu cultural heritage and develop their distinct identity as members of wider community.
GHU Gujarati School is part of Crawley Community Language Network. Teachers (Kokilaben Patel, Sapna Mistry, Ashwinbhai Soni and Chetnaben Mistry) attended 10-week course to improve their teaching skills.

Celebration Hire

The Apple Tree Centre offers the perfect venue for wedding receptions, celebrations and parties of all kinds. With a space for a thousand people, dedicated catering and kitchen facilities, convenient access to transport, ample parking for up to 250 vehicles and a delightful location in the heart of Sussex close to many attractions, the Apple Tree Centre offers a wealth of appeal.
Thanks to our strict vegetarian food and zero alcohol policy, the Apple Tree Centre is perfect for Hindu weddings and other vegetarian celebrations. We also offer the ideal solution for children’s parties and youth events in a safe, welcoming environment. For your celebrations we offer a complete package tailored to your needs including soft drinks and delicious freshly cooked vegetarian meals for your guests.
The Apple Tree Centre has its own car park with room for 250 vehicles, so parking is never going to be a challenge for your guests. It’s also easy to reach using public transport; it is close to Crawley town centre with the nearest train station just a short bus ride away. Designed with accessibility in mind, the Apple Tree Centre is accessible to the whole community, including people using wheelchairs and those with limited mobility. The centre has its own landscaped gardens for colleagues, friends and family to enjoy.
Soft drinks and vegetarian hot and cold meals poa
Kitchen For food warming or cooking
Initial promotional special rate £50ph


Note. The prices below are subject to change and therefore
please confirm with Apple Tree Centre manager.
Wedding Package
Promotional rate for a 10 hour slot from 8:00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Any additional hours at £175 per hour.
Basic Hire Charges
Main Hall
Four hour slot (min)
Each additional hour
Equipment Hire
(per item)
* excludes cleaning charges
Payment terms
Booking deposit 25% of total
Full payment 75% of balance minimum four weeks before use
Security deposit:
Cleaning Deposit :

Corporate Hire

Conferencing • Seminars • Meetings • Expos
The Apple Tree Centre is the ideal location for business exhibitions and conferences, seminars and meetings. The Apple Tree’s Dhamencha Suite provides space for one thousand people in a comfortable, accessible environment. A fully equipped modern stage is available for speakers, guest panels or presentations, while seating can be provided for many hundreds of guests, colleagues, or clients.
For exhibitions there are 1250 square metres of space for tables, stands, stalls and displays, plus a spacious reception area to meet and greet visiting guests. In addition to the main hall there is also a meeting room and office space with telephone, computer and internet access available.


Day hire booking
Speak to the Centre Manager

Soft drinks and vegetarian hot and cold meals poa
Kitchen For food warming or cooking
Initial promotional special rate £50ph

Sound system, lighting, stage
meeting room

For hire bookings call
Bharat Lukka: 07967 339790
Email: bharatlukka@hotmail.com

 Please note during dark winter evening or mandir will close every evening at 8.00pm
Our sincere apologies for any inconvience this may cause you 
Safety for the maharaj and the mandir is our number one priority

Kind Regards

Board of Governors 
Gurjar Hindu Union 
For Donations towards the Fireworks please contact :
Dilip Limbachia : 07808 932858
Shastriji at the Mandir: 01293 530105
or any Committee Member

 Find Us

Please support us and attend the events, shows and functions. If you need to contact GHU please write to us (address below or fill out the online form.  Our Address is:
Gurjar Hindu Union (GHU)
Mandir ADDRESS is as follows:-

Apple Tree Centre,
Ifield Avenue,
RH11 0AF (Opp. Crawley Rugby Club).
Tel: 01293 530105, Charity No. 1117476  Est: 1968.


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