Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in Canada -13

Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in Canada

Yogi Divine Society, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
(Hindu Swaminarayan Mandir)

Hindu Swaminarayan Mandir & Cultural Centre

6875 Professional Court,
Mississauga, Ontario, L4V 1Y3
Phone : 905-678-1166
Fax : 905-678-8882
Email : info@ydscanada.org

Yogi Divine Society - Absolute Dedication, Pure Devotion

As the force behind the creation of Yogi Divine Society, H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji directs projects and activities that mold an individual as well as the community towards spirituality. His vision of spirituality is expressed in His message of 'Atmiyata', which is a form of spiritual harmony that transcends the emotions of stubbornness, envy and ego. With His inspiration, guidance, and blessings, millions of individuals today walk the path of devotional service to attain ultimate spiritual salvation.
A living example of H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji's visionary mission to preserve and foster culture, religion and spirituality can be witnessed at the Hindu Swaminarayan Mandir, Toronto (Canada). Established in September 1996, this temple is consecrated with captivating idols of Shri Akshar Purushottam Maharaj, Shri Radha Krishna, Hanumanji and Ganapatiji. The temple has an auditorium and hall that accommodates for about 1300 devotees. In addition, this center conducts multi-dimensional activities with the aim of bridging cultural gaps, building harmonious relationships, and merging the social and cultural fabrics within the community.
The diligent and dedicated devotees organize a wide array of activities year-round ranging from weekly spiritual assemblies, medical camps, relief services, and traditional celebrations of Hindu Festivals. Various Youth activities are held throughout the year including gaming/sporting tournaments (e.g. cricket, carrom, volleyball), Youth Camps and Youth Forums. These regular gatherings and activities inspire a positive destination, discipline and integrity of character. The Yogi Divine Society is an integral part of the community, strengthening both cultural and communal ties.
H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji's life slogan, "Yuvako maru sarvasva chhe" – Youth is my life, signifies the special place He has for Youth in His heart. He always emphasizes the extraordinary potential present in a youth: "Yuvan dhare tevo thai shake" – A youth has the potential to become what he chooses to become. Youth, a reservoir of dynamic energy and talent, could change the course of history. When this energy is channeled towards positive avenues, the maximum potential of Youth, and that of human life, is fully realized. This is a cause that is very dear to H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji. Through His selfless love, compassionate care and divine blessing, He has given the modern youth a new meaning and direction in life, with a special emphasis on keeping the right company and achieving excellence in all aspects of life. With the youth in mind, H.D.H. Hariprasad Swamiji has blessed us with the Haridham Temple in Toronto and is the driving force behind all of the activities that take place at this center.
He inspires...He guides...He cares...

Quality of Life, Integrity and Upliftment

Inspired by His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji, a saint who embodies true compassion and character. Yogi Divine Society (YDS) is an organization that contributes to the quality of life, integrity and upliftment of society. YDS is a non-profit socio-religious organization based on the Hindu Swaminarayan's faith; principles of brotherhood and social service. Under the inspirational guidance of His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji, YDS works to benefit humanity, regardless of class, creed or religion.
YDS Toronto chapter is headquartered from Hindu Mandir and Cultural Centre located in Mississauga, Ontario. Comprised entirely of volunteers, YDS Toronto conducts local and international charitable activities, such as local food drives, disaster relief work and society betterment.

Service unto Mankind and Devotion unto God

'Faith', 'Sect', Religion' - are terms always associated with the spiritual journey leading to the Supreme Godhead. Although seemingly different in their practices, all the religions of the world advocate similar principles for a revival of the spirit towards divinity. The Swaminarayan Faith is a remarkable blend of the spiritual essence of Hinduism with universal principles of other religions of the world.
The principle of a harmonious existence termed - 'Vasudaiv Kutambakam' in Hindu philosophy is akin to 'Love thy neighbour as thyself' - as advocated in The Bible. This vision is expressed as 'Suhradbhav' (Universal Brotherhood) in the Swaminarayan philosophy.
Swaminarayan Faith advocates - 'Service unto Mankind and Devotion unto God' as the means of attaining the ultimate spiritual liberation. The absolute lack of discrimination between caste, color, creed or sect highlights the universal appeal of this Faith.
Lord Swaminarayan - the founder of this faith - has propagated a code of conduct based on a unique creed of spiritual principles that paves the path of the ultimate spiritual salvation and moulds the spirit towards divinity.

Daily Worship

7.30am - 1.00pm
3.30pm - 8.00pm
11.00 am and 6.15pm
7.30am and 6.00pm

 . “ Service is the Essence of life-jiva”

While discoursing, many a times, Swamishree says t
hat all the Gunatit
Saints have spent their whole life in rendering ser
vices only and service to
them was the real cause of bliss. Swamishree’s life
, similarly, also reveals the
zeal to serve every moment of His life, irrespectiv
e of the type and nature of
service, Swamishree always gets prepared and eager
to serve, anywhere,
anytime and any type of..
Once, Swamishree, out of His regular walk in the H
aridham campus,
after giving two rounds to the Temple, graced the A
mbrish Hall, where some
devotees were resting and outside the hall, saints
were busy cleaning with
brooms. Swamishree rushed to the saints and would r
equest them to hand
Him over the broom so that He also could clean up a
bit saying “ Let me also
clean up. I like this sort of services the most.” S
ince, Swamishree was
suffering form the back pain, P. Vivekswami prayed
Him not to do that
service since bending down and cleaning would aggr
avate His pain further.
Upon which, Swamishree averred “Back pain is recurr
ing but because of
such a pain, how can I give up serving ? Gunatitana
nd Swamiji used to
broom around for years in Vartal and elsewhere. Ser
vice was the very
essence of these Gunatit Saints, so please hand me
over the Broom”
All the saints present prayed to Swamishree that H
is divine walk was
as good as cleaning (our minds and lives) only. Acc
epting their prayers,
wearing a divine smile over the face, Swamishree co
ntinued with His walk.
We find that, He is all the times eager for any ki
nd of service whenever
an opportunity arises discarding His physical state
of affairs, whether He is
comfortable or suffering from any ailmenets.
If we keep these kinds of incidents of Gunatit sa
ints and Swamishree
in our mind, our enthusiasm to serve may not recede
under any
circumstances, even when we may not be physically f
it to serve.

Play Hard

Sports tournaments and games have been a regular occurrence through the temple. Sound mind and sound body are some of the values of Yogi Divine Society.
We have organized volleyball, basketball, cricket and table tennis tournaments throughout the years. Players of all ages come out to watch and participate in our tournaments.
APL – Atmiya Premier League
The Atmiya Premier League is our annual cricket tournament, typically this would be in our sports sections but the popularity has grown so much of the past years that we have to give the tournament it's own section.
Difficult to describe the event, must experience it for yourself is what we can say.
The format follows that of the Indian Premier League.  Players are registered with Team Owners (all in good fun), each team has an owner, manager, captain and vice captain and a set budget. Players are auctioned based on skill set. Once teams are set the fun then begins.
This tournament is a small example of H.D.H. Hariprasad's vision of Atmiyata players really don't know each other but through practices and the tournament itself lifelong friendships are created.

Hindu Swaminarayan Mandir & Cultural Centre

6875 Professional Court,
Mississauga, Ontario, L4V 1Y3
Phone : 905-678-1166
Fax : 905-678-8882
Email : info@ydscanada.org

Om Tat Sat

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