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Holy Pilgrimage - Hindu temples in United Kingdom

 Shree Shakti Mandir, Leicester, UK

Moira St Leicester LE4 6NH, United Kingdom
+44 116 266 4138


 Shree Shakti Mandir

Shree Shakti Mandir (SSM) was once a Roman Catholic Trinity Church built in 1820. In 1973 the property was bought by his Holiness (Late) Sri Karunashanker Valji Purohit and administered by his son (Late), Sri Harish Karunashanker Purohit. The building was officially registered as Shree Shakti Mandir in 1975 as a place of daily worship and symbolising marriages. Although, the building at the time was in remnants, Sri Harish, Jai Prakash and their mother Madhukanta K Purohit salvage the site through hard work and dedication later joined by the local community. A handful at the time.
Over the years, Sri Karunashanker expanded the small temple to what it is today by conducting services within the temple and outreach. The tokens he received, in-return was invested in developing the temple. The temple now has the capacity to accommodate 320 people seating inside and 700+ in the garden marquee, and performs daily ceremonial Puja's, Haven, Hindu and Civil Marriage Ceremonies, Kathas, seasonal calendar Vrats and congregational events throughout the year.
Sri Karunashanker was a registered priest with the local authority and the only Indian outside India in Europe to obtain the first Civil Registrar Licence for solemnizing marriages from the authorities of Leicester City Council and Shree Shakti Mandir was the first Indian temple to be sanctioned as a place of civil registration ceremonies. Sri Karunashanker has sanctified thirteen temples in the United Kingdom and one in India at age of 14. After extensive self studying and practicing Karmakandi Maaraj, furthering studies and ranking into Acharyaji, taking in knowledge and guidance from his Guruji " His Holiness Satyamitranand Giriji Maharaj ",
He was addressed as High Priest in the European community. Sri Karunashanker was called up at regular meetings with the Lord Mayor, local governing bodies and churches for his advice on how to bring the community together. He also supported new and upcoming temples and community centres with advice on "what they could do/need for the Hindu community and outreach programs peoples residing within their own vicinity".
Sri Harish was the second Indian person to solemnize civil marriages after his father, later offered a place in the House of Lords. He had flamboyant personalities that people remembered him for. His career as Prominent Priest and a Day-care centre manager for people with learning disabilities his support for single parent mothers, widows and the homeless was very compassionate. His wedding ceremonies would be booked up to 3 years in advance as he recited rituals thoroughly in English, Gujarati, Sanskrit and Hindi. Essentially explained in English language for invitees to understand the Hindu Ceremonies.
Sri Karunashanker and Sri Harish initiated an organisation known as the "Federation of Hindu Priests UK" which is still currently running today by members of the trustees and office bearers .
Both (Father and Son) objectives were to ensure that the 5 negatives: Kam (Lust) Krodh (Rage) Lobh (Greed) Moh (Attachment) Ahankar (Ego) within people's daily lives would come to know their self consciousness and acclimatize with better 10 fundamentals: Simran (spiritual contemplation) Sewa (selfless service) Naam Japo (chanting meditation) Kirat Karo (self actualization) Vand Chhako (community living) Sat (truth) Santokh (contentment) Daya (compassion) Nimrata (humility) Pyaar (love) to prosper further in their daily lives.
Shree Shakti Mandir has survived through hard work and dedication of both father and son without any funding from any governing body or private enterprises. Even today, the support from the local community and devotees is immense.
Projected dreams are currently in progress by son Sri Jai Prakash K Purohit, Sri Acharya-Ji Jaydev M Bhatt, Sri Harishkumar M Gohel (Authorised Official Trustees) and the Shree Shakti Mandir Committee Members.
We thank all the staff, volunteers, priests, devotees and service users whom have contributed greatly from yester years to present day towards our divine temple. May Mata Ji bless you all
Jai Mata JI

Our Volanteers

Shree Shakti Mandir is always looking for volunteers to help manage the day to day events and special ocassions at the temple.
If you wish to be a volunteer and would like to devote your time doing charity work for your temple please download the form and hand it upon completion to one of the committee members or email it to us.
If you wish to know more about doing voluntary work at the temple please speak to one of the committee members today or send us an email at info@shreeshaktimandir.org.uk and we will get back to you.

Our Services

The shree Shakti Mandir offers various religious and non-religious services

Religious Hire

o    Weddings
o    Sapta
o    Bhajans

Priest Services

o    Weddings
o    Katha
o    Puja's

Catering Dining Hall Available with Car Park

Completely ready with disposal cutlery, table covers and uniformed staff to serve you freshly prepared hot Gujarati Vegaterian Cuisine straight from our kitchen cooked fresh in front of you.
What can we serve you ...? We believe in Quality and Your satisfaction is our reward
Mithai (11 Items)
Bhatura (2 Items)
Papad / Farfar
Athanu's Various
Farsan (10 Items)
Dals (10 items)
Salads (4 Items)
Chutney (4 Items)
Shaak (10 items)
Puri (3 Items)
Kachumber (4 Items)
Chaas (3 Items)
Kathoor (9 Items)
Rotli / Rotla (4 Items)
Rice (5 Items)
Various Soft drinks
Sambharo (4 items)
Paratha (3 Items)
Khichadi (4 Items)
Chai, Coffee, Water
Accommodating 5 hours per booking and all inclusive.
We have it all ready and set-up to welcome you and your guests.
For further information Call :-
o    Jai on 0116 223 6536 or 07709 899 464
o    Hitenbhai on 07932 717121
o    Kiteshbhai on 07445 454961


Thank you for considering to make a contribution to Shree Shakti Mandir Temple, Leicester.
Since it's inception in 1973, the temple has been partly funded by many generous people and we are very grateful for all kind support you have given to the temple.
The money you donate will be spent on day to day running and maintenance of the Temple.
Once again Thank you for your generosity.

 Shree Shakti Mandir
Moira St Leicester LE4 6NH, United Kingdom
+44 116 266 4138

Om Tat Sat

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(The Blog  is reverently for all the seekers of truth, lovers of wisdom and   to share the Hindu Dharma with others on the spiritual path and also this is purely  a non-commercial blog)


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